27 Days of Christmas - Vadim Wishes for New Toilets

Wednesday, November 8th

We granted Vadim's wish to replace his toilets in his house.


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Are we'll continue to grant riches room now all the way up until alone close to Christmas for about 27 days all the toys and it's the dealer ran radio dot com news the official form to submit your wish for yourself. Or for someone else is brought to us by our friends at Roseville Hyundai lets you is it the lead. Dean was my browser Aaron. Art art. But I'm Rory I think he's almost any thoroughbred he knows your your wish is kind of shorten sleep but I have questions about a song wanna go back after. So you fuel all right do you view you just body just buy a new home. Yeah you know why you're white barn is this your personal. Person looks. Would you describe it as a six or per what was the quality of the home when your body. Aren't there there's a big serve out her how to do it their urgent issues that don't work discover it as being dispatched an end to end. You know after starting to do a little bit oh lord here now how much I also believe we had a good Europe so that's a new group all. Escalated into an entire bank I'm getting into the group I'm Eric they had been agreed on at that point. Shannon had an. Yeah I mean maybe he can walk on beach. Kind of you know. What are without pay sports tape like that candidate Patrick. They shoot up the good spirits of this tell us how the new York and you are living in the home right. Sort of how ready are. So after all these troubles in the ruse and everything and the reason everything else the thing you actually notice about. All things are your or less what is wrong with Tony let's. Agent Mulder to make her six year old. Well now look these very high I. Is it that there made her six year old or are you an enormous human being. I don't know there there may burst your old pre K art. Art and a large rhetorical question is taking a look. So he's so happy so when he and so what you did. Are they just like tiny everywhere they to load on the floor they look like one of those potty training toilets what do you mean. There's an go to ordered boost there are also. Literally when he stripped out. There are excited don't you should reduce costs. Now now now OK so. All of us are unique use a union like an elongated toilet at what we called comfort. Exceed two of them right. We got here about their arms and our publishing and eight minutes. Yet now I would be really really also. So then she comes only go to the are well that not only bat you know outlook and certain wishes to stand out we all remember giving us some clown older ones yeah. I I I know better than ever given anyone employed. And be able to say at some point click and send you Christmas. We gave a guy clapper. Didn't deem as long as you're certain to both did both your master bath and your guess math the rebbe Needham were reaction to toilets. Com and its annual bill would pick him out and take care result currency rose though Hyundai. And we'll get your Jordan's immense. Our thank you so much and ready to greatness in his wish his last sentence was. I he's talking about how everything's so low he says personally I am tired of going for it did beverage I feature called. Seven days of Christmas brought to you by Roseville and they just go to represent us.