Friday, January 12th


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California rock station that he Rocco get an email that I think we need to share and it's it's pretty interest in Mikey and I we have an alum like this on the show yet now this is it's pretty great email actually. I'm from downing steam over center site she says stroke Mikey and Lara my girlfriend Jenna and I've been listening to your show for the last few months and I gotta say I'm really happy. To have a radio show like this here in Sacramento. I'm always like Mikey but I'm glad that you guys teamed up together we are big fans and listen every day. Let's nice thank you goes on the say we share one car and I pick her from work around 5 o'clock. So she never gets to hear anything before five on the show and always ask me what did I miss then they Shockey and did Mikey stalker leave another message it'll aaron's face up and down protests all those things happen. On the news today I drive for Guber and lives alike get to hear the whole show every day and that I. I have to get her called up so she knows was happy when she's off work. It's silly but it's fun for us. Anyway goes on last paragraph I say that because I was wondered if maybe you guys can help me out I want to propose to her. But I wanna do it on your show that's amazing oh. Got it on the line. I only really guy you might be asking why but it's our favorite radio show wearing their favorite it's honestly one of the are few ways we get to escape reality for a little bed and live in yours. We really enjoy the show and I think he'll be. A really special fun way to do it. What are you guys they can help me out well Steve and a lot of good talk to a pace save. Hey. Steve. He says Woody Allen I think the first question that is all my mind and I imagine most people listening right now is or why do you wanna do this. On the radio and nine person yeah. Act. Yeah I didn't really think about bad I. You know like I had my you know prior to it is the kind we shared together that were really close and it hit I don't know that the idea like me look good. I think it's a great idea I. Oh I like it I would think maybe you would wanna ask you to marry you win that's like a phone in the background what you wanna do it this way so this the only week. You can put it didn't hear any. You and I agree so let me ask you this seat how long because been together did you import that in the email. I'll just over a year okay cool. And and when you wanna do it. How do you think you're right now. I'm not waste time Larry just not our producer Larry just let me know that we actually got the phone number. To your girlfriend so yeah work yet we can understand it and try to color NC she'll pick up business is gonna be her death toll were callers direct line. Yet that her death at reliant. OK in other thing is dude yeah ring to. I'm glad meridian is what you've got you here. OK well I'll see all of you don't know. Not cool and the back while I let me as this war where did you meet her. Well we met through friends and that I need to we kinda know any better before we started hang it out. It's always good. Have friends first all right are you let me just ask you this again the talk and part of this are you absolutely. Sure this is how you wanna do it and you wanna do it now. I am 100%. Sure I wouldn't marry this girl and I wanted to eat it now like that yep yep. I think I feel like because we're helping you do this you if you have kids you have to name yet to name one of them after one Abbas a decade. Via a nice little muscle rolls families and kick. Yeah. Okay. Lara is make that phone call so we're didn't act connected up right now it was going directly to her dad so that's it that's good enough to Wear my another. Yet yet she's she's an answer yeah. I didn't. Hey Dave it may go on help keep them coming back you're not going to be made again are you I had a really really bad boy what -- and I. No no no no I know I'm on and I'm not gonna delayed. I'll be there a few minutes before five actually Adam. How they would I was calling to ask you come but but before ideal I have to tell you that I have been 98 rock afternoon Jo on the line without. Hey good hand that's the end. I had. Well you are not. Immediate good and what it. Don't make that course you do and I don't know what I'm. You can call him a call us. They didn't know any going to be Linear do you guys all the and still okay. I know it's weird that since we've elicited an everyday I would've had to be part of what's going on. As K ha I won't Hitler that is going on a day he. I'm not ever that we can hear you okay you you're not dead. I love you more than I thought I could ever love anyone it's been at this special time. Can you better my life everything changed for the better. You're you're martial anybody you know you're under young. We'll let you and nicknamed the day to day life as well yeah. Yet. Again. Yeah I freaking out right now what is going on hey look when you marry me. Dead. All right. What. Can I. Don't know what it. Here. Yeah. Yeah. I. Any not like I don't look out. I'll marry you I'll play. Coming on the record and like in the back there like I'm living. Well they're probably. Janet says money it asked who they marry someone on the phone and you're screaming in the office is probably what you really confusing to them. Who that I issued aching right now I am so shaking right now all UKU. Given that part of our life lately I did not that mean perpich way to do it. Dude. Yeah. You know yeah yeah we are little. I guess. Open bar we held there could be an open bar let them know running America not. It's so crazy I love this isn't bad things. Within a matter and we love you guys didn't about a lot of guys that. So you don't lose you're welcome but you're not get multiple line until we understand slow anybody under yeah. I can't hear late night programming. It's. Hillary that you you felt like I did you don't it's. Not an outcry it. I think we're in I'm. I'm calling on our show for muscle anybody that was great school that was unique that's never had I've never been part of some my dad I've never heard slow anybody and I'm stuck on nine inning didn't thundered you. I'm. Not sure something like that. Windows I don't know you. That's awesome.