Thursday, November 9th


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Let's give soon. I got myself laugh at about 7:30 this morning when I watch says so this guy he is he pulls up to a guide traffic light in. There's a copy in front of him he has a nose account is unmarked vehicle and the lion ate it turns Barry now. We've all been in the situation either men they guy was waiting for someone and know more we've been distracted maybe look at the on the radio what ever was. So he he hits the more. And that's when the police officer jumps out of his car. And comes back to the car Ortiz it. And he does what you do now on the 21 century grab your phone and hit record yes you do add that you could tell he didn't necessarily have had. I'd be tried to hide his lower because you don't really see the cops do much in the video room but you can hear pretty clearly. The copies aggravated. And this guy in their discussion that goes back and forth so this is the clip of the day. Syrians fleeing. See here Frazier. If your Hornish luck tomorrow. Is your brakes Duncan back to pick up talk about it but I love that but that. Let alone easy your driver or high water pouring water you here. All you have to go for it doesn't crack on you prefer. Pretty good cork after I can meet complex I thought maybe appears. Coming from the situation knee is can he should just move forward on our. I guess you can't you can't really just feature more down which I just learned today because. Emergency only yeah that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard in my life if somebody is sitting at agree I thought the whole purpose of horn was too. Let somebody know if his you're not obnoxious about it a little beep beep real quickly if that the light turns green and they haven't moved in ten or fifteen seconds a little BP does not like yeah. I don't finding a big deal and I'll let all my relatives got aggravated he was taught himself lobby inside track whatever name there yeah he's just got called out as mad about it. Plus or warriors stopped for traffic. Taunting is that he's sitting at a green license. And why are you angry are and I have to go back to work really yeah I'm really here in a hurry. Yeah. I don't even know who like Ahmed both these people automatically guide because he's just. He's yelling at the top of being mean and he's been at the back copies being in a juror. Manhunt for real I usually take aside accounts on this and that. This particular situation accomplish and just went but. Life isn't the whole are like one of the most obnoxious sounds ever but you're really just eight iron older days and just pisses you offer it just me no no it's not just Hewitt does pretty much made people fly into and instantly. Round and you're like eat I don't know why but I have used my blood pressure rise as I get it says yeah. That's gonna make you angry can we make I know are very sensitive now in the 21 century and everyone's and they Noah offended didn't. Everything bothers everybody can we make a mortal little nicer sounding like how one economy Mimi now. That's why your scooter now I like the ones that are super allowed Acela trains. Mean not funny at. Pace you all know they just makes me think that car sucks because this is a little knowing your idea and I'm only super either going to be it is going to be a more should be allowed to do it scared the hell audio. Like that. That was a big deal when he's on the no that did exaggerate our armor without in her you have got. So Jeff valid so I haven't I mean the fact that it's it did it and this is news to me like I said it's illegal. Almost everybody else knows this but you can only use your horn. For safety reasons you can't be that somebody at a red light you can be different than talking on the road you're driving by if you can't be that somebody who's new who's beauty almost annually in about the cut you off you can't do yeah I I yummy tell you beat your morning though technically it's illegal to do what's right. Cross in your lane and he's he's permitted a car accident yeah well it's what you did was break the law now how many times have you and you don't know the number but you have. And where you've been distracted at the lie and it turns me how do you get mad now I don't get mad I easily apologize ladies and put him up like us are you know Jonathan Allen Danielle nasty little faster and got no one likes you look at any I like how well it does distract India. How odd but it put I'm OK with the money to get mad about it I do hit my award I don't duplicate the legacy is a light turns green I don't like it. Play and the more players that I given about 1015 seconds I lived in Boston for a while. And if you're in Boston anybody who's been there and East Coast even in New York is soon as light turns green you need to go there there's somebody just waiting there with her hand and hoarding medicine as it turns green. I promise you this is not a joke or not you Dave and I know people get mad and then. Even if people I've seen people though that's this in the wrong in their ally and not paying attention to my host hornets another flick and other personal bobbled it and it we need. The statistics tell you hey look we're gonna go down a few people get mad rush to get more mad and I pulled lower fur for me in my heart I had a he's trying to make you pistons annoying. People are and in their cars right now like more than a dozen more coming from what is that it's happening it's a war. Because doing and why you really when you're older I'm getting I'm getting all of you requested an. I am on Hollywood to make real close to people and or noisy and we ulyetza don't request Iran and volleying. Because of that or the afternoon. Oh stupid yeah.