27 Days of Christmas - Tate Wishes For Supplies For A Giant Gingerbread House

Wednesday, November 15th

We grant Tate's wish for supplies to build a giant gingerbread house


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Hello Tate good morning you would start OK okay now hold on to say how old are you. And I don't see Jesus Christ your seventeen years old now my understanding based on your wish is your one of these YouTube people. Which aired on doesn't even though that. UN influence errors so tell me what went so what are what is it. You're like a local sensation. Last year when you built a giant gingerbread house what what was that how big was that what did you do. Our man so basically I make videos a single week finds easy dotcom bust these mother and I try and pop the next line. As I make you truncated in the next valid through my doubt along with me I'll last year. We wanted to make a person's special and we need to try to put gingerbread. 50 and oh yes she was five feet also loses all its brand and our producer yeah for really yeah. I. The article. And this deal off it can be very well but I wonder how old son. I love the idea they would all of that is due follow heard the news papers. And we had a great time with our village I wanna punish prisons and be better at. And could eat it took a lot of money on it. Our pocket to do. We wanted to do it again so this year we're often in again. And this is the first time that everything that to anyone who's like not inner circle. Arms that are trying to keep this so as he gave. Like it's important that you were making our own confirmed a fifteen foot gingerbread house. And we're kind outfit and can be completely edible. Retried Byron would ever just stupid aren't Smart Graham off. Well you don't like we used all the lumber. And hurt China like donate all the lectured by we've probably made about 700 bike. Both foot the bird food gingerbread. And we're trying to I donated her likeness. July can donate. Is some food and stop until we don't wastes ace and it's going to be like at Coolidge. Like I think ever let you wanted to get excited video. And try you'll LenDale White course the fear that watching the video daughter. Like trying to learn standard. And we can come over on Friday just send it. He did gingerbread house. All lied and and there are. Video posted fifteenth and Turkey out of and the pictures birch gearing up for free and then I must occur object on the UK arm. Charity and our own a lonely donations for the house for giving like a dollar and not do so there's project along with our. Except project about I didn't want. There are rude question that is just don't go anywhere. Like eight dollar I think she goes. Straight to lake water for a lifetime and I. Say so he's an adult or do not that much fun. Telling everyone in my videos instead of spending 28 hours. Our Christmas Brett president and maybe eight to their standard routine and now almost in that they leave clean water pro life. Com car so own fate of the a C you're seventeen. What did you view do you listen to our show on a semi regular basis. It's not because. And you are my favorite radio and AJ thank you that's that's wonderful. You can't tell us did yet it's all well and yeah I know I know you you know you radio you're seventeen. You know on. Thirty years older than you. Oh. I wanna I wanna give you a little bit of advice today I really think you need to come out of your shell. He could be even more conversation. It's an or sharing. Or grayer now so lately so I want the sixth hole I had my god I'm. I'm the oldest of the gingerbread. House was last year and this year will be admirable did you you didn't. We knew immediately if not renewed last year. Our own one of those women and there and again that's what they're really into the hole faxes. Eating the gingerbread after months of it being allowed. Yeah as you look somewhere else I think YouTube channel pesos a gift he has like something that you underground in your face. As he gets a shot it was so. So. So let's get this I mean I don't know your wish what what's current to you yeah you wrote in into the 27 days of Christmas. And and I know he described everything but what is your actual wish. Just how good day donations whenever possible or just some naked like the best deal out there. So you need so so do that if I understand your wish correctly you need flower union CNN and you need frosting in. You need ingredients and add it basically. So they're doing anything they need ingredients and I can't stand does suit shirt. Is it stop I and I'm just donations. And what what about OK and then you mentioned in your wish you mentioned Lowe's or not I stop listening while you were rambling. You mentioned that Lowe's has offered discounts on building materials he needs and building materials as well. And yet and what what is the Santa suit thing advancing your wishing to Santa suits what what do what order we don't care. We like further open out. Fantasies so our own kids take better pictures like that I'm all for kids is just the extent that that pitching good indirect jobs. Now do you let me set man with a beard did you go. Don't put in sentencing and. Daddy and I'll Fannie and Freddie and it's as it did that in the end. That's Brandon. What are OK gotcha yeah I like yeah I was there are no I don't have a soccer mood there's. And you find a fat person to put into this innocent. Okay good and so here's what. I'm teenagers there's and remember. This is this is also shared so here's gonna do contain. Were gonna give you a 200 dollar. Gift cards are Smart and final sing your flower nears and amend your frost and we're also going to give you a 200 dollar Lowe's gift card to. So that you can get the building materials and for God's sakes we're gonna get you that Santa suit. With a 100 dollar party city gift card so you can dress some fat person that you find on the streets. So it is in the and it's it's 25 it's a 500 dollar. Yeah yeah yeah shoot good boy good first saint Jude I don't like her ride that you're gonna I'm. Thank you okay oh my god save. It's quite 27 days of Christmas wish. You know we all sounded like that you can now. A friendly enough on the the Franklin Roosevelt Monday I. Companies so yeah. Oh lord it's easy to laugh atom and not a parent to show we love you say. On Leno cannot we are laughing that yeah it's amazing an end and got me look. Look how hot but yeah I'm for charity and is now a amazing charity good for him are right oh look now. Nomar was just turned seven yeah you mural that was.