27 Days of Christmas - Sarah Wishes To Get Her Son A Lawnmower

Friday, November 17th

We granted Sarah's wish to get her son a lawnmower and yard tools with the help of our friends at Citrus Heights Saw & Mower and Meeks Lumber in Rocklin


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Good morning Sara. Good Morning America. A little. What are we and what's down. Do you mean known hole just scent trail plus Amanda says you sound you are YouTube. I am. I'm eating out really Karen that's a. That's all right you can still beats you past thirty years so Q right. I don't act or just an easy yes. You. You are Q I can tell by your voice I'll. Alright now according to your wish which I have in front of your one of these mean mothers who makes your kids do chores this free air so. Look what what do you do what do you make your kids do. I heard. This is my biggest pain in the normal time that I pulled my kids pick up the cartoon. And make an edge does that but I'm also not so I'm pat. Heck yeah feed your kids hate you or do they respect you. Arab world and doing your job. Now you also. Do you view the what does what does it do with your lawnmower. And says you you said that your lawn mower is older than you which I don't and as possible. Today and your fourteen son asked furry new lawn mower for his birthday your song. On my first. What. And her he'd turn fourteen at the end of December so. Oh look at Tora over lawnmower. It I it'd be 48 next to me I'll learn got the old and ES. I need therapeutic target and so. I don't apparently marched you prefer not to remember weren't EC. And get it started. Your little stock and I wanted to out of my parent or Brad Aaron. You also mention in your wish that you lost a bunch of yard tools recently is that also is he like hiding them or what are what's going on there he sold them. Court. I hoped it. Might have yeah. So you estimate Delores Isa Al what are you experience it. Six the majority of us that's all I thank them so they're opening access. He's out mobilized from the right yards yeah backyard and comes. Intensity or break a break in the shovel likely to start an accurate that works properly read and study has bad. Our Morgan Bruce underworld we told the staff. Let's listen I saw and more about your wish usually expression. Settled down Sara sorry. We sold out and sit precise auto mower and our wish your son is gonna get a new 2017. Cost of Pomona 7201. That's wrong. Lawn mower guys fancy with the health seventy I don't know what that is. While we also called up our friends that meets slumber and hardware and Rockland they're going they've got an electric and dirt and Trimmer shovels a ray of hope. You're hopeless. Gonzalo and I hope everybody is oh well. And decision or low is. And they small handful. For your son see you to do yard work won't use it on your butt and watch us once again I wanna make sure that your son understands. Learn Rockland are giving you. Your son and electric and a friend Mardy show us a break all hope an extension cord gloves okay and that's all samples. He'll be. Spend ten days and do it good or bad out here I was does that hurt you may go. This looks unless you get to sit out front and using goal like this huge. Miller excuse or did know her at all mom. My head from just went dead though they did what we are working on merit yes. They haven't played then. She's talking to see that it does she want talking for now I'm not talking in fact so I said she did say thank you she did hear all of it. So thanks to Rose Bowl Hyundai Citrus Heights sought and mower and Meeks lumber and hardware in Rocklin. Or straining the wish and of course we ask you to submit your wishes 27 days. Brad radio dot com.