27 Days of Christmas - Randy Wishes for a Bass Pro Shops Gift Card & Tickets to the International Sportsman's Expo!

Wednesday, December 6th

We granted Randy's wish to spend more time in the outdoors with his sons thanks to the International Sportsmen's Expo!


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I granting a wish you're gonna and his crew out or an afternoon. Let's get loyalists and Randy on the horn here. Reddy's wishes a little bit on the greens so I had the suit adapts well. Hayes Randy yeah pretty. Randy what shake it managers favored disc jerky pat Barton. Ever you're accurate and egg situation for a new round. Yet you all 27 days Christmas yet. Awesome Manuel talked about the second. Well you're way she's a little bit on the greedy side it's not like to have that kind of hard luck story that some people out what exactly which for Randy. You know I don't I can't really good guys. They're 1517. And Naira their story now working really hard and I get color built the kick him out and spend some time out Portland camp and then ambition and stuff we love outdoor stuff you know. Yeses here you don't really get to spend too much time thing about them rise yeah they're really did sports in school and you know that though just how important we get mountain and from where I'm an item. Yeses and the three of you guys consider ourselves to be quite the outdoors. Yeah we we look outside and just you know being an injured Haitian camp and out on the water. Out who you wish for some camping year or bass pro shops gift car. I read it a way to get him and here we have got a 200 dollar bass pro shops gift cards we Randy for you and the boys are at all. Yeah I appreciate that you're welcome brother and there's more the international sportsman's exposed cavity cal expo in January 18 through the 21 right right right we got four tickets for you to your friendly builders spent some time together and where to throw any survival backpack. And Omar the backpack is cool radiates full survival and camping gear it's got the sleeping pad a survival blanket for solar charger alight rope little lantern so I saw back. I aren't there have been eleven. And I appreciate so much you're welcome my friend next Roseland in our friends at the international sportsman's expo as well happy holidays broke out the other guys are I'd done deal 27 days Christmas on Nadia rock I.