27 Days of Christmas - Tony Wishes For Metallica Tickets For His Wife

Thursday, December 8th

Pat granted Tony's wish to get his wife Metallica tickets for her birthday.


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Zone right now. Not Iraq California's rock station home of the 27 days of Christmas for the past fourteen years the wishes are coming and we're doing our best to grant each and every one. Thank you again to our friends are rows tall and I got bush here in front of me from a gentleman named Tony it happens to be his wife's birthday today. And he wants to some little special for his wife Rhonda let's get Tony on the phone the. So hey Tony Snow out Martin's ramadi Iraq lower third way wants out remember all that on days. Very little Joseph and I got your wish in front of me spirited duel. Tell us about it I guess is Joseph lady's birthday today. Yards or particular issues hardcore Mittal confirmed there. They load the met club so Lombard try to score tickets that way and I couldn't sort of went to Ticketmaster next morning consumer and so at 10 o'clock bright and fisherman who was 10 o'clock tickets for guard I couldn't believe ritual of sitting there American quote maybe I can gore won chick the other guys are discount tickets go along way. And they want to do that I am wrong got that kind of money. Currently your world. If we have to do so emotional over it. Yeah what's wife's name well and she's big Metallica fan and has never seen him. She's very youth were talkative than we've seen them three times what she's never seen them up close and personal care and I figured maybe I can score some good tickets to the fox theater because not many people you know compared and there are anyways. Yeah and I shall sold out like two minutes only about a motion animator occasionally. Roche told bearish what do we do your life on the Sloan Souter well. Is that a is that Rondo on speakerphone now there are. That Rhonda how are you on pat Martin's ninety Iraq's IA hi how are you gonna. Hey Tony and I would like to say happy birthday to you why aren't soaring we're gonna sing happy birthday Meehan Tony okay now no or not you don't want that. Right Tony legal wanna do that with the payroll and I hear your big Metallica fan yes I am in year old man's been trying to get tickets to this fox theatre show which is really hard to get right. Bo we happen has some friends in high places and hi friends in places. So we know Metallica's management Q prime and they've given us a pair of tickets to give do you Rhonda and your husband Tony happy birthday. Yes I mean you're bigger and better record there. So happy Metallica birthday to you. You know you want to have a great time they are not a saint Peter and I. Odds I think Ron is kinda speechless Sony. I couldn't the army and in no vision blobby then. And they're saying that we could bat and you let you know there are. Well thank you bunny thanks our friends at a rose on it thanks to our friends in Q prime for the Metallica take a.