Friday, December 15th


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Hey that's not true we didn't like search for this today in my game no not at all it was. San great to us now all the lady's name that the Fed does to us her name is is Jessica correct Jessica area. And another thing she does for live and on to say she's got a pretty powerful position she's going to be a good friend for us to have I was gonna say that it's probably good for us. For her to be elicit our life. You know protesting is we may need her at some point in our lives we ask you. I don't know where what at and what kind of equipment he has in the house but she many Christmas song about the show and you can tell from the lyrics that she listens she did absolutely she apparently from what I understand is these kids got in contact with god dammit Kyl of first how. This I may be from the website or whatever and asking and asked him if it was okay. He's so she wanted to write this song and asked if it was OK if she used our names and things about the show that she yelled she listens all the time and wanted to write this thing but he came and asked if it of course police that would be great. That's awesome and then you know two hours later it's send. OK I don't know lentils are resent the other forgot about the bad part I actually did because he came it was it isn't just this morning when I was in the office lease and as I got here I. That's funny I honestly didn't I was it was one of those things missing out it was a great numbers in our show prep and doing other things on mr. but our didn't remember Italian but and when it finally came over. I'm excited about. You give any other current good. Did you put this together every look at India comes from I was I guess she moves she's like inquire once inquires he's a damn good singer and India are really good you really creative writer and I'm excited and this is the first time anybody is ever written song in tempo in my name and an alibi you guys would have never and that's never happened to me into the Christmas song I've been few Sox. I don't believe that. Stroked her home. OK anyway a minor yeah what is spewing Britain's Elizabeth or nobody cares about our show now you are there. Listen and learn. I. Okay. Alone. It's no I gotta go. That is how does good things die this shock collar onions now have Mikey stalkers strokes as bath water I think year 2000. What do you share in the bath water or my sister went out. What I achieved she was above everything and I'm not a thing when I was a little kid you know that's what she's talking about a clarify that I got home which still manages to this clearly she listens to the show is he likes it it's so like she just like recorded that in her car. Well I mean it was good but he got a guy could hear in the background. O'Malley that is pretty good I'd really appreciate you doing that just that was awesome okay well whenever we eventually get it I showed aim and we have the merchandise that we've talked about oh yeah. And which we have the backe now bill the bosses. See as high as you've got it she's got to get somebody oh actually she's she should definitely be like a guest of honor if -- 'cause we've been talking about when we finally told the name of the show that we won and kind of announce it with a thing like who into some big and have a big party would have maybe she could be one of the guests of honor our party on an album that's really cool Marcella thank you for that I think everybody in that blunder doesn't call Christmas present they let Blair is based Sox thought I now know Larry luck Larry you said does not know that bring me a lot of Christmas and I Lara was crying while London Jessica I know I'm just Massa win the air when love there's a figure that critical.