Wednesday, January 17th


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The afternoon show extra Mikey. I'm 98 rock I. I came across say a posted somebody put up on FaceBook. Not many local but apparently this thing is going viral because of what the woman said let me ask you questions you. Well Mikey do you give your daughter an allowance. Yeah she did just kiss the future small short though with a cat out of her cat basically says he's got to go feed the cat and clean the litter box a little bit. Keep a room clean small tours as she gets she gets like between five and seven dollars a week. Okay guys it's gonna forget they had he'd teach his kids responsibility mean some people go Edelman does or no on loan from the get older maybe these she's learning how to earn money I don't think yeah problem with that. I'm probably neither. This is opposed it was put up and some people are criticizing the lady. Good morning your thoughts on this this is I make my five year old pay rent so all caps and that's why. Every week should get seven dollars an allowance. But I explained to her that in the real world most people spend most of their paycheck on Beatles. We do little to spend on themselves that part is true. So I'd make her give me five dollars back. A dollar for Rand a dollar for water a dollar for electricity. The dollar for cable and a dollar for food the other two dollars she gets a save and do what she won't win. Now what she doesn't know is this part I do like this part is not dead. Could blow and he's gonna think this. Did the actual five dollars in just returned error the mother from the cable the wondered whatever. She puts it in her savings account. Well we will give her when she turns eighteen till she decides to move out and home. At the age of eighteen in the wall miscalculated that's not a double check with that it comes at 3380. Dollars to start off. This strategy not only prepares your child support for real world. But when they see how much real bills are they will appreciate you've forgiven then there's this gal. Itself. And dude I don't think five year olds need to know the stress that. Us adults have to go through when it comes to bills when he got to do kidneys just be kids. That is the argument that a lot of people are making their a lot of people's on this is a woman side and I. I'm all about you know whatever you're doing your normal day physically hurt your child he may have to Kamal when. Unique ways to punish your child you know you may have come with the anyways for him to do chores when greed. In this case I grew review and I grew with a lot of folks who says that the age of five a little too young. Definitely a little so young I can feed 1213. Years old for that. This situation say about ten young contends still. About the fifth grade but there's definitely old enough to understand it one at one parent has to go through in order to tell it to provide. Now others argue weigh in on the back to this mother is two and a great job by teaching the child so yellow under and and Janet are among those people lynch is your own home I just a missile and that I would ever practice this method I totally yet. Maybe five not that great maybe six. But I definitely like and if you teach your kid this. Then maybe you'd like down linemen are like ten or eleven they're not you know always on knew about about wanting things because they know. Let you gotta pay Randy can't take it out all the time. Kids are always going to be on you no matter what they want this early in the they're gonna have had get a confession they rent. My six and seven year old I don't have we have not had the conversation with a black white and got money they bombing. All they do. Good rebounder much simply said like I think over the holidays in between birthdays they say the money can and they earn money but he did not get a break and I'll do things are just. We were sent a match like you were on the dollar because this don't we I don't we have had this conversation. I just think. Five years old like this lady is telling her to get a pay rent like mommy mommy has to work hard to make this money so you're pretty good you are currently in and you have to pay me back again an idol I just think five years old to put that kind of wait and five year old shoulder that's just how much they mean to be kidding me that worry about these things. Here's the thing up it also teaches them that yes this something you have to do and then when you do that you can go. The kid air go have fun or whatever 'cause it's like me don't you pay your rent and then everything that's what you're doing every wallet. Might get hired to we go into different ages very stored thirteen until attend a pretty close to you on the other hand are saying and five year old you think you should just. At the age of five teach him about alliances and ready meals and life. And how we don't you ever think and as my adult life I do remember my parents and this the thing about the man I remain as a child. I know parents paid the bills yeah it could carry it had a stretch. Slap my big thing in five years almost got probably Nike glue and color and look what kind of Cyril and I have today that's how that's the the things kids need to be worried about. What kind of Cyril might have all colors in my going to use what depressed from my darling what am I gonna Wear the Eagles and not Beatles in not ranked. Insane with Alan doubt everybody on this show seems to agree you have to teach away before the age of eighteen responsibility absolutely 100% against she'd she gets an allowance she earns her money so she understands that she has to earn her money to get stuff you know 721 year old son whose immune Emmy campaign ran like a nod yes columns and they're ED kids do need to pay rent not a fun. Life is too young as a way TO play. Arnold is too young because you're teaching them at an early case there's things in life that they're gonna have to do is they don't want to start with this. And I can go until you have to study you have to go to school and it teaches them things they have does that already iPods when there and within their twenties. Dear even understood the value of a doll or not it's fine. I what does that dollar cable wars. They do to my daughter thinks a dollar is a million dollars when she thinks that that's so much money and five year a five year old does not understand. Or are hurt it really shouldn't have to understand paying bills and paying rent that is apparent concern not concern of the child. We agree we agree just got on the age maybe start in the third. The week I think you and I can agree in the middle so about twelve years old right before break preteen age is when they can start learning about the know your shot while not absolutely your child may be more mature eight yeah exam for people parity in this whole connotation the bad mother at all actually I've got to respect the lady form put it out there and dinner method I just don't that they did so I just think it's a young we heard. I'm rob hello. Big Toronto do you what do you think about this ladies met at the age of five do you agree with the EU like this is okay or do you think well that's way too young at the stress of this child. I'm banning it might be GO look like I told millions of bona I'd serve my daughter but could and that he's. They've they've both you know ones too funny she's paint her own car. Paying her college being heard whatever my guess seventeen year old. Major bills they had the credit card. Take your daughter's stuff she understands what it takes so sensing she stood up made a little too young but did you know. Okay. Well you know I'd like that big hit it perfect guy if you tell your daughters into an and they seem to be they don't open. The other stuff together and good for you gotta bridge I'll be putting yourself back into the back Bernie that's definitely definitely a little Perry is really about. Us in the yellow necktie Ellen. Eight county. I'm. All you got Larry Lawrence quote you know at thirteen years old she was fighting each and ten dollar in me to death and try kid you're. Rick did it actually. Hit it it actually. Judged by her lunch without. If she wipes extra courage and that street antibiotic for a year extension want to go absolutely anything to do. To be taken out that they are words. That's not a bad deal identity it's a good idea. Oh yeah. She wanted to go to Six Flags change more about. So amazingly Ed's old and a five planet family vacation for the summer I've got to start put money back to the side. Idea for the trip instead of waiting a month before it happened till the exactly what your teacher act. He did nothing wrong there of the packers' opponent that is another good job. There's job yeah that's good if you have somebody takes simply imploded impotent employee teams over here. Arguing the fact that it's fine to charge central Rick dutrow do you rent and curiously charging in right now I'm going to show up in. But alive to do that in this. Number in the security are you live your target responsibility I tell your morality or create 120 in April and then did you pay ranked. Yeah okay the look for a horrible thing he's done this year is he finally got his car on the shopping edit excel on the I'll give him that. I'm not been more responsible adults and 318 started. Now I'll shut up massive. I'm gonna say no I'm not an angry at us he did give us for a enough so the answer is now the party did but isn't there. I don't know are you trying to be more initiative and I don't I don't live with them so I can't say for. I I would say each even though we got all we all got that right out then. He did take initiative to do it he's didn't they get out until there was still some. I'll give and that's okay but there's been a couple things we bass and do these guy and he's not wake up the last minute he's actually kind of trapped Mikey came back. I guess common take a vacation to a small town he's from I guess he came back motivated like you. Are you more I don't act like little I've given him a little little leeway. You can because you live with him so you see a little bit more than ideal the only thing I will give him credit for saying the initiative to try and do a stunt. But he got in trouble so that the crowd that obviously withdrawn Kelly gets a first time. Hi Nicole hello. How he had a plan I make a comment about the whole time. But they've been a kid my mom did a similar thing I Oceanic. The goal. McCoy broke up Bob Diamond now what are we had. Yeah I. A. Heck else to. Add a bordello called payday for my weight Akamai and Batman. Are you military aid money can get to pay rent all the adult at an event. In other kiddo but hey cool jet that the money by you know the elderly are a bit. My mom lost that game every single I'm still in that. Don't work out I. Now enough grill don't like about the working out for you get. Perfect very good at the right answer evidence that's all right badger your mom can you tell you think you if you still around. All right thank you so somebody tell you cities and Mike he sounded like a proud dad when he was talking about in this car slid to point out a stroke at his audience car no not me no I've poured out they did have the responsible that's my point it out yes I'm not proud to be in and anyway we're. Our major justification tell Ben. A guy that's going on. I I don't want to go as quick point out there about the despite allowance with the kid stuff. I don't think it's right to give children an allowance for doing. Shortened Duffy and I think they should already do you like cleaning their room and making their bed and doing the dishes and the like that so. For me the payday kid you're just saying you're teaching them the wall dispute that if you pay me. Instead of teaching them responsibility and then will the need to be done they're geared to teaching them to only do it if there's an incentive and all alt. This drug is there what if you said all right you've got yelled take you go to the garage as we cleaned out the Euro hasn't been straightened out this has lead to strained abernathy every day. That I checked in and then every time we check it. It's it has not done you do adopt not how works so you do doc would that would that be a little more responsible in your opinion meant. Well I would say there. Do it if Arnold have to act. Yeah I think he he felt like my dad was a game and LA Izard knew would grab cables boom boom. You are doing enough and that is a lot of people's that's an idea that there's nothing really wrong with them because he's right you're teaching them responsibility but I think if you if you have them have a list of chores that they have to do when you don't tellem you're teaching them responsibility. And how to earn a dollar so I think your country can and threw things here but everybody has their own way did he do there is. There's there's I don't know that there is over right away when it comes that's dolls we should know your kid yeah comes on your kid and really how you parent. I thought you charged five year old breath and then I think you think about your child okay my president on this. I think Mike would have been better or they did this nestled perfect for me so you know everybody but says different them. Our Rachel is next hi Rachel. In aggregate content. I'm just on my mom. I it would almost be more pretty dark there are any better. Hurting the kids aren't they're lending illegal rounds birdied I have. Stares you just got better luck and started applauding their baby they don't and Bennett candlelight as well very elaborate my. Yeah Kenny Perry saying okay out there or maybe I'd buy back here in marriage though at least you build a bigger me. And then you know they're not get a really they're older you are equal work that aren't. About why it kind of makes. Atlanta I think it's too early they don't want what do you do it yeah. I agree with that OK I mean I don't think they know the value the dollar fell. While that young I don't but maybe you know at the inflation said at the age of what 1012 years old when you start charge and they they start to know if they need to give him five years from from five years old are your your saving money for them and their earning some money. They start to know that value of the dollar dinner ten years old and Hamas are gonna pay you for render whatever bills you decide to chart. My daughter's in second grade she now realizes conduct ripped her off. You only gave me my core I think that the if you never there. They're value now is not is supply and yet sometimes it's it would tell motivates the two girls soon and I am I mean we can. You guys or so's they report card you don't like because it's a Smart kid. Can you spell words around you now. You guys know what I'm saying. And now you counting money and I care. We love that they love it instills well around there yeah. She's gonna smack you I did gave you the finger from and that. I don't rush you know box Justin hello. I looked up guy midyear cut beer are out there are or play I tiger 5 o'clock as I comment on. The only thing I interfere with the diet but all go but I thought. My daughter was about eight here all that and and we started out here in lower but are confident. Intuition. Or are quite a bit of money so we followed our dollar bet. We'll we'll we'll click can all take you to go explore but you separate out. You back a month. But when you guys she got 800 dollar us in the bank the right now unpopular like you Lou senate shortly in my eat up all of our butts. I don't know if I'll. Gladly help we all I had my murky yeah. All worked out. And that's great allies gave no other guys have hit a comment. I like it you always get together working for Reggie whoever breaking your group you know my armor regiment and knowledge are negative yards and Judy you make your kids work for I think there's one thing we can all agree in his even all the callers even you we and they said that a kid does need to learn the value of the dollar it just kind of comes down to the parent at what age you are starting to map. Yeah that's true really that's a great parents called an NHL yet I'll let them work parents.