27 Days of Christmas - Sarah Wishes For A Weighted Blanket

Tuesday, December 13th

We granted Sarah's wish for a weighted blanket to help her sleep.


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Hello Sarah good morning good morning so we have your wish in front of us I don't wanna put you on the spot army Q. A feel like if you know works what are you were anything but my understanding is. 125 and went to germ your mom passed away at what point. And my mom passed arrange it doesn't fourteen and. OK so it's been a couple years and you're your wish says. That ever since your mom's death you band experience seeing what you called debilitating. Anxiety. Have you had that checked out by a doctor or anything or you just know it's like oh my god I'm like so anxious. I definitely had it checked out my dog and. And and so what is it what happens what does this debilitating anxiety. It but it's actually happens a lot of turned darker people who can't remember they say he'll come and sometimes. Some of us for the panic after my sister is actually started digging is still. I don't panic attacks where you feel like you're literally dying your heart starts beating so fast that you. Can't even stand up anymore. So sorry and I. And you still experienced this two years later. And occasionally think what if segment for the medication and health how public that. Now many many medications good. But it doesn't it doesn't share everything which brings us to your wish you actually have a product that you think will help you what is that product. Our. It's okay. I was little long in the owned no worries that I'll just take it I don't be embarrassed or nervous or anything just take your time go ahead. So it's OK any. And say it's. I always blink it that people. Is gonna go to bed at night and it's actually proven says helps. Kurdish north serotonin and melatonin which helped people sleep when they're really really anxious. So the idea of this waded blanket. Is that. It it it it makes you feel more comb it lulls you to sleep and keeps you sleep. As the Eagles asleep faster and keep your sleep is that I understand it. A sounds amazing. Obviously you know we can on our own substantiate the claims but we do want you to have a weighted blanket in the hope that it helps with your anxiety at night so. We have placed the order furry medium sized fifteen pound weighted blanket. In dark brown which is what you request and I believe. If you so much you're somewhat welcome or are we of course. Unless you gave that you gave us your measurements which we don't know nobody else needs to know that but that's why you precedent medium blanket. So the plane comes in at fifteen pounds. Rose Bowl Monday is gonna take up the tab for that we're gonna get you one of those and I hope this helps you sleep so much better at night. And you continue to heal and we're so we're so happy to grant your wish. Thank you thanks so much that they're really held amazingly have no idea. Well thank you so much clearer and continue to he'll have a great holiday we appreciate that's so much. The 27 days of Christmas continues. Thank you so much to our sponsors Roseville high. And gone.