Friday, December 22nd


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God made you. Pilot got a couple of days we'll get through today thank you for says emailed Gary excuse dot net tell you their contact information. I coastal other people always ask an orderly off our for the next week yourself. You can find me on as a grand Twitter and FaceBook ads my name is stroke I'm the only stroke in the worlds of mash stroke. Friend request me and now he tobacco volley back on you define me it's not dead instead Graham Twitter and I am Mikey and then on FaceBook the bug might help. An instant amnesty in 98 rock all one word on FaceBook gets. CL I really used her whole lot but it's hot and beer list this. So I idiot media study by get into the KR XQ dot net website but can equities on social media would like does your messages and and yeah with you. You brought gathers a talkback feature and that did you believe it talk back and messaging community the lighting people seem to be just believe in weird impressions lately. Object and ask questions we get those from time to time he can bitch and complain about anything in Sacramento the area in the world you hate right there anything anything you want me namely he did you did you say do weird. Impressions but I think he's getting weirder and weirder every single day. I thought you could be very intoxicated in the next week or I also would look forward to some of those we come back. If you don't have the app takes after eight PP to 6515. Illegally sit back to your phone and that that's they can download the money Iraq actually was a top backer of first one right now. 00. Worried exposing. You know governor of Jolo. I'd I don't know what he's I don't know what that was that was very odd I'd split. My name is. Not that it's a boyfriend a little more. Hole you're making nice might. Oh let's look at Nash I don't know it's Friday man oh my god you make mice through the moon hanging. You layers you lose considered murder need. Married yet murderer all in all these. And eighteen or longer and land. At least eleven Blair in the air battery cells so gross and I slipped and I are here. Don't why do you know why do you Serbian. Had I ever. That you're going to be means I we were talking about the movie ET that's my wife was watching that movie and that's a movie Allen never ever ever watch. NC seventeen and a Serbian films a thriller mystery I'd never heard this itself about an aging porn star. Who's struggling to provide for his family agrees to make a film that. Unknown to him contains themes of the the things that I don't wanna say on the radio my gosh yeah how soccer and I'll have to Google that later yeah follow that conversation up and it's. Actually lives underneath our. OK let's Baghdad's Abu did you pick this one is on drugs yeah. I never host. I kinda makes you think the lady was on drugs as sirens we we were talking yesterday about I assume this with a glimpse about. About big lies and repairs Telesis kids. Oh Oki and makes way more sense now say that tried to stop this murder are now that you know the context Syria I. This summer so. Actually lives underneath our. My dad and mom has emerged and I'm actually had Blake is a member rodeo going. Do you feel what does the record I guess I'll (%expletive) that's funny. That's a hell of a life how to work must work to see Murphy bed and all those students I don't know what's going on there yeah it's blossomed on talk about it. And we all wonder from childhood I didn't read Bruce let's go online I never I never really thought about it ever know until I became an adult males like she. Smirk bed they were just passing her around like a joint I guess so whether you fight over her and asked. This is nothing bad I got nothing to add a new way too much about the smarts and I just could not talk. What do we mean truck that was even born in this mercy was actually though she's not really is who was created just created yeah by guard now. So it made so I really tried any extra dose of mad they you know they were trying to and then pandemonium. On distracted me exactly yep yep so and making that he can take him interminable. We sort of don't even know I think used to determine a goal. Well there he is now cap dark do whatever is cat's name was the attorney dumped because I have my god our customers were like I'm trying to compete for the one shaken and they they were likely distracted and focus was a non. I don't know but I can tell you is published marquis is a drug operatives. Because he's not a Smart. Guy he's in charge last month.