27 Days of Christmas - Sadie Wishes For Her Car Payment To Be Paid

Wednesday, November 15th

We granted Sadie's wish to have her Hyundai car payment paid off!


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We should grant a wish brought to Burroughs Monday's 27 days Christmas in this next which is great because of the balls I Hyundai vehicle. And I car payment woman named Sadie has a sent us an eighty wish. Its subcontractors who linger on the phone. You're. She's got a young son and his birthdays coming out. Hello hi this is Sadie. PayPal Martin's ninety Iraq. Ain't happy holidays owning and I get my wish. All night yeah I'm calling to talk to you about it sounds knowing we can negotiate something here maybe we got your wish though it won't tell me about it. Sound and I think your mom Christmas card Jeremy dale complaints from birds they're also on Monday I would want my Hyundai car payment paid coaches. How much is that payment and now portend miner and an hour let me read your exact wish. I wish I could wish for a million dollars that would be nice. Never ending and all I wish for is for my 410. Dollar Hyundai car payment to be paid you know what city we're gonna gonna give me the million dollars. How. Do you out win out wouldn't pigs fly over a frozen now right. Opt out. Now another so how old Hoosier side and can't get married aren't I just for a nicely tights and you aren't in Amman in your single mom so giving this car payment would really help you out lots ever help a lot less you know Sadie Roseville Hyundai has been helping us make the other 27 days Christmas possible for fifteen years now aren't parents. And we told them about your wish and they said they would love to pay your 410 dollar car payment are sound and.