Wednesday, November 22nd


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The afternoon show extra Mikey. On 98 rock. Denied it ROKR phone number 7665009167665000. LB guys having great Thanksgiving and we only hope you out there and mis shape. Failed tailored to the kind of weird though I learned then that Thanksgiving is the number one holiday it's more likely to conceive. Out of all at least Thanksgiving was number one at. Things very weird at all reason behind this to adjust of those are they look dead dead dead you know several thousand people make a public that the number one holiday. Which apple kind of weird because I you know I had a bigger things given you be in full you kind of lazy the last thing I want to do is it yeah. Curious happened today and tell you cannot make you feel lazy but apparently that's not true go out you okay. As opposed a Valentine's it was Valentine's is currently a real holiday I guess locked in a Christmas man like Christmas sex could say. I can be. Happy open president's new day and under the tree can do and under the tree you could you know. I don't get the stupid people are dumb stuff themselves on Thanksgiving Day is keeping our former instead of 65000. Item across an article from ready dad to have people rebuild the worst advice they've ever received you don't become vice I just gave out of him. I cannot ask this question to you Sacramento what does he worst advice of audience ever given year or not they Monroe the top. You gotta go to college. Yeah that's not so I'm paying for college right now every every month club right now Jack I'll say degeneration X with the Jack yeah. It's mean withdrawn from my checking account. Every month remember the payback those guys like college and I thought I needed. Well money so people do depend on your career you kind of union doctor or whatever you gotta go to college once you you went to college is on the completely different than what we're doing now psychology. How this plays and there's a little bit and I really all clearly the whole plan was psychology and I thought I was gonna get my masters degree in marriage and family therapy just blows me away I know right moment second marriage I don't want to talk to me now we'll put nurses were were back where we're from a stroke or Libya and I got my minister and a pastor I had. A bus like that makes no sense weird yeah. There was somebody who can respond that rumor because I won my daddy died I was younger and I got a lot more religious and so I still believe in god different than you two guys but. Not least over crazy in your face type. And and down a little more active but somebody starter role that I was gonna Abdullah can do that now wasn't true that's very shy guy can see you be in the capacity to preacher I've heard you kind of fake apology you know again Lou I can see that. I had the 2000 do that I had to be won the church is just really excited yeah I need or anybody has ever bodies appear. A priest alerted he and now. And we get a lot. So exact that body won't one of those type of a passers I would have been more like Mike Smith got light we are gathered here today announced this there's that he was at bat this is opposed Catholics right. Yeah they're all plus. A little church I guess now is not exactly certain talks about it you just talk all none none none none of those. To lessen the Catholic Church from Easter much moving too much up and down and then and then you know on his knees and back had too much really boring music in her smile here's my back god I need a little more organized either you'll dance and island you know just people excited that that's my temperature she gave me away calf are gonna go to church doesn't Mikey you need to go to church you. And Jill simple and always somebody help me appreciate you out Jesus to study so that didn't work out. Well I was never going to that I was I was more than Ozuna rumor. This threat are not old you spread it let it just me I didn't spread around. Grant exploded in California and eleven total lamb who. Master stroke. Itself which I know realize now now don't knock it on you Norman ordain minister and I. But pastor stroke. That doesn't sound was even worse is still my gal well you know hit it into my yacht club trying to encourage you to be adorned. You do it it's able to answer your time yeah. An extra money I give the wanna know why because my ministry made thousands of dollars and there again folks he couldn't do it can I can that I become like a tax write off to my mind off everything I do because I'm a minister now. No back. Think there's ways you could probably he's appeared suggesting so to like I NN. And you're like I don't feel a little wash I think I could probably being a minister do you guys and I think we are we asked our god now now and they only had this kind of business expense like every if we go to lunch went to our business to write it off that's not true what do fight would if I started late the church Mikey. Nice to be an entire tax what you are you going to be got her. I know he's just her voice is I think the mood like Debra safari and church in socal where they normally we'd kick yourself church MIT. That's why just cleared jaunty little worse and you don't know I don't know it's just my ideas not meeting is my idea. He's particularly universe brings you guys like David Koresh you got started in Waco Texas back in the day leg you don't. Yeah as soon. Americans and as Jim Jones him on good for my cool great Nike's cool it is good for you I'm done nevermind I don't want to is that what flavor would your cool they'd be great. The awesome. Eager and show and that to overturn a little group pretty Nellie great food great Cooley with strong if you don't like great I just don't like regulation or anything to be honest and gray bubble gum was good to. Today to pay grade I was haven't heard any. I was so surprised because I haven't seen a great big leagues huge since I was. Early early double digit yardage the other word did you find that on the best they ever had Dixon Rocklin there they Celek are the cellphone addicts high tomorrow. So maybe it. Feel worse advice I got was college my worst advice I ever got was my mom told me not to get in a radio. There might like I just kind of funny but my whole life lake I knew this is what I was gonna do since I was little kid. But Mike around 1617 years all the Columbus is that this is all I'm gonna do I'd I'd wanna be and radios you Thomas worst ideas is overheard. Basically Moses is packed up and moved to LA try to become an actor drama life away all these things. Maybe she was afraid I don't know he's been working out sort it out for Malcolm vitamins and any I mean this first that's relaxed and pretty and well bag I would think I'm into the second half in my life are really gonna you know when the first half my life is terrible things are getting better now also you plan on checking I'll send a sixty. He lives maybe do you get it may each generation this I don't really want to get that old like come take it seventy is about as old as a wannabe heroes horrible why he. I'm good I did my. I'm getting if you don't keep under Torre the mighty ship. Time stamp on your lives for just a male what I make it past 61 of the air may depend noisy 6070. Demands it depends on how all feel at that time I'm tired I'm decried did not mean I was feeling really demands is gonna have mean than the weird things are gonna happen 170 in good. I suffer did everything asked is this pull the plug to pull the plug. My misery and good. Anyway that's that the best advice was in a radio is that it takes a. A deal for you what was he worsened by some of the game that you did not you and he but it's how are you glad you didn't I heeded the advice and it almost got me into a huge fight. Because my dad is a Florida State alumni. And I had my friend and won tickets to game. And I wanted to go you don't pregame you ought to pray gaming just watched the game that he really care. And they said son listen mate you're not believe me but isn't the idea where the opposing team shirt. And if Florida State wins. If you're gonna go out and party keep that shirt on because the love you I don't know why you thought that. But there are playing in the Florida Gators was one of their biggest rivalries turn four straight wins. I go out to a ball alligator shirt on. And I don't even make it past the bouncer before people start shoving me. Your dad I'll miss yes the allergy to interact I. Mike you're so busy what are you talk about he's like what things must have changed since I was a decent I went to college. You 'cause thirty years ago dad he's blind you he wanted to get your ass can come. There are people out there like. You until I hope you get your ass kicked out as a dog and a Smart ass and got my dad and thinks that it might want you to get your ass kicked if they had done it a little character a lot of them will. Don't care or dazzle total straight hours or less true. You now use a good astle and right now. It just looked. Now laughs really have to kiss and a half now. I usually lot I usually do exactly like I usually do what I always do I just talk my way out of things. Got my asking a lot of time on my. Polaris liberal horizon issues a bully them flare up well what is the it actually explains a lot that he did hasn't gone is that. You know what Larry that's a good point I think everybody neither ask you want your choice and certainly is there anybody other than wants to beat the enough for us take Telerate scene there. You win big you get to kick he is asked. Boy did you shop and can I told you you'd be you'd automatically get their analog teller what for you what was it worsened by Saudi ever gave you actually. This teacher that would just pound into the class every day at the end of class he would say. If you don't go to a really good college basically your life is not going to be fulfilled. Like this thing you're not gonna make any money you know he can trying to have a family which are going to be broken if you don't go to a really nice polish first. And I didn't really I went to community college for a little while but they are not senator are you birdie archer broke. I am but at least I'm doing summing enjoying life is just sort of Lara. I like them by the guy going out there as good point you can be broken that's how it was who I was Charles broke. But I loved and I was still on this and and it's stab ms. more important ideas second their jobs or whatever. Eventually year you're not gonna need to get another traveler. I'll look isn't this a list from routed Peebles said that they were told. Yeah suddenly feel good about radio no one is said the school data processing Arab company with had a lot to lay off so she just. It's an issue the bitter about it and others know featuring computers of how. And that was way off you. Authorities when I was little my told my mom I was sad because some kids were bully in May she said I should tell them. That when they bully me it hurt me inside. And that it would stop the whole idea what she said that bad advice they do not stop here has better advice you kick down person that's. Stand up for yourself. That's Toledo but if we were told that when we go to the biggest bully there is new partnership if if you're nimble instead of yourself. All the wind. When you've been pulled over don't wait for the altered to approach to vehicle instead exit the vehicle and approached him first so yeah threes and almost got a shot. Do not do that. Cardinal I saw what are. Others already here is bad too I was told to take up smoking to losing weight well wolf I mean yes even people who smoke doesn't it's scientifically proven. They're here inside their us. We kick into the last as a Famer is afraid basically asking what he wanted to die from Angelo doesn't cancer or heart attack. In college had some are trying to tell me the best way to bypass getting a girl to drug wasn't become the drug is one of the party. Well hello. I don't understand that so we get complete UB. Become the way simmers and you read the biggest drug that the party is a terrible idea narrowed them the best who really. Why is in college I had to I had someone try to tell me the best way to bypass getting a drunk. Girl two drawn was to become the drugs on the part that makes no sense. What they just open up another credit card it's free money coming from my friend who is 8000 dollars worth of debt and had. No idea if that's mine that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. I would just take it lying my worst advice was from a middle school teacher my teachers say that don't smoke weed just strained because you cannot you know. You can letting bathroom and out. Seeing though is elegant means on FaceBook and stuff that are basically bad light packs so they're meant to. Look like they're real but their fake like put two inch ask cruising your tires for good trend in the. Oh yes yes yeah. I love I thought like the ones uploading now bleaker fluid here fluid race clean your headlights on overnight so they don't freeze over. There's that part of people and there's some people out there that believe this yeah. That's why would you we don't you recently we bought a new and blow dryer than I have for the ball wide and the new blow dryer outlook I was open and I'll look at data and after every and I was glancing over the other cautions. Don't condone uses in the shower don't thrown in the tub. Unless you're trying to take somebody out there wasn't there one of those I think it was last year when a new iPhone came as late today or it if you don't have a camera on it drill hole and it. Happy. Actually doing and complaining that apple and he has sucked up and. Whole celebrity customers or for that Lara what they're doing clean your toaster make sure he's a good fortune I'd. I don't go. Filed bush did I I'm in favor of mothers and these kind of things her name and not be in on products. Yeah I'm I'm totally OK with he's taking warning labels also things. Many people would die you get hurt in there be some erroneous lawsuits if we did and that's why they're stupid warning labels on everything has that is less and if you don't know gasoline flammable I would you can read anyway so you don't do we don't you take it out of nowhere and all sued type. In this American people love this do we equate living a pretty win this is political hot coffee on themselves sore or whatever it is I agree with that big thing we try to get a true to our legal department here and they say no you can't do that she can't do that. I know and it's straight as they are think about this if we said so that was really funny coming around the road and I and hurt himself I don't think that's a reliable the now we are no doubt I'll tell you. Can't just say it's great and it's so stupid I know I'm just getting admits. It's awful man people are Soo happy in America that's why those warning labels and did you watch it any business in California says. This building may contain chemicals that cause cancer I feel that I think it's really. At least 8000 what's going on when I first moved here two out walk to the restaurant missiles at a party here. Oh man the next restaurant same damn things this is everywhere. No stereo. I've heard is one that's one of my favorite caution signs anyway and anyway let me get to. Actually line want a manager arrest warrant hi Warren. Yes glad. And don't forget to lubricate your muscle or Baring yeah. Later flew one out theirs. Now there's a moron the last three things award appreciate all I think. It's funny avoid.