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Maligned got a question for today's police hello Lisa. Hey guys it's by the way I heard the marriage proposal the other day have a off the you. So hard yeah does he feels the big surprise on the show that was crazy. Yeah I would like super loud. So I cut I have a question about kind of brought it up for me. But it's not a proposal related but it played marriage related things can turn out for that. Thanks. A case so I'm engaged I'm getting married in three months resolutions. Gill yes I'm 32 I don't know I feel pretty secure my daughter and fast as we would we do. I'm a lawyer. Damn I'm sorry I'm. Listen to the show that's also. Did don't you remember though we did she can work for the two state attorney's office she wrote Chris that's true that's so cool that's so we do have lawyers and I didn't did not know we have to do was great to have this educate the lady on the line that's not so stupid to me hey I got home. So here's here's my situation I'm getting married it's. And I've decided I mean I despite a long time ago that I wanted to keep my last name instead of taking my new husband just because. I don't know about a toy Armon established in my career people online might like to know me and that Neiman. I mean if if I play identity you don't let me come. That makes that makes a lot of sense to me you party establish yourself as attorney so good for you the gunman's seems pretty commonly Leon look what's the deal I was in the front now. I elevator there is a problem hoax. My affinity husband did happen to be the only fun in the Stanley he had a couple pictures. And when the parents found out that I was keeping my name. They totally freaked out that you like days it's a big deal to them they want your name's Terry Madonna and the next generation and I don't know I feel like because of the career I doubt I'm really are and I'm keeping my name. So what is your future husband your fiance had to say about it. How well I'm not a lot honestly he's not really the open up about your feelings and talk about stuff kinda guy and then. I can tell that he definitely feel completely caught in the middle by the Paul thank. He's got to have an opinion about it though like I mean I bet I bet deep down inside he wants you. Take a simple about it we considerably isolating that seems like him that seems pretty common. Me I'm I'm really not into that high paying my name like it and I'm like a establishment thought in my career the name I have now but Saddam. And I mean it's what what we have kids I feel like weeks I need their earnings. Hope I believe the hype and kids' names I think that's a little crazy are these days you're an attorney she Derosa was full blame the that's how I mean there are per kid that they cut my Social Security so I guess I was. I don't I want to get electoral mistakes to Oregon say at this is the at this mayors don't work out united doesn't sound like he's going to hit me up on Hugh. Plus it's hey you're not pig Kelly and I love him very much like the feel like. It's my right knee and it's my knee and then I do I wanna keep. I agree it's your right they did give her name then you didn't get discussed and tickets they saw him first of amazed by the tasting party jobs and if your child. Camilo can deal breaker for him and then you call me. So yeah. So it's so easy being a bronze for one you keep lending and. No I I I think you're finding keeping your name it's I think you're wrong for not letting can carry on his family's name though. But if he's there oh the only guy left. It's it's also you really what she did something like they have the blue boy is getting his last name you have to get him to get in girls can be your last name a chart helps come up with a compromise. There's a lot of ladies do that won't keep you know like you said keep your name you establish yourself and they won't they'll pass code that the last thing not a there. Number the only double high definition of people have a lot of opinions on this or maybe there in this situation 9167665000. 7665000. Three's is police Iran for an idea in her future kids. And the husband last Amer I hear any. Marty compromising makes everyone knows that I'm compromising my height and needing. Skid. That's not really a compromise. He's idled state big idea that I say I think you keeping your last name in India indicates his last name is Lola Moore compromise type and your kid's name just seems like you might. I almost seems weird to me this is all confusing yourself. I am I have done Don lost. You cannot have no fee if you if you have to me last names in my make it seem. Promiscuous yes Mikey and I know you have no I don't wanna do. I'm one last name. Ali names do you have a bunch of middlemen and that's how we're talking about here we're talking about it she said basically she's asking if she's in hyphenated are kids names out every once you have free games personal last that is it's a memory of that necessarily I think it's up to the parties and publicly police say it's it's the damp weather fiancee and they come to a dead. Some type of agreement. I've high and it would consider one word it's not technically one word. If you're attorney tell us. Well somebody Texas and Texas and both my in laws are attorneys and they each have their names and hyphenated kids' names. So I guess maybe that's more come I think it's so weird to I think your kids may not know I have an early Saturday ever trying to figure anything but I kind of think you. I don't know what kind of gives you good to the husband's last name. Especially if they think he degeneration god and so I think too I think it's I think you should be a little but more open that I understand those you know your career and everything you want any keep your last name though I gotta get that is it's a tough situation we especially since he's the only sign in and his family mean to keep. That blind Alley and the U least he didn't let the kids had his last name I think that's how I hey. C can have his last name MI last name I don't know what the big deal as you others. I have one brother yeah. And you got your safety Tony they don't need him glad they are major lesson and apply. Famous line and taking care that's a good point police say they had heard threats on this Elijah got a little which amaze me we're gonna some lies if you'll stay on all partisan people let's get huge B I GP. Jameel lease is still maligned she can actually here we are saying go ahead. You know I was just gonna say I I definitely armed NC are keeping her last name that's fine a lot of ladies are doing and I'll let. I'm for the children I just think Asia and the father's last name there's really hyphenated admissions area on the father's name. I agree are a understand I don't get it I don't get why like why do you think that. Armed. It just isolate Taliban. As its traditions. That's elsewhere and since he's the only son I mean it is that he is the last that is below the line so you they should keep his name. I remember. I'm like how we create a new line and it's both of our life seems like what's the big deal. Mortality you don't just start over half. The attorney in her talk to ask you. Deals smoke at his name is still carry on a blind to adding a line everything. How do you consider giving your children like maybe they're middle names being your last name. I didn't really think about that. That's good that's a terrible idea I gotta tell you though we say we're getting a lot of Tyson gets some more these calls but. Am almost every one of these Christmas is coming and they need got to let the kids take that last day I'm assuming these are all due sexy in my AD. Well I Buck -- I got I got a phenom a lot of sushi and the say April I you're on the show you're also talking to Lisa go ahead. Highly is that I think it's crazy I don't understand why you would not wanna give your husband. Think your kids is his name that's. I can see you know take in the name. But the kids that doesn't. Why would you know not I don't think you're under Cameron thank god they will have his last name of the mine as well it's not I'm not denying them the name I'm giving them mind kill. And equal and fair and right. See you wanna heightening your name and give the kid none no I'm I'm gonna keep my name he's gonna keep his name in the kids well they're both hyphenated. Yes he wants the hyphen and the kids last names. I mean it cannot be first I'm OK with that. I think it's gonna be so hard for Clemens school both I mean that's not that's not them in Chile stared at them in school I agree. Using kids to it's going to be very confusing for the kids I don't think that it's it's. Trust trust me but that's disability yeah I kept my act has been playing through all of my. Son scored just so she wouldn't be confused so they would be confused Whitney going back my maiden name. I don't know I guess I don't think it's fair to your husband especially with the fact that all the kids because. It is if he doesn't it he big hit it to carry on the name of keeping. Like I don't think you understand I'm saying the name his name will still be carried forward to the next generate ordinary for you and I'm part of the process doesn't. BYO yeah. April takes the ball and they will be the next call because he's got Lisa dispersion is on early zinfandel boom boom car. I don't know if there's a pool in my. Did boom boom. Please let me move lied color by every blue moon. Okay well American Idol finalist yeah. But I apologize bubble you can. You're lasting Lehigh anywhere on your name is hyphenated you know knowing your dad. If I donated. And steel box they emirates French and German. My mother was very tribal her name and she didn't want it's. So for me only have my father's but she won I mean how did but she wanted to be my to have personal well. We can. All of us here and beta burials very strong very boy are they sure that I had borrowed. I doubt wasn't too happy about it but you know how you live at Eli did go. All right what about you looped. He's very quick look at buying and as it. You dads even if I didn't buy it. I don't I don't understand why he would want to take her husband thing in my dugout and part of bears are not married I don't know but that's just my day. Kind. My husband married four times your girl taken every last name she's always as your last and it's confusing I. I consider this to be very difficult legal advice for example insurance given dash yeah I last name like. I agree it's gonna make things will be more difficult for not only not only you police say in your and your soon to be husband. But your kids as well it just seems it seems really confusing. I mean I really I don't think it's a complicated do you things. The hyphen in between gay named wise to bet that gonna make life so miserable. At one point because at certain forms you have to fill out only give you a certain number of spaces and you're taking the space is up by not compromising and and they may argue that national media. Yeah they don't like share like ensure no last name is going to be different aren't. I have to tell you what a bunch of funny about the infinite. I mean what I like about your station of these seem like you're kind of rebellious guy to abandon this one away super traditional. Yeah. Poise and yeah. Busted us. Well we are important I mean but the thing is the life or once you guys were little world man on the show you may suffer Larry's iconic white on the subject is and we all kind of feels that way about it I mean my son as my last name. Might I gotta be honest with you my well my son in my old son does not have my husband he doesn't know and here's my first name yes and he ideas my first in in my ways my dad's name I named him after my dad but he got his mom -- same be so that I can get the names and America my dad again but also I was seventeen years old when he was born such. Had that come to me now it's 38. That would not I would not fly that have had my last name. It was really nice thing you can do with a one Melissa put on the person's education neither that's true. I think it is just the way saying that the dad doesn't have any brightness situation. All you warm married well I think as your mayor of the time now they are first it was boards how is she has more than say in the in the matter at that at that time but if you're married young more say in the fact you wanted time. No sign an OK with that I've accepted that it was a long time ago and I got I got when I won another seventeen years old but it seems like it almost as if what if he doesn't even doesn't agreed this. What what are his and what does this right here. That's right in the situation. Oh I I don't I. I'm not yet maybe investigating that side of pre nup so this Lori decided fortune. Ollie is okay the end enigmatic getting into the well yeah. Well let's go to and I don't pay at a welcome to the show. Hey Dave I got to let me add its. All I'm basically in the face situation I shoot and I'm I'm married my wife. Her last name out we have children and the children took my last day. At the reasoning behind that was basically you can donate to air wedge. My wife as two Brothers to carry on her last name and I am the only son and my family to carry out my life. As basically that's it almost the same situation and I'm the only son in mind so I it was that was the talk that we had when my son was being born and because I have two sisters. It's only say that it does seem like you all in the in this particular case because your because he is though only one that can carry on the name you should. Give him that. At least to have the least put. Yeah I I understand where you're coming from but I feel like I am also an integral part of having a baby. Of course and and why I am letting him like not letting him but I am a break the fact that the kids should have nickname but why should they have miners well. Get a lease. Here I'm just maybe I'm ahead of my time maybe I'm just ahead of my time and I'm eyes isles into the future of your. Aggressive. To. Police have Molly is on the line it says our culture her sister did what Lisa wants to do and they are happy let's talk to her I'm Molly. We're guides or you're you're also talking Elise is she still online. Yeah I'm here highly Al I didn't play in a little I can't apply to what you would like to deal. My pit area got married I and I hear the bell and that she kept her last name her hat and jacket Bob May in law and a boat hit. Try and get back and I get there happy yeah hey is there I had a flat and that. And I expect it to get an attack or that every week and it. I can I make that Gary and that I have my boat feel like they have acquired. That children. Dead lion the window and so it worked out every time. Will be. I am so happy here that finally the words of support as he's. I'm pregnant Molly Ivins now. Brought out throw this out there I don't know if you another's Lisa but when I look into Della made a legally change my name to stroke that's. Commonly draft says doctor on the show oh right I did what I did not talk to a mom is I change my my legal first name birth name was Christopher and I made up my middle name. I got rid of my middle name and my last name because it was on my biological father that I had nothing to do it. So forever at the toll age of eighteen I was stunned there's nothing I can do when that name. I was a Dallas it's not grown up that way. Really did it was typically cut it Maine and name is very important to look at I. I agree and in him when you're young and kids look for any reason to pick on another kid all the time kids are just doing that I think I must say I did. God. Can't I just tell my kids like look. We knew and might like buy your father and I created do together so you have a news both of our last game. Because your part of both of us. I can't really argue with that my only argument is that iffy it somehow someway his family's last name needs to carry out. And if it did because. Are dying like. We're not seeing that it's getting carried out I had. Know why I'm saying I am I would heighten his dot what the hype and the U give you said earlier that when when the hyphenated name it's basically one name right. So you're not really carry on in a million are really carry on his last name your carry on a new name created by two names. What do you like so into legislator you that's yeah. Seem that it literally kidnapped last names like mine. I've got I've got a perfect solution for you at least all you have to do is convince your husband's taking your last name problem solved. Well I. Hey this riddle did parent would you go and there's a realigning jays had three last names on trees and you have three last names. I do it's so nice to me the name that he isn't that so he has. Whose name you. And then my name from my name comes very same type thing and then the two last names so our first child the Laura you almost thirty years ago had. The three last name consummated. I'll go you don't carrying on his other than any because. Of the and at least I'm right they're licking you. He's so Carrie don't bother him and you're going to coach he can go strictly. Legal eastern Bahrain. The other guy I think he doesn't have all three names but on the birth certificate it is gulfstream. Oak and I don't screwed up to name basically because the Dutch name you can have baron whatever race. So you're saying that if you hype and your name. You can do you basically can pick what can you I go by. Legally at times you had another color I said when he was seventeen. Or maybe about someone in the station could seventeen. You know at their child picked a mother's name by. IT my head anyway its arms around seventeen years old but the hardware has as many rights as a mother don't only don't leave. And I'm not and I'm really not you're married you're under the agency if you're Jesse you do this in the senate he will introduce an enemy is listening Arlington since. Shoes. Thrown in jail where it when my son went or an announced candidate and I are he has birds are okay Jay. Let's by mid may be in the state of California it's that way but in Ohio on just that was how went down for me I ended around in order if you're in need of eighteen. You don't really have a whole lot of rights even if you have a kid most of those rights go to good. You your parents and treasure if you're not on the mercy just get it in. Yeah even even her and her mother. My sons that they didn't the mother and her mother had more rights than I did so and that's just the way it works Ohio in so California Colorado has. Logically yes then. And I know our states are different and I know California is not any common law stays. Met the so it's really it's sometimes that might be tricky but still legally. And biologically. Both parents have all rights to the child whether they're married or not. So and he's dead child also can choose to change his name in the court of black and especially right now in California and you can and I get or take a wave. A name office or put on your birth certificate. And it's like around 400 feet. I'll ask it can be any day they give caller we gotta we gotta hit this break but there's one Texan game a few minutes ago and I'm trying to see where I see this is like what the generations keep I think in the name and he's carrying on this long ass day like fifteen many might start a tradition here possibly at least a Lisa you are. Andre diet I love this. I'm all right hey you know follow the letter is no need you with a fiancee had come to a conclusion guys who would you guys decide okay. No yeah it may have been through it the screaming and Terrence early more than me you know but definitely keep you both. I've taken pay you have a good day things for the call let that otherwise will not do not those crazy I was insane and.