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Friday, November 10th


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California park station idea rocked our rear fortunately you thought you used a comedian today. It's Gary Goldman and he's talking about out just. Pointless approach cheerleaders are. Kill me. The right. Boy Darian. That was a good coffee at your peers are pointless though Ariel guy cheerleaders and a and then football game just pretty cold elect a look at them doesn't mean that's all colonial and Kelly all of their leadership tides don't understand them wouldn't. There's kinda feel like they're more sure I would rather just sit there and I would don't watch sports a little reason why would ever watch any game is a look at the cheerleaders what they they're they're blatant coming from a dealer the crowd especially in high school level I can't. Let's in college and high school year but outside of like I don't know why the Dallas cowboy and all the cheerleaders of the Dallas Cowboys Steelers are like the most famous. Obviously TV show we know what is unfair to me though honestly I think those girls you give me a lot more money if there ever been brought professionals cheerleaders and they get paid like correct. Yeah I know is I know I've I don't know and now police in some of the kings dancers really good basketball team the kings here's act thank you like I remember when businesslike. Fifty bucks maybe somebody and you really don't want your summing Indo I don't know for sure that's the amount but I remembered them being them complaining a lot. About how little money they get and his can't wait is kind of sexy about it you know they won't they they get a scholarship to do cheerleader in college but no there's no next level. Angle there isn't just like you can't make a living on a gimmick now let me get a vote even if professional cheerleader but fifty bucks. A Davis to Smart guy mutinous glad you emailed an advance while guy on the irony for you make it millions of bucks and what what do you do though. When you when your done cheerleading what do you do. Why actually asked that to I'm a lady that she was issues in the bar one time a long time ago she used to share the Bengals she's like in her forties shot. She's had some good by the way from my god but I she actually did that exact things she open of her own. It was a really dance studios must some more was like Al. After school cheerleading does not believe me become a judge your coach works domestic terrorism that maybe and that nature you know I guess but I guess this concert footage cheerleaders in any profession I had my own impaired as you don't even met a get the point of the football game might eat while I get the point of it I just don't. Care I know. Yeah like tomorrow on Sosa because tomorrow night you know my big football college game undefeated my Miami Hurricanes are going to be in play and another state your name and I hope based on grass I did do for you but they keep I want your team to win and I will tell come over global drank full smoke to make me some Stoner food to cheer on your team oh. Ma'am I'll have become the like the Mitch in the home laying a lot of human dimension all the great food into. I saw the couple over and and I ask you can already make you did fairly what the hell just donor snacks. That's the thing might even go to a football game an 80 god yeah I do not go I don't I don't don't vote Ferraro cheerful. Oh yeah. It's 30000 people is they have got booty they should win and raise your hand I will vote for whatever team you wanted to vote for Powell Donald Fehr won't get drug we'll have a good time off fight if you wanted to fight to look into life. The college game especially I'm eager to aim and those seven despite I'll play I'll have played at a down in Tallahassee Florida I was in the middle I was with you I. European though he was he that he was somehow get a free ticket I had to this that big game between Miami and Florida State Ian is right there a little 75 million. I see I did exactly what you said you would do I he got that he got minutes ago I wore the shirt yeah cheered for the team I had his back. However I think. I'd probably be one of the best able to go to the game went because I don't care about anything you tell me what's happening I'm barrels here that law. Just terrible and those of you why puts you like let's just do whatever we watched them through and watch my my my hero and I twenty and I complicated Jersey simply cannot talk could you don't talk it. You just flat. I guess it scared he stroke and you tell me what to say about it. It's bad news is that wake resulted. Let I want and are now. Do you know how football works might do not deny the game works holly and I understand sports an example I just also my guys went out. And I am I early and rest up before like lawyers a touchdown on incidents when they that's when they score right now. How many points they score might it does sound that the sixth AFC's Erin is in business the extra point the field goal yes or we did you get a feel golds three points might know what the other option if you get a you get a touchdown you get two options you can get the film all you can do what. We need is the policy safety and that's that they can't say that he is a thing that's not correct I'll and I have no idea at a two point conversion Ali and I did known outside didn't know that but I'd probably never have gotten about my beautiful it is harder to work together a British teacher went up my whole goal is I think your goal is turning your iPod and which is not gonna happen though Narnia and they. Oprah used to make you a sports fan I'm done and I'm open to a I will need that anger on the weekends is screaming your TV installed around the pro stock it feels great I. I don't get madly that you blew it he feels and what I. I don't get mad in general I would probably just get up into another room meditate somewhere. Like your teammates and give you my whole life and my my ten minutes and I. Another that was his game at home I got to the federal Medicaid programs that we take advantage I might comment you know I'm feel like we're back in the south again because you are talking smack two year old. Saturday and fans written text Notre Dame go well that and a no Irish go either what is tomorrow's the Catholic verse of the economy Exxon had no glad to go canes Payton though not an out tomorrow as. Police haven't you closed out his own admission.