27 Days of Christmas - Sara Wishes To Give Toys In Honor of Her Son

Tuesday, November 14th

We granted Sara's wish to donate toys to children in need in honor of her son Matt.


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Sarah. Neural radical or current right here I. So be and I am your wish in front of me with starts outs by saying you were blessed to have three great kids now were all boys. Now actually my eldest is eight and girl and then you play. Okay and now of all of the three and on one meetings in boys of the three. Which one went to LA and join the police academy and. All I was actually in America feel and he's the one that litigation explode and Alec backing in 2013. And always amended when wends its own but he didn't he join the go to the police academy in twice thirteen or got signatory thirteen or. Actually he actually willing to Orlando and about getting back on the back. And my understanding from your email is it first it was like costs and it was bronchitis and that kind of thing in the world. Okay and then what. He wouldn't miss diagnosed it was Cronkite is how. That they shy away and have whole Agent Orange -- America won't go along this and it actually generated at which half the size or the actually originally started in the glory have no symptoms I think I. And how he got back off. And so now at this point he is in LA. IOs and so he starts getting treated in Los Angeles and in the in the area. And so I assume your gone back and forth send word YouTube must Stockton area. So we we limited stock finished and they found out I began it was started going like until the doctors and outlay. And then from there are they told us that it was stage four and he and such media culture. I'm because they do a lot of clinical trials there though he was on. 678 clinical trial. While you're there so it was a conch sketchy years that we're trying back and aren't. Sometimes every couple of weeks sometimes months you know I could depend on how the treatment is working farm at the time. Now so is it is that the City of Hope where you wind up there where he's getting team on the same floor as the pediatric. Oncology department. But he adds that one as a whole actually made transparent. The canteen or just a great. Young man and he was more concerned about the kids singing wasn't how can look. Branching out and don't all get things straight and a complainer that because he handed her a lot of things that they all did when they're getting treatment. So. Well when you. You Rhode near your wish that he used to tell you what he was there or don't worry about praying for me. Pray for these kids I glimpsed only five years they have. Yes it dead sleep because anything he found at every day. Try giving him great 25 years and see I guarantee that mom don't worry about who worry that the kids don't they need to Wear. It's longer than wolves he had had a great 25 years. And I mean obviously everybody's noticed your speaking of women past and so ultimately what happened the match. And let's ask for a way to light the actual chief and the interest loans. That went back home I'm heat cannot skew everything. He wanted to do he wanted to be there are then we spent every single minute without it and he was just that very kid. Hmmm so it's been ninety years you grow their wish and I quote my heart is broken forever will honor our son always and try to help others with this horrible disease. And or they wish list is your wish go ahead. And actually it's ironic if you call us because we're actually headed to the stadium or down. Do I am me at first glance their kids because we actually had got family fakes and the courts. McCain turned their cancer treatment so Jerry narron he pulled Kashmir dot com. We aren't. So on assured her that you have a website its team Matt Dowd comments seemed. Ash Mac dot com. It's born dashing man dot com and to me actually how. About Arnold that whole helped Sheila. I'm form what enabled me actually my whole thought of my whole arms. To get this idea how firm actually heard you know whatever they need to see. Trying to help our share or at Churchill thought acne. And you say the Euro wishes and the and we started toll drive last year to give voice to these children. At the snarled in honor of Matt as well because obviously they need an escape while they're going through this process also. I don't live in the last year we're able to count all 300 choice his arms and they don't deliver arms. Our encouragement and what actually throughout the whole week. They deliver truly if they're getting knocked. So I'm somebody who's listening a lot of times and we did his wishes they like book one LY one else they can simply go new teen TE AM dash MA TT the dash is just the dash on spell out dummies it's team dash Matt dot com and Tuesday girls there about how other people go to could help as well. Absolutely and we have to address here that information and that will go look at the twentieth I think he'd like to donate. But agent shatter them to where we ER where totally available to do whatever. All right well obviously we are we are proud that we're proud review what a great legacy and blow with the help of Rose Bowl Monday. We're gonna you mile Toys 'R' Us gift cards we want to break that record from last year. We're gonna encourage as many people as late as we can't go to team dash Madd dot com. She always Tutsis and ATT this is mat team dash Matt dot com. We're a Toys 'R' Us gift cards for you to buy toys for the kids at City of Hope for a starting at 800. You are so welcome thank you for making you aware I was seemed mad dot com. And these are that 800 bucks let's see how much or we can get chips and you have a great holiday Sarah. Oh hello match. Thank you there are. No good thank you and that's thanks your friends a rose on Monday. For making this one is seven days of Christmas possibly go to our website read radio dot com and click over and make you wish you.