27 Days of Christmas - Paula Wishes For A Night Out

Thursday, December 21st

We granted Paula's wish for a night out with her husband

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Paul or. Good morning. It's. And you wrote in and it's a nice short term wish. We appreciate our basically you just need a night out with your husband tell at all. Well OK so I renegade territory may get a little chance this I have my three grandchildren that it's and we really have no downtime. You spend all day with rats and then your home yeah. That's three grand rats need your help me now are you helping to raise very raising another grand rats. How are okay and you've got and there are like all the Simon yeah way. Yeah. It was very simple you wanted to night out and the no surprises me you wanted to and Newburgh so you could have a little bit of rain here. Yeah our local time. Nancy do we've got a hundred dollar gift cards at Taylor's kitchen which is around Freeport boulevard and the we got a fifty dollar gift card to the movie theater your choice of may be needed imovie and a hundred dollar Bloomberg gift cards to make sure you and your husband can fully enjoy your night out how false or viewing your hobbies they're all. I think yeah well. Thank you to Roseville Monday for continuing to help us with this 17 days of Christmas.