Wednesday, January 17th


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Plus. And this is where we make fun of all these creepy people people are there are seeking out on the Chrysler and there's little there's a lot of that. And there's a couple things couple lines of these that I can not. Make friendly for the airwaves. By for instance. A lawyer asked. If somebody is number one. They got that word. Slug date after that bold hello wow stuff. Guess what paid I love that the lions club north highlands which is in the area where the station is is I've lost my little piggy. Oh my god if you see her please let me know. She's well behaved and does what she's told them she loves old might well I don't know that it won't okay yeah. She's enjoy that while they go to number one. As well if you see an error or maybe another one did that they still please let me know. That's that happened to come back or else they email me when I'm blown bathroom what's going on. God never affect you when looking for a straight Gary Mexican man oh man for a man. That's very very specific yeah praised Harry Mexican man if you're Harry maximum and listen of this could be yeah brio. Guys is a look at her sexy Harry Mexican man I would like to have his. Well I guess it was a mashed potatoes someone. No shame demand must have the whole natural bush for four prefer 45 and older with stocky. A chubby VP bill. Those in my place this is not necessarily just for today. So you aren't available today let's say coordinate when this might. Can make this happen to meet up and he attaches some picture which I don't now. Before actually happy you don't have that existing thank you for prefer that out there is this man. A man for a woman in north Stockton is at the title says looking to meet a woman for a dull play wrestling mind nothing serious. Course. Brand not looking for sex just some good adult fond. About made nice single white man about you single fun loving any age race or body size I'm willing to host entry sit. Tell me about yourself we can trade takes ago when they're not interest in. An escort it's just a woman who wants to play. We got spam please put wrestling name in the subject from. Another so is Dallas is in the red for women just dress a little. There is so pro wrestling name or put you or wrestling name like what is your amateur wrestling. Name in the subject line intense interest thing. I don't have one of those. Woman really going to go to stranger's house had just Russell in his living room and it's not supposed to be anything sexual probably the same woman through small guys underwear so yeah there's frightening people. Don't let this guy. Not gonna have a whole Lotta luck but then again I don't know what's out there on the Internet they're looking toward. A man for a one million or for a man for a while it broke and demand for a man says it's confusing them. Like the title says I'm a married white guy looking for another married white guy to former friendship with. Benefits relationship. Would be great if you like fear and do and I do outdoor outdoor activities. Said relations. It's a relationship but it doesn't sound like he's going to be sexual I just felt like to do so why hang out what's I don't know why you go to Craig's list is they don't want guys over out that's exactly how broad background started. Are paid to it Mary guys these are why don't outdoor activities. And then next thing you know. Any leeway as an Academy Award. Okay. Don't sister what is the what that sounds so Alabama what does that that I don't want no man or woman for woman. Hello we are married couple or mid thirties we have home and children I would love for you to join our family. We've been on the lifestyle on and off for about five years there swingers and we've got the conclusion that we both want a sister wife. What is that. I'm delighted I'm gonna Google it I think you'll figure this out this is not about the all about sex although she is very by loves these gentle touch of a woman this is more about long term partnership. Where we all benefit emotionally or physically. And spiritually. Inevitably seems like something you relied conviction and would like to talk deal. Regardless both. And it gives information how they can meet William William. Really it's basically in them and bring in another girl into their swinger lifestyle when it's done pretty much to gallop toward your wife's. He's why we hate. He handled wind. Crazy. A sister wife ridiculous. Also. Calling it that is my life. So gross that some bad yet that felt terrible they should demo of the new names that. Yeah might mean much if you like my life but I look at her girlfriend. A living girlfriend would that be better much better than sister wife. Almeida in your living in the house. Where you also have kids and you're gonna bang that person might not want any yeah. And an advantage although I have a nanny and doesn't work out that way. Well more CK Sissy made. That's why I'm. Here I'm not the okay are you sorry. I look at vs he made to bullying kick around. You'll do my laundry message I'm sorry massaged my feet. And cook for me while I work from home. Maybe you will play probably like a word planes are now load if you're pretty enough any level of cross dressing experience fine. You train you demonize you can break you down myself into the screenplay only. You all love her. Oh my god man who's your brigadier. I got that was very serving now as hungry you know he's for me that was married to serving a and crossed Jesse experience. Well police Boca said you look good order this whole thing it's discerning. Translator here to tell what you heard I guess another lion whatever period sex and oh yeah. An island EC Mo and help change other products. Really just a stranger. Just a strange random dude. Our person anybody right. You from ever wanted to know look at for awhile when he can help me don't change when it's that time of the month Armenia over fiscally demand for you wanna continue women need help. Yeah unlocked yeah he does face state plays economies are the I am and I I'd like to point out that that the woman's induced you need Syria means you need your help she even do this forever you're a guy you know Jack about you this this guy has been good like help. In what way. Thanks for and motion and was not. Very restrictive. Who are helpful for you I felt before I know you so you've taught FaceBook live my life don't just buy face that was learn and I was learning allied MIA. You know when did this experience where I. Ultimately what we you murals learning. They were talking about usually you can see that they were originally well I kind of know which it will just get up close and personal with a guy and I was able to you know help. What did you learn from them. That's true I think. But it's discussed that I'm more thankful to be a man who. Well I really have a lot of compassion for ladies and you'll be absolutely actor weeks I've always had but I especially after teeing it up and and then having to deal with deuce in general I'm sorry yeah this is pure hell yeah. His guys wanna just tell you from my house and they and I legend born that I don't know do you guys have had that kind of sex before. And yes I'm right.