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I actually got a voice Mal I don't know. I'm back only talk like features on the daddy rocket after he don't have the 98 rock Gabby should download it and if you don't have as you can extort app to 6515. A legal lease it back to your Smart device. There is talk back is on there and you can go where you are the more chance that we have played or sometimes people ask for advice about things on their lives and now that's what we have right here guy is so asking about dating a particular person and what she does for a living you're doing that rule. You guys. How does the a little bit of advice from me this girl was she works studies strip club dog as a stripper blood waitress she got as the informed though and does so. Whole flirting with all the patience in South Florida. She's been telling me she doesn't get involved with anybody I don't know if I should stick around with her knives. What do you guys think I should do. All right so we did you date a woman she's a user behavior waitress our president cocktail on telly Serena and Spanish at a strip club. He is alive firstly it is on type guy that would give districts are. We also the McGwire come unknown just judging him by this point he's just. Less coverage area now spewed here I'm just getting I know. This is tough man. Wow I personally would she's not a stripper though the president says she will I've never data stripper that's just me. This is tough because. Heels have to be flirty she's working for those tips then I dated a short term strip club cocktail which some recommend that either. All I'm saying look I don't know I think this is and I. I don't think I would have probably guys I think young woman who has three flirtatious yeah. And it's all about money so to me me you have to be if he had any insecurities or trust issues serve you know we Burton the pass and relationships were some of these you know obviously. I've been faithful DM that might be tough dangerous like that I think that's my problem let's try what will what I have mobile insecure with some things and I think that bug me. Say I don't. Maybe I'm maybe I'm wrong maybe agitated that woman I don't and they can play him about it. They kept their profits are kind of cute they bring those homes so I don't know our camera crew the infamous I mean good outfits are cute I'll give you that but I'm on my girl just Wear that out of me. Not for everybody else he had a much period reaper is around Lester Hobbs. And you know there's alcohol involved and I know de bartenders and and cocktail waitresses they do shots into injuring with the guys I know holidays and and I are friends I've. Lots and old small non grain anymore but the past luster for forensic cocktail waitress friends and bartender friends. I know is I'm not I'm not blaming Neman anyway but alcohol gets involved you start hockey star Ford one think can lead to another that's what makes me insecure about the they had just OK and don't trust them. Here's the weird question and that they will over the phone lines at this 7665000. And he's very. Hyper profession. That somebody can work and that you could not Dayton oh he said. Stripper pole I got like or. While he's got to pull out of Y 7665009167665000. Or you can take 6515 what's number profession and if you were maybe you maybe you're not single now if you were single our view are single. Who maybe did probably what works and that type of profession what is that if you say you know I never did say that person that does this again for you. Well there were definitely server host one of Omaha and an image is listening right now she's gonna hate me for same as this is definitely the most important people in my life hair stylists novel not data hairstyle is not the miners Silas would wanna date me she really whenever just. In the end and with weird about that is as probably about three or four or Seles right now I would date but I would like to hook up with but I won't date and I did OK I got a diamond of that. Yeah I think I don't know why he would get a hair stylist there are really beautiful ladies it's a barrier for a living. Right I am I dating them in the past. And I just they're all happy either part of it is insecurity thing for me touch and go guys' heads and and you deal flirty or whatever but the other part of it is that. He called on while. While little -- I'm like crazy Mike you first of all unlike any because you're being an honest with me you're talking about insecurities it takes a real man to say that now -- and yet to be in your mid to a alliance we have an actual but they're they're lit up so people obviously feel like there's. There's a thing here is that I'm not surprised but that's honestly how well they hit I don't get. Another against her style is understandable once you let. I want I've had bad experience or maybe that's that's part of material okay bartenders. Famers and a stripper is not the third the same but that's part of it because the drink any alcohol the flirting and all us up and radio people don't forget. You'll radio team for sure yeah. That is my list right there are no no no way do I mean whatever I need everybody looks at beauty differently but don't think about whoever your head this. Attractive I know okay celebrity wise lawman Jennifer Lawrence following by several yards. She's not famous she's got their parliament. Would say even on sale just okay. They look and I say hairstyle is because they're crazy but I also remind times that I that I'd like crazy tricks so I. It's just I've had a bad experience so if it was Jennifer Lawrence or maybe one of the zone read I think her super attractive then yeah but most of the time now stay away from Marcellus but really those strippers bartenders and radio people. So servers bartenders well what if a Grohl was a hooters waitress. And that's the yes because I would have my son if that weren't the case. Really yeah Bol thumb I've hooked up with a few hundred scrolls in the past I've never I'm never dated long ago would you because that's kinda the same thing with. This servers and bartenders there any wounds all whole lot of attention the I don't think I would day one. That's not fair to say it's 65000 what type of profession would you not date someone and in maybe you're maybe you're not singled out if you were single are you been burned you just go okay embracing the work and that's our profession yeah. That's what comes around him with may go by the ways is been burned by them hi Andrew. You that's the thing about strippers. Now let's look at that again. And good man so you dated a stripper passable bad. I have. On I can add the lot but she got chippy after I matter and she told me the Dorian Dave that would blow look at the way. God I am pretty JD pretty girls. In. The whole thing is a big act everything they knew then act to get money from guys hey you know what people they have now and they want to know a guy. Good good they got the most money if they hang out those guys didn't. And I thought what a lot. That you look at pipe. I can't come. That's probably wore the wrong word here burn away it's a konduz and gone a little bit. Ally and the and the guy knows that most most cases in the you say there's just some of these women are just blog and there's always in money hungry people. Well look I don't blame these women wanted to take advantage of these guys are gonna give him and he's gonna give them a Mercedes and him hundreds of dollars yeah I am all these things who wouldn't want somebody to do that for them I mean that's. That's five and another guy and neither are you clearly had her father. They for the college route I appreciate I mean they're being he's heard a lot of stories now know Michelle Obama line and she says that she was a cocktail waitress at a at a strip bars that correct Michelle. Correct. Sweat and I don't I'm not panic. I played two cocktail waitress to our VIP cocktail waitress so yes. You. What looked like she never let go. What I've heard Scott that I came from here which led. I'm very popular place called America lives. And put some read that allowed it to me. I never cheer guys. You don't know. One of which economic. I'm used to excuse that I was and waitress. And that he you know nick them around a bullet. That's a tar Michelle let me ask is are they T none knew with people you work with. Picking on me and everybody has its. Schools and pretend starting in the Atlantic I'll get hot black chick in a little magic that even hotter. I know that you know don't don't let them to make when they're not in there to make plans are right there in a press timing. And I you know I didn't. Could add abides. A celebrity. All player to not let down and another important goal. I know how you finally let it go there will demand would be competent enough to know that I'm going and in my job. And I got him I can't go in my PGA is obviously a lot about the party. That it would that the biggest fault for me and I finally moved back here and I found my man. Oh good free Friday night that proves your ride and that's what everybody wants to live there a good person and budget year via maybe maybe she's kind of an exception Mikey she was a good girl who and there are a lot of people that work and lines have worked at do you know. And makes you feel bad because it makes you go back some in Waco lumping all these people together and I shouldn't do that because clearly she's had the complete opposite. They happened to her is I'm saying what that that would happen to me or think what happened here has happened in the past sums are about themselves Michelle yeah. Aboriginal peoples in that about a some radio yeah well at all a good thing is. Is nobody insecurities but you know it's it's pretty tough Dayton are a radio person I don't disagree with that that's why won't data radio person. I'm dead serious I'm on your way you wanted to start a relationship it's. I don't know it doesn't really that I just know how I know the job I know how demanding it is I know it's a lot to deal with and has a lot of work and we would be. More than likely we'd be on competing stations and it was just it was sort out for me and I. Now he says he wouldn't hate anybody you worked in the restaurant business is that correct keys triple or. I can't go ahead Matt. Hey so based on my personal experience. Lady you don't see people like cooks Portia adds. And men don't do wager pseudo gay bartender you guys coverage goes to occur by any restaurant industry there. If it's not cheating and affairs it's a lying about other things. Come late for me for example it was playing. Or drugs. So it's just it's it's aligning expect it's been cheating it's because secretive aspect. Don't director of people unless you work in and it's. I think there's exceptions to every profession be a name that you don't need a little. Good people but about what kind of lumping people together and keep by your experience in working obviously and that's not an industry say restaurant people off limits. All right thanks for the call he is ready and he. He's not the only person I've heard say that though I've heard people say basically the right. The restaurant industry the service industry in general as an incestuous business and all day together because nobody outside the business wants to date them because they're all crazy they don't do drugs they'll Parse they'll do these things and I've heard from a lot of people. Not to say and that that is true because a lot of the restaurants I've worked out everybody was just bang and everybody they might they weren't banging and outside the restaurant Yahoo!'s. Kinda pulled it reveals kind of that way to a little. It is really not it dude I've been in radio for a long time and worked in different markets. All over the country and a lot of these people stick together and data each other only in industry because they think. The only person to get news and radio personnel. Let's crap I would I would wanna I really would one day anybody that works are now I don't I can't I would need anybody anyway and I'm happily married so we beat the Pittsburgh. Michelle hello. At noon on oh hello she's. Never date a third gen because I'm rekindle one I'm I'm I'm I'm mad is good day. Well rarely ever won a home. All on. Why is that why you think that is. Thank you Don. They have the god complex because they're saving lives and whatever. Bud that only an out or third but. That's enough for me yeah. All right well you would think that a lot of women would be gone would be trying to talk up with a surgeon they're Smart they make money they well I'll go all the that may be the case they may be have that in. And lead got a job that they have a lot of women throw themselves anime and Michelle from Dora. I use it makes sense Blair kind of said the same thing before you go about it took off. About dentists that's so weird that she's like I won't data dentist which dating an inter racial data guy with zero money and had a guy who makes a ton of money but I mean if they're all jerks and they're older changes lump them all together. Somebody said they missed to begin the conversation we're talking about it was since somebody was dating me one enough it was the question was he let the talk background for us about the NC a cartel waged a district for club yes and uncomfortable and I think we just got into the conversation of what happened profession would you. Not really wanna date somebody and yeah that's kind of more talked about right now we've got this tax from several people psychiatrist. Yeah. That I totally get to analyze everything you say in. How about another another woman getting a lot of in this economy so ensuing is porn star. I honestly don't see no overall I Ned just goes without saying where you're gonna data points and I had my. You aren't that open type of relationship or it's you're comfortable with a then maybe but he had to be a tough one this this person Tyson and said Bob was bars and about ten years and I was coal sludge. I believe that. But at least you're honest they can play sorry again Caplan he said this mess most publicized service that we set rule. I would not want that. They and that's good because they can't although there are kind McGee well. Have you pretty trusting person and have a really strong relations and then we'll do some light I think I had even on this before but yeah. OK okay LI RL. Past ordinary gal she's can handle some lame rubber ball over somebody else I guess I can do you I kinda get that he's part of the job done. No it is part of the job and if you go into the relationship knowing that they're a masseuse and you know you kind of just have to deal with a bloody your dating somebody for about a year it's you it also and they decided they wanna become a massage therapist. And moon what did you. Would you go there they began the highest part of the job I get some stats can. Zach he's got a really weird went on did you see the civil air Mikey southern Albanian women who train horses to help Zach is the had a really your call on what Eliot what is it about. The people have no soul. It's something about and then you're all brilliant and then about horses super can be indomitable will of the animal. In how that translates into a relationship an unbelievable. Yeah I don't I did I that dog trainer they are the same why. I'm kind of high and I understand we shouldn't and I kinda makes sense Zach yeah I saw it clearly clearly you vigilant. Like her eyes it's like looking into the eyes took a short. Someone totally burned Judy you know. But no not at all I just know a lot of postings like us. He knows that very picky that we had the lead all while denied him a maverick and counted I think what he's saying I don't do it as far as you know as we break an animal maybe trying to break here. Informed view and can change you like I can understand what you're saying that's funny though all merry hello. I am hair. Hour timer fashion. I would never say somebody who. Relies on their create entity like at all earning up right now very musician or an actor when a few emotion. All. I think you mean radio people who by the way is it sets us everyday I am not married to. I don't wanna date you right there. Addict for that sensibility. It's her legs and so creatives basically you yet they get up and that created thing and it just like I tied the low low man. Oh my god go to your. Don't let explains. Talking to me like and you and you will be did you hardly describe my eyes might it be and yeah I hardly literal job title is creative director for ninety Iran yeah. So much better. You married. Every day you know I can't I just are often must she does me every single moment that that way this show feels you know I'd if it was what I feels OK some people perceive to be great my awesome. I can't give myself down a little bit we we do when there's no doubt about creatives are up and down were all crazy we all probably need to be on some sort of mess. Medications income fund doesn't look at the usual home and it's a great topic I'd like this hole which does not plan we. Told his mail to light at our cousin is a great topic was still nothing yet I don't know calls not just on talk built on nothing no calls somebody that you like. All of us right back at. And then you go like this on the spot would put noted that energy into it now misled and lied to get immediate Demi can get through right now low dose fund is a good topic top next top what kind of profession you never date somebody. On. Thailand it. Can actually avoid strippers what it says Larry yeah we've covered did that thing is Karen hi Darren. I really don't think it so I brought this call screener put their toe truck drivers every day he made does that. Whatever you can burn. The NYU I got a split I know. We were really long hours and you have to be pretty. We are hoping stupid he would look at Geithner. So you're just basically saying. Tones are in terms of service. Now that most dividend had been well I mean our job is creativity and let your creative people on the freeway. See your Blackberry I gotcha yeah long hours they weren't. Takes a lot of trust until you're there a guy. I mean our car exceed part of that I mean there's some do weeks we really busy to this really our data sorrow I understand they took all what I appreciate it. I don't blame you now delaying an X hello. I BL OO hope for the holidays doing things. Hey I would not data look at that yes. They hunkered. In every know what you can get mad but decided not chocolate. Well let's let's just can't. I mean harder workers are they had not been able. We're sorry Larry you talked about it earlier. I really come on now those are you talked about so hard when you wouldn't be. A trial along this is truck driver and they're never home is going to turn us all in yellow you'll always be alone you know and I've been. Presentation and how do I won't talk and. He's got quite heavily weighted where the job this long hours and away from the home per you don't days is pretty tough pain and it's tough that's a delay thank you let me get to be she says and then pilot's ID rule. So you daily double pilots in the past. Yeah and they tend to be reading our caloric. Apparently I've heard it either horse. And I that is well I heard that they are the yeah. No I think they're kind of man way business and other ones we encounter can. Definitely each sample protocol. Look affirm that I feel them. I think they might be in it now gone on long alright if they do it. Bartenders. You know I thought it is unpopular. Well I definitely a lot of bad people my oldest is so I don't support Obama but they. There's you don't go whatever profession they take the call I think ideas that's the same as that is the bar tenders his lawyer there in the restaurant industry flowing faster less. Delta sleep together at the the pilot sleep and other pilots are sleep with a big there'd be more on the plane all that stuff family celebration calls.