Monday, November 20th


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Afternoon show extra Mikey can punt 98 rock a couple of emails on his stool. And first let's start out when the equal. You know how to do this if you Italy there's a voice now you can do into the net do you rock athlete to be about the show can be about anything you want I've ran on or just. If I guess maybe on the weekend was a drop there might get played. The crazier probably the better and this is about something Ian talked about last week. That was that and I was go to the bathroom. And our comeback in this guy that I had already talked to a girl I was questioned if she got her number and then took off. She's an earthquake don't trust that. Solid I was waiting for you to go to the match and really do your business and he he jumped in there within what are right within sixty seconds she got the number we in Mikey that made fun of while William actresses got a lot of game we thought yeah. Are you know if he was way not an Horry just sought an sees an opportunity because you never know who's gonna go to the bathroom I just happen do any spark up. Well there was some really good experience is thought that I was doing a lot of mistakes out is that I was trying to save that girl from you that guy knew you from the show and was like I gotta get an iron scoop and try to save the aisle from me and then. Honestly Mikey did we had somebody who claimed to be that guy tech's Amanda we never heard from them yet we try you know call he never did he never did call he did say the person who claimed to be the dude said that it was an actual number and then he's been texting with the girl I don't know how true that is so now we're just we see random numbers and Texan was so I don't necessarily now I yeah. What they somebody's left on the dogleg feature in the nanny Iraq Abby said this is I see. Just ask the girl. Dishes on him being quizzed you on that. They should just told shred. Air instead of just doing your lol blow I that I just brought the girl and just give me answer and then SAD just cause today just give me advice. Our big demand photos area and they are closed really for you I think. I appreciate that I really do but what sucks is like today was are pretty much overlaid we we would dinner are you must play to the waitress I was done. I'm wise pretty much the end of it anyway well last Thursday he and I got into an argument and I honestly don't remember how started by calling out from B and he was. All that's where I play on the computer Waller and all the conversation that pissed me off somebody's letting haven't you know me and the flooding will have a sometimes. As you know came from Steffi says oh my gosh you Mikey made this for you Mikey please. Talk more interference this argument I'd rather hear your voice if I had to hear an argument than the others do I look forward to listen you guys on my commute home. From work but that castles table and make this go Abby and talk some more dude Stephanie. I you don't then I Hewitt has instigating it. Actually I sat that was like I'm gonna let this go for me because it is funny I had literally you being investigated for and you gotta just rudeness and joy and it. In the truth behind that whole thing is why don't wanna say much is because you basically speaking everything that was on my mind strokes off wanted to dislike you handle it with Ian because I get annoyed that the whole click and going through so I just doesn't let that go would yell at him and hasn't happened senseless seem hope that the. So is that there are days I wasn't the bad guy. I just ordered out on the air. Oh well that's happened from Dunn family. So we're we're kind of like family and if somebody does but I would expect these guys call me out as part of the shows what we do it. Why tiger automatically either they're trying to put last on them stupid daily web sites or every was our I don't know what he was on FaceBook or whatever more important than the shell. Our next email I know EN has low standards and questionable moral compass what I am me weird ass Canadian. And I always carry a flask in my purse. So at least I have that going for me at the very least he would. Get a day out of bed promise not to give my number to any other dudes while he is looking. And not an area and as always always I love Dalia. I don't think I've. What is wrong whether she mind I don't these are like. I have what's wrong with this person Obama issued by and I don't really view of the you'll be melting replied ensure order and over here kind of via. And Dubai and then I'll show you might get a free no other guys. I think The Who what woman can't say they've done that this is my turn to finally get a free meal out of date and she carries a classical guiding this dream girls here's our economy our flash and I want a mob in my back pocket aren't what hello man listen the show I understand your personality and the way you live life and still wants you decide to pass a guy and a woman I would never do. He's the way this woman is for you we India she she loves. The other half the World Cup is like she says it is yeah it doesn't point north. But she sees it sounds like the kind of bug that actually went to the yellow rain about a somebody which is fine and Marge I'm not funny and an exciting. You millennial don't know Lorena Bobbitt is that's the one that Letterman's gotten off all right I think somehow gone for those who don't don't know sort. Just just tell us more alert. He may not only as good as it might Wikipedia. I'm sorry I ruined it for you. Spoiler alert the Chicago 830 years have left hello. Well you're going to visit Asia I really did she look the Google while we're talking to a radio the and we you can. When you finally hear that happened I got I was deaf dumb and on the door guess I must say go. Incident. In the other guy calling it what year did it at all and today and I was a kid but I remember laughing at the big joke. We have might be might have been before 951993. And has close yeah. Stephen Wright does say guys I'm not doing any favorite things given a mistake and I go lane Alvin drinking instead and got into Ian has no friends or family out here I'd like. Join him in the my old buddy wanna. Friends you do. Therapy and I know there are they losing out on the back check your youth you guys media cemetery some very go. Now now. Well I I I need to get my my my she's now free some numbers out from just a rough day good morning my mom and I was GI's everyday we think you guys are telephonic. So what we know that you guys are trying to find a name from the shelves so what about sacked trio. Thank you all for her. Totally my email I don't know that means I don't know that means we are enough size 30 now I. Now the word Sacramento going toward second probably aren't as much as well as much we'll watch their okay. Sakic. I think it was a rule anything that the names so our names eight it kind of keeps his sooner at its sagging in Zagreb later afternoon related idea Wii we've pretty much said no you don't have a name yet we don't want it to be branded to any specific character I think he or any date time any slot and we might be on an honorary stations named three years we gonna wanna be Sacramento the sack and then like Boston or somebody just bought freed in CBS who knows we're gonna be man. Like yeah let's all over on Arab and Peter was our journey might be trying to sell somewhere else yeah I get rid of this is right what he's doing now legally right here in Sacramento what ever. They did make the and they haven't parishes repeatedly and then I guess I did. OK what about the vacation yeah how big a note. Yes he seemed he seemed to be in good spirits he said these Edward Najera. He's a good mood but he said he's got to check with pat Kevin Martin she. First before we're allowed to decide on our vacation yeah I don't art Harris that pat has CO first priority when it comes to vacation wanna what do we try to take vacations you know I don't care. Don't have any hardly any days I just started so I. I want to mess and we out of the last few December how good are right whatever. When they're just tell me it. I don't care because you're not going anywhere Mick in me and hammer go back to her hometown Monaco so. I again as I go back to Florida this and I know not maybe in the summer when the beaches are nice but that's a lot of the hell alone afford right now is not a great now while my kids there yours are here to us there are yeah the sort of.