Friday, January 19th


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Up there and if you don't -- it is banned during the holidays he putting you wish you for our are well they colleague and our nation has it's day one day Saturdays the us and many years warming house we have fun so far. Oh yeah and I love it you guys are awesome you dreamed it would be. Not not even remotely close. Good or bad it is more better than what I imagine it was more a matter no better more better than you think. And so I went to the letters schools. Yeah some communication. Oh I said they considered. Darren what are your goals away what you wrote in these you wanted to hang out in the afternoon shows we're glad to have you here and and well you can make this wish happen for you even if there was a month later. The other part what you wanted to do it would Wheeler Debbie is a lot personally but we were doing this for a while we don't again now the one minute in our head yes that's right. And you wanted to do one minute in your head. I don't know Liberia. Until I have no idea I have no idea is about none of us heard this I think Blair is the only one that helps you edited in and if you make sure you didn't break any FCC rules on what every then your head. Obviously don't you're not ready. To do it. I. The last. Why do we have. And highlighted. Well I did do is got got a couple really good points there why do we have to give two weeks notice what the health deal with that I think it's just just got I don't know what they always teaches it that you you don't our bridges we are. I'm married yet actually don't burn bridges you include more professional yeah but it's okay for the number numbers of us your fired oh yeah absolutely that's crap. I also thought to writing from now on let's change it and if you wanna quit your job squared away in a spectacular way until they go and they call over they find out though why did you leave did you you'll notice to you want he'll do certain passage got a fulfill and if you abruptly just walk out of a place. It looks bad and your characters are. I guess I see why it takes two week couldn't quite large out of we say were on two weeks that probably I gotta finish. Two weeks at most the time and you do returning your two weeks notice or like how your goodbyes they'll trust us and ray along announced Smart that's why you don't turning into resource files over to quit this job knowing but now. And I would quit on the air. Kind of suck it up with an idea is going out I mean I would probably tell you guys about it we could uncertain how fun oh my god I can't believe he did that here Lowe might get those crazy and I would do. I wouldn't probably costs a few times gazette if I'm gonna quit. This place I'm gonna probably be quitting radio. Have you yet if you go and use our breaking FCC rules are probably pretty much don't make your life listed an annulment radio I'm -- within if I mean that I ever made that decision number like you know F this F that F fuel you're not cool all these things don't go crazy in the no place amid a song that's on the to do with it or just the most inappropriate song I can think of and walk out. Sting ya know we know Mikey I'll be prepared.