27 Days of Christmas - Rob wishes to give his daughter a great Christmas

Tuesday, November 21st

27 Days of Christmas is back!


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Chris heroes on the we're granting lots and lots of wishes and and more ready to want to bring you wish we are ready and not got to rub on the lines though are robbery there. Yes sir it. Rob so you wish to be able to give your daughter and arson Christmas from your email you submitted to us. How how old is your daughter and proud. She won't be sex period after Christmas and so on December 2806. On days tenure wished that you're a disabled marine veteran and have full time single parent and this is the first year. The GM and working there during the holidays troop. Troop. If you don't mind me asking rob does it. It is because you're just as it's because of the decision disability that are not able to work. I've now learned that the companies are long term as. We just out of our way it's. It's been just as I'm concerned cents. We understand and what you inject your dollar for Christmas. Forms they are not quite sure she's been talking about they're perhaps more Spencer speaking right now. My daughter is asking for losing they smell and police are looking good dad who just really wants to give his kid a good Christmas and I totally get that. Yeah and you know rob mountain we don't want your daughter to go without presents so we've got to its 250 dollar Toys 'R' Us gift card for you. Well that's also well abroad we also talked our friends over a mighty Christmas trees which is not a place that I owned by the way. Highs oil communal and Easter we told them about your wish and they've got a Christmas tree for you and her daughter. We all know Yemen Syria he may be able to get your daughter a nice Christmas. Are you are. Well you're awesome and I thank you for your bureau wonderful idea dedication this great country and now in Orlando can do you do something here I Iraqis have before you sell a thank you and they already it'll put on hold let's talk back to Lara had emergency set up okay. I thank god they're really really patient. Right thank you so much and you were out. Yemenis say that's there's this it's a little thing that we can do. For a veteran you know I'm yeah I'm won't agree where he throws on Monday for Stefano they might he's Christmas trees for Stefano man you guys we appreciate that thank you very much Chad thank you.