27 Days of Christmas - Peggy Wishes To Find Out If She's A Princess

Thursday, November 16th

We granted Peggy's wish to find out if she's a princess with the help of our friends at Ancestry.


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What is and isn't Christmas can say. Thank you Jim grows till Monday we have. He online and Peggy. Good morning RAI II have your wish here I don't understand any of this why do you think your memorial T. You royalties what do. Talking about a woman. My mother though told means that. She alleged. My grandmother grandmother was shallow ditch and then does French and no way in their printers to Denmark. Who. Had to hurt as an illegitimate child. And show they should turn off the United States with the Butler in the made its. So not to have a big gaffes can do about it. So OK get the first of all how old are you. I'm not a. Oh my god is so you have all these days he would beat you you don't even know if this story is true right you wondered about this for how long. She told me I think we have got around my thirties when she told me my dad encouraged sat down I'm told me about it. I got a note from someone who borrowed and she did it because then. It ancestry. And she told me that. She has heard that same thing. From her parentage and wanted to ask me if it was true or not I didn't know whether true or not. Think royal I had only wondered I have a lot of diligent. Tricky yeah let's try I. And mop I don't know if all also it's so if you're literally eat the descendants of royalty like. I mean I know you've researched this do you like getting special money your treatment or your supervision now on I don't expect any that I don't get it when I told her story I want to be true you can. Normally get reparations but perhaps helped you know our way so cellular or maybe crown or something. You dress it in all seriousness you don't care about that he'd just won an old mystery. That's right okay. So we told our friends at Ancestry.Com. I think everybody's heard that easy to TV ask you about your wish and we've got and ancestry DNA kits for you. That will reveal your ethnic mix and we'll help you learn more about your past and look. To help you in your search for your heritage you're also going to get a six month world explorer membership to Ancestry.Com. Only congress this you'll have access to billions and billions could be. Up by like earned by the listeners billions will be another class of did you just digitized records from all around the world announcer reminded. This won't tell you that you are 100%. A princess like you've been full. The services combined should give you all the basic tools you need to learn more about your family and your history so Morgan essential with Ancestry.Com. Thanks to our friends are pros only and I hope they may now he has these this ridiculous now as you have to. Have to let us know yeah I certainly will tell Matt the right back woman's. I yeah I am a little bill has been using Ancestry.Com. And done. He has been able to find earth like the papers that they signed when they come and Ellis Island and stuff like bad. On the you can find so much information I Ancestry.Com. So any takes a little bit it digging but it's totally worth it. Thank you we are so wonderful we definitely want to hear from you especially if it turns out you are royalty we have royalty raising your show you may not care but we care that we have brought you. So yeah that snow and any kind. Please Ellis Island I always think of the movie hitch yeah random moment when I examined and there's outlets Apple's island and sure. Of the amid the sign in book and it turns out that her father or uncle whoever was as the butcher. But if you murder all these people G starts crying and was. I had yeah so you value scored a host. Now this leaves you begging if you haven't we trust is seven days of Christmas red radio dot com.