Wednesday, December 6th


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But. She was drunk it's a good always those in the mighty. Why aren't a puff up a dad has been arrested at delays to a year old and try to drive. We can react while leading the police on a no speed chase. YE a first it's time game. Be terrible I think and on drugs and yes and also a terrible father her cash. I'm crazy he was drinking. And finally a woman was arrested after she couldn't find her feet during a field sobriety test. Before. That's. Under its drunk. I mean the answer you one of these alcohol rehab to deal with the alcohol. It was drugs and gradually since David. And did you play the game and you didn't somewhere and you stay on the line itself for practically before I think it's an easy rider bike show began happening at Sacramento convention center on January 13 pentium line Blair is gonna get some info from yeah. All right shell hole where about the play for you let me go ahead in more you know navy got kids in the car especially the well young kids. This is not a country proud there. Additionally listeners all you do the realist and a move him a second there. If you can catch that bus and a story is coming up a new. Might. Wanna you know yes you were really big issue is a really big an elementary schools yes all the cattle into their pocket and mourners that. All right so this guy. I need hey you. It is he's a pastor. Reverend pastor whatever it. He will lose last year. I really pissed me off. Because you know rod I'm glad we don't really pick on each other here are I believe in our power believing god you guys are different than maybe that's OK but I don't condone what this guy did this guy's gonna go out and he's going to us. Scream awards kids and tellem led. And I am I real. Monica as a liar this guy's a liar and easy bad person for doing this and this is what happened. His best day version I'm gonna do like I did last year and I'm gonna tell the kids here. That there's no such thing as Santa Claus and Christmas is about G. I'll come on now it is I mean if you if you believe it fine but you fusion you shouldn't be you're not the one to be easy yelling in the crowd Intel and other kids confusing kids. That's not up to you on that pisses me off major air goes. My post my kids my name is pastor David Howard tell you guys that the real reason for the season for Christmas. It's about Jesus and I wanted to tell you kids today to let Santa Claus is not exist Santa Claus is not 30 yeah. This is a guy that did and why didn't any dead just beat the crap out of that guy right now and knocked him out of that would happen and I know it's terrible if my daughter decided maybe that's bad judgment call my MI am but I doubt that's terrible you know you're good guys well moment every two bad judgment calls there this guy should have done any drugs should hit the guy but I guess I get your frustration this guy is no right to walk up to your friend of kids and now an outreach and yell and scream and confused children and don't start to him again if you billion Italy godly and his natural thing no problem don't start spewing that that stuff of my kid yeah. Yeah these are you think you should we do and and I we all can agree on that. And this is just terrible so this guy just he just keeps all of. The man you're gonna meet today is a man wearing a series like costume there's a make believe it's not a real. Is the real reason for the season Jesus was born as a life into a world of darkness. What you're gonna see today is a man just dress and as soon he's not real it's just make your parents had been telling you this story. No I tonight. Go rob behind pairs of lying to you and your prayers coming your parent of what people don't get an alliance and right to impaired to line due to bad people the guy told me. This is kind trying to prove nothing because here's the thing isn't there is what he believes and he's saying all right fine. How how you really convince people to come to your side. But by acting this way your actions right now yeah there's virtually anybody's show up to your church is that just your employer. I like I don't go to your church your day I would go to the guy's church. Now any Christmas a pagan holiday anyway lately originally need to look at he had those back. But this guy is not no place for this is today guys a terrible person for this and that parents are obviously upset about it than they should be. While we very rarely do you hear somebody call a pastor a definite. Tells Omar that guys in this yeah neck hair is. What are you give us it's just he and family mind that is what is going on in your mind to make you think that that's even an okay thing to do. I know you know when religion. There are people who are crazy. Mainly I don't part of a year to your your failure raw here I know I need for hell I'd probably be a better person who's unhappy now you're here you. Aren't here you are perfect the way you are out in your fine the and other people are the same way it's all up you whatever you want but don't go around doing stuff like that. So how. And then I'll probably kids. And I you know what I can understand if they was his church. And and the parents brought their kids in the church and it was part of the church ceremony whatever he did that would he was in public. And in line I. Girl up goalie in shoot I don't really go but I grew up going to churches that was never attained even the pastor kind of respect that and let the parents do. To what they had to do yet and that's how it should be in your prayers had to talk would you you're a -- 78 years always have figured out reality now they have talked about our look the other kids you know looking at that moment yeah. You had your moment eat these you don't rule of these little kids. Terrible terrible. That's what happens. Did you see that story about the there's a not only if it's not a funny year note but. It's deadly crane crashing down on Florida's sand who was trying to skydive did you see this horrible. Killing god I caught it last night that he had and it's it was all over Kabul web sites today so this is guide for this guy dive into a charity volleyball tournament in Tampa over the weekend. To deliver toys got into that gray right cool if money didn't plan is. I guess in places they really need to land perfectly entitled beach area and the volleyball net and he crashed. Hard into which three on the way down. And I need to tell part of the limb Ole miss does Jesus some of the guys and confers tall he's survived okay. And that the kids. There's kids there they they fell about a month ago and you know that they don't have done a counselor wide but but he he did exactly walk away from the crash either he's he's. If Kerry had two legs surgeries for his injuries from Elam and fellow doctors say he'll make a a full recovery here's part of Christmas. Embryology every. Real low end. Although little guys. A girl that's a tough. Don't demonstrator has lagged well now all three and then he got related over into the volleyball net yours there. The only arrow had this up on our FaceBook page right now. You can they get about sixty say did you take to work face FACs. Is 6515. The legal lease it back to your phone and you can dads are gonna Blair actually James on the bounce. They're actually solace may start to end the guy even though he broken leg or whenever we're on the ground all he wanted was and to take a picture of him like super smiling again. Positive about Homeland Security nastier and written letters to the girl he was delivering lean on elf on the shelf duties like yet they got me in this hotel they call the hospital. Produces like such a cool guy let's call. Easily toll taken idea. The only amendment I. I really hate that. Auburn's guy who's got Charlize and great for the kids yeah. Like you pastors on the general unemployment out and I'm glad that you had this story after the passer story got shows like the president of the Gaza told Dick did you object and here's a guy that's kind of a hero yeah. This guy's hair any store and I like the sword Larry I didn't know about that part that you added and you see more the source of the night indeed write letters to the gives us incredible yeah his. But I got Jordan the holidays and as we do actually care for me to jump from of this guy and lay and deliver change for the kids that's a big deal how. It's pretty cool arrived absolutely anyway so good I'm ready survival while. Rough to.