27 Days of Christmas - William Wishes To Get In Shape

Monday, November 20th

We granted William's wish for a personal trainer to help him get in shape. 


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247 days of Christmas it continues we and we three. Yeah I think so week three we got all. Well over 5000 wishes of comments so far and if you still wanna get your wish you stay you've played times made it but I would recommend to an announced Eric you've got meg on the web sites minute that we use the app. Her email it to wishy kerik skewed and anchors rose Monday we're gonna grab quizzes Ocalan. Let's go lie and let's go talk to will all will hello. And I did all right well we're doing great man how are you doing. I feel like from day and I saw it right now. Call them by you know you have submitted said the for the 47 days of Christmas and you know we read your emails we read every single he Molly comes through and the good news is your pick it looks like. If you wanna make some changes your life well. Oh yeah absolutely it's they had company awarded for awhile and I ended in shock right now. Once those totals a little bit about your wish. I'm cool my little helping your personal trainer because you kind of get me to glared. Now how good my way and I wanna make it seems to be here for my life so much fun. Was there and was there really like a moment that hits you when you realize you wanted to get in better shape. My of my brother passed last year. Due to complications from diabetes and he didn't even make it to this fortieth earth. And she got married I made a big change about a year or he doesn't about a year and a half. Half ago I left a lot of weight and it was a lot of work and it's it's a good thing you'll feel a lot better. Now you said you want getting in shape so you can be your around the longhorn for your wife and her twelve year old son right. That's the motivation behind it. Yet certain motivation to be here client they can turn for him. Well we tell our friends across fed us about your wish and they wanna help you get in better shape. I Alison this they got 812 months the base membership for you don't. TI and two months of small group training which is offered daily that helps you get into better shape so you can be there for your family. Added later. Innocent kids. Yeah so much. You don't think you for taking the time to do do the email and you know what we we only had a little by the working a lot of work and a new guy you got a lot of work but they're going to be therefore you meant twelve month's membership. Courtesy crunch fitness currency rose hill Monday and we wanna make sure you are therefore if you wanna see who won a game either for your son's wedding and and may god knows what else ma'am we wanna make sure there. I have proven to hate you so much. You look at well and hate what do you go out I really look forward to this in 2018 I hope you'll you'll you'll stay in contact with the so let us know how let's go on and and then maybe show us in the progress panel I think it would be almost like your cheerleaders here yeah and and and and we wanna see. You get to whatever that wade isn't she wanted it to sell best so let's hear from all the staff you're not Iraq. Thank you absolutely I think yet updated. I Murphy do you hang on where did you did you set up as well when it.