27 Days of Christmas - Stacey Wishes To Help Her Son's Teacher

Friday, December 22nd

We granted Stacey's wish to help her son's 6th grade teacher by giving her a $500 Raley's gift card and a $500 Amazon gift card

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Good morning Stacy. It Moret now. Now I have your wish here in front of me you're actually making a wish for your son's sixth grade teacher book tells about her own predicament she's and. We pulled her close he is an amazing teacher she has petroleum acted not only my son's you Haitian experience I got. A copy of the hole they absolutely love her and unfortunately a couple of weeks ago youth and it went. An illness that has put her in view the hot at all any irons are amazed unknowns. If you are wind chill returned but I didn't know it and Hawaii and that not only further hurt students but also obviously explore Hershey unleashing a bad few kids and carried. And they can't make it better. Is this is she still in the hospital words a question of when or shall return to the classroom. She's still in the hospital right now I Seattle now. Oh my little boy I mean since the only seconds you might be spending Christmas there. Married very likely yeah. Now you wrote in your wish that you don't know exactly what's your source for but do you think that her family might need help with anything ranging from groceries us Christmas gifts is that culpable in that just like what if things go wrong reason to believe it. He had just trauma they announced. Her coworker is Adam who have spoken with her family. You know she has played it but she has some kids that obviously not being out of work right now not being able to be home. We have the crap out of you know. Contributed. What we can. And I do think that anything that could help them right now should try to you know. Eat them do that situation there's no easy way to go through what they're telling the truth. Well you know you know this firsthand because he did mention without getting into your personal details that you've been through something similar with your husband's health and as you say did. You need a lot of help to go through these things. So you really do it and we did and we had a village and I just wanna try to give my heart should be part of her village as she had a tremendous impact for my son Kurds slowly so. We wanted to you know we can go. Where do we wanna help you do when she cannot since you mentioned doesn't mention groceries and who knows what else. The first of all Avaya a gift card from greatly eased for 500 dollars to. How great it. And since we're not sure what else does she might need we tried to go to a place where you can literally get almost everything you could mean we haven't Amazon gift card for 500 dollars as well. Oh my goodness wow 00. You guys don't ask don't even know like to thank I have a little tree management. Thank you and you make sure those gift cards into teacher yeah. A lot of Christmas Day is 8888. And sell my Mary Christmas Stacy is 17 days Christmas is brought to us by our friends at Roosevelt on May.