27 Days of Christmas - Sarah Wishes For A Spa Day And Baby Supplies For Her Friend

Thursday, December 21st

We granted Sarah's wish to give her friend Amanda a spa package and baby supplies

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Sarah. Carolina now you don't wish is actually up for a friend of yours named. Amanda can you tell us about Amanda and what's going on her life's. Our man that is the Arab world chasing my baby pattern she became my friend actually very loving nurturing her eightieth I'd. She even got engaged very little community. Wow wow should I wait wait wait in that order did you get engaged and then yeah. Yeah getting games all ball I think you're pretty hard for each guy. Stressed this particular actual date but I don't. I think they're pretty closely checked. So I've started a few weeks ago her fiance was striking loop from order and he didn't alternate very serious car accident hit it out. Actually strongly. Those she'd do and into January with your baby girl and she's kind of left on your own her now she Evan let's have been great to help her home sure did you have any other job. Any other Schroeder now I'll just this will be her salons and now. They're personal AB is they were configured how I kick started our nursing ears are you realize. And often shapes us. It's just a stupid question but. But the obvious one I mean so here's she is she's about to be a mom to be uses just a few weeks ago. I mean to what extent did this devastates her and how was she handling all. And gnashing and how she can carry Saturn tour I would be affirmed. And then posting positive thing at this schools aren't but it DI distance would do very hard hit third and. Adding insult to injury there's there's also the real life fact from what you wish says that the fiancee was the breadwinner and so now and all sorts of financial concerns moving forward with the baby. He and we help we've heard. Money you have to offer outset we have a family defendants are urged there's a bit of. Understood so armed want your wishes will isn't helper with so she's only some baby items as we understand. Yeah. I'm Richard just a couple expressions Tony. And you also mentioned maybe just as I'm guessing this is an escape maybe I guess Bob Baer a day of pampering some light that. Rudy or. Good I sit on your wish you also mentioned that he's on the take your mind off of everything you mentioned India spot day or just standing in the pandora and aren't. Get your mind off the accident there may well obviously we aren't. To help as much as we could so booked the ultimate day. Swap package for Amanda and serenity springs Xbox. Which will include a fifty minutes Swedish body massage a hot oil scalp treatment. An exotic your Fiji sugar X Foley is a show it's. Customized facial ultimate manager and manager and hairstyle and makeup application how. And complimentary spa once there is no more pampering data available through. Then that. Cataloged why you are eagerly yes. I don't excellent idea of what we also obviously don't want Amanda have to worry as much. About thirteen baby items so we've got a babies. 1000 dollars. Oh Murray also show Asha thank you guys show much. Thank you forever. Tomasson and a story and us right now and so are we really appreciate it thanks scores are friends. At Roseville Hyundai for helping us with these 27 days of Christmas.