Tuesday, January 2nd


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LA every time this year the first week of the year anyway people loved you share with others. What they are New Year's resolutions. Are. I do it panel believed yes I'll be like to change my yourself I don't know while I was on the way to a new year but it is the way it's done much. And I I think one of the top top ones every year is always a little work out harder. Naomi eat better. Our requests every Sacramento and some you may have some strange and New Year's resolutions I like strange people. How strange things what outrageous thing to be set out to change. And do better work towards and 2018. Our phone number 7665000. 9167665000. Levee which guy he's taken 6515. Do you have a strange merger and a normal learned well people want I would say there straight I have to. Who don't cut I mean there's always the basic suffered just wanna be a better person like I I try to do that. No matter what all time charity you better person trying to be better my job things like that calculus what does that mean a better person just just means just be more conscious more thoughtful. In more aware of what's what's happening around me emblem more thoughtful things I do other people and and configured this in things that I do in general album mostly. In this is this is true stay amazes me about this the other day. I'm gonna spend less money. But also wanna smoke more we'd. So I don't know how I can pull that off played a slide that's why you cannot clearances salesman was monies moment that the until. No there's a there's a simple solution you buy that cheap at stake he crap and and I I just know likes. I am making all your. I eat and I don't think you do this now we live in his crew great state of California where you know we it is. It was OK now I'm citi's bad and I think you can grow before you can be a farmer. The move like who it that would be good Clinton did you get obviously had to miss a little bit but. Keep have more wheat. No I've I've thought about that in the past but I just I don't wanna grow it on my property and plus until I can even I can't grow anything can grow plants are barely grown kids it's a week how hard. Oh man I really got. I got a full pay focus on growing. My daughter is not what chance to study what heralded players adhere to I don't doubt he's a former yeah so I really tell because my medicine. And Roman yes now yes if I if I have a go to my house is I'm gonna California. Dollar which is meant as funny as the girls like me and the only. I was told and full they're going to California. When you go. Colorado I guess I'd say that I guess I could take that they are Washington. You have any weird New Year's resolution might look better right I you know I told you went to live of weight loss but I think over the last six months a move in and be here and kind of got the rhythm oniyama work harder. I can't bicycle. But I bicycles on the meat you know going down the highway as cowboys to shoot we score a bunch the other it sounds like we're kids. I can Colorado Michael all right let's go out by exploding got to watch where you're like a million of them it was a double seat 10 yeah how now. And and handle myself well now we can only hope we can go we could go Bart Bart no you get drawn into. Profits and complexity I don't know what does that do a story you were not lead in the mountain right that felt like a pain in the asks. Homered I've never learned anything more that's my husband gave you guys attend a much and now they get out and prejudge him Mikey I'm looking at her ally illegal I promise you that. After an eye out. I hate that you view it elevated and nobody I can just be a big eakins is suggesting you like best the best we have ever had I have an idea. There is actually this Blake bought this bar Blake thing in our criminal world these people ride this this this this is like thinking I could prove like that's on talk about his brute like we could all get on and rides his bike. From barb and mark and thousands sound like a distortion no they won't be pleasant day (%expletive) wasn't media on one. Hey Mikey pedal hard we can bring girls we can bring girls look at how one team element by different. He throw this book is that might make we estimate dissipating we should be asking me if Obama. I'll and that's no earthly life is a whole what to do is a one night. The idea what it what is your New Year's resolution did you did you decide on anything to better improve your life could I would love to hear this the better material. Better or improve my alive and well known. I admire your basic. Clearly I want and I want to understand why gorillas can't throw so much must pretty good I want lions are I want a I want a four hour finally find the best ways in the city I've got one of this I'm now. Time now the players another record and usery can deal with. Allied Jared what did you decide you what did you enjoy yourself in 2018. Ali I don't know I'd like it. Playlist videogames and awkward die because I don't. There you go. Mayor said let's forget what did you play it was begins you'll probably get more sex yeah. That's probably true where it. I pitch. They let you know. Another thing cuts a play called Turkey I mean daddy baby steps and I don't keep my and go for what occasionally get wild do both at the same time. Politics at play video games that you just need to find yourself one of them you need to quit playing video games are delayed yet there is this in a porn in I seen that same month in Orlando and possibly ever. I don't want to sound with this girl's game they get scared. Com. Attacks we all they say it because someone else is also there tried heroin so it's that's not fun. My users listen at this lawlessness and Disney smoke more we'd know we is legal so they don't while same pace of hang out take your medicine there you go. I shall we are first and medicine anymore do. No you know loses its just is legal drink beer. I was what you don't tell us why Obama is laid in the bed given that my wife we're watching and one of the news local news stations and the lady come on just. Go to our web site to find out which dispensaries you know as the license for recreational or wanted to you know is obviously an issue Murdoch. So a lot of very good point smoke other people's we've. There you go I mean think about that think I have never I never paid for we in my entire life but nobody wants did come and in smoke their wheat with me everybody wants always I. Stop I really think that's the that's not sure if you if you came out so late day is and we're gonna last night's road wins are like what Democrats don't want anybody at my house well. Look the open Murray and you wouldn't change yourself can be better at it and it's only nicer. Well if you won a bunch of listeners or your house stroke. Big. Now Jesse Norman got. Today's Q what they tell you how some big Al if it was into us and forestry and this big L what do you want a improve in your life in 2018. Well I'm I'm stoppage Reagan all the watered down beer laundry enough in my IP eighties with like not 89%. Alcohol content Sandra you have to be here a bit more alcohol. Okay your liver and they're also happy about. I'm sorry I'm no big out big Al there's a story you need ice to walk on a ball lied didn't they Allen often drive by and big Al would stop when he was illegally dumping its trash in the trash and they are good number on the gratitude he leaves the city's trash. And dig out an eight foot eagle I'll tell us that he stroke and he would just to have beer you just straight from one end to the necks of the bridge. They are still do it it's it's. Okay if you want as a good strong beard is called dog dish it. I 89%. OK I'll go and check it out they get appreciated as big Al. Number one thing to be able to they wanna change New Year's resolution. You probably can guess it's is the better 37% of people said that that's what they made for their New Year's resolution I don't even worse. I agree after that's always so don't know any worse because Marc tacos. Particularly are not good for you and I am a pilgrimage to find some ways I'm not going to be email every fundamentally so much for somebody just Texan in the I got the address I'll pitch and it'll never heard of them don't try that out Lara. And I agree I wanna make cheese intake by at least 40%. But I am going to be participating in dry January so I'm not drinking for the full month. Closed until that he is no I used to take off the whole month though this is about the all January oh is this for me started on Christmas night I drink way too much and I'm glad blacked out. All it. And I decided I am is gonna take a break for you in your brother is out your Brothers the last five Brothers always work the way the film to the Christmas tree people they were younger so I don't know. Fourteen and sixteen called apple may be ready struck at the Amish home and fell over Christmas tree now just my mom's OK did you talk to pat about this this dry January thing. Know what I saw he's doing it yeah yeah so you've had the other can encourage each other not to drink and it's a thing to give justice or January if you just don't drink an entire month in can you have nothing. I'll even have the shakes I drank yesterday on the first volley it's over for him. I drove yesterday to those boards. I was just a layover. And do you think people said they wanted to change she and Torre eighteen lead. Exercise in the war. Wells are easy guesses everybody says that same suffer quit smoking and number threes like yours Mikey they wanna spend less money. Now I don't mice I don't care about spending less money as well make a lot more money. Wi-Fi you know that's the public to make about the to continue to spend money because I like this federally to shop order for whatever reason bud. And got stuck until opera company pay anymore on down ever afford to take better care of themselves like any more sleep. Then I don't sleep great round. You'll read more books. Like Corey notes to have maintained I like to really doesn't have to be a book I read anything by it. I don't know it's kind of did discuss this your front to really care and here you go I heard you say this today Mikey this is for you. Learn a new skill right now mayor got a guild he said you said the same thing I had a conversation my wife over us I need a hobby yeah I mean oddly. Because beyond vacation and got a new index for two weeks and it was fun to sit around and do anything in smoke but dammit man I got bored out of my freak in my. So Boris are working dude I worked I was working on vacation home yeah I didn't do any of that. I never seven as get a new job. 14% of people said that's a third resolution was this year. Aerial there is an idea how the scenario that make new friends focus more appearance. Made the list in. Pay attention now hygiene. Word why if they it's under eight and sometimes based more.