Monday, November 20th


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I aids we all have a look for things that we change throughout the world if it was our world and we were controlled we don't always agree with each other things are also denied the ability to generate a lot a that's part of it but it's our world and make you get to visit by text field over a quick 65 pounds final marriage and those you never know how might you go first I thought. You know off here in on this when I came up wish they just just a couple hours ago so well to McCargo get my charger. And there's some parks so damn close to me that Downey and how well they got other cars a 500 dollar fine for parking closest someone across the board if you park close somebody to find out about finally and all I. I had a dead till I knew you target and you came in with him how did you even allow him to parked at close to me out of the hunt how he got out of his car he's got free to the preterm opened up in the government. Aren't all the treasures are you let him like trash alight in the parking lot that's new voices and critiquing a movie on the Internet would be illegal rotten tomatoes were not exist. So people would decide to go see a movie based on so based solely on if they wanted to see or not not based on what somebody said about it on the Internet because it just is they would be so much better right now. If you rotten tomatoes hadn't ruined everybody's opinion ward is a rotten tomatoes and that movie. In the thirties okay. Well I you I watch it got a ways and Andrew Mandela got bad reviews but I watched the movie Baywatch about maybe a week ago maybe his last Monday or Tuesday early last week. And they had like you wouldn't it twenties. The broad tomatoes and Sox otherwise did not watch it agonized can be crammed you can watch that's of them watch it it left anywhere nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be you know it is it's all subjective. It is way way it's your own personal finance. You know yeah so I don't I don't I'm not one of the people and all we had torn down I don't waste our time on that and they're pretty that. But there are people do that for Sharon. The world well we wouldn't be here right now as. Well you know my kids are out of school hallway they're lucky they all right wing you. How ridiculous I think we should all be off all week long night. Immediate removal from any show your car pushing it way to the front there is any room for you up there and everybody hates you. Seriously did. There'd be no such thing as fate prescription glasses. Where did you need them if you don't glasses stop putting a line. Steven pictures my gun. OK and I. Public cured issue be legal on Tuesday. Just presents I don't know why just pictures so there's there's been interesting moral high. People treat their dogs like babies and other dogs taken away from them and then they would be mentally evaluated to see if they're fit to even be in society in those all not a human presence on the roller I guess. I mean I just. If you are fast food regardless of what shape you are you gotta be open 24 hours today. Yes 24 hours. Agree there's nothing worse and enclose it and saw exactly right sometimes you just want it. You guys or watch a beer fest yes. Never watched a movie and they competing you know Kennedy knew compared to fastest pretty much the content of the movie. I really wanna see podcasts are really wanna. There permanently can we make them moving I don't know much maybe you can write that does. Grocery brands are free and offered you would ever grocery store you go through regardless of what you mud doesn't matter that's how supposed to be you get you get back extort. I think you post about what he had really found the bag she for something you know he can't how I just have five million target bags and I want a celebratory sounds about as our lesson don't wanna do what I. I always seemed pretty in my about not used to this way. California where you you district itself you don't get free guard refereed. You know. Grocery bags are you doughnuts and it's annoying I hate it. There should be a head discount at bars. Where if I gotta pay four dollars for a beer and there's so much had on the beer I should at least did not at least a dollar off. I'm actually not opposed that the mean depending on the bear some beard means ahead but yeah it's a Coors Light in its they have passed yet thank you might already know. Is your first day of march and easy go no no I do not orbit did you wanted to come back there and hormone because I well I could pour beer. I actually favor this soon. All while I'm about to solve a big problem. And they are you ready I'm ready. The world. You will be able and only able to buy your lottery tickets and scratch off tickets at the gas pumps. Being bound gas and buy your tickets gonna save a lot of time inside Dowd is a lot going Gaidar yeah. Well I want oh and good jobs they go that is we rolled the world.