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The afternoon show extra Mikey. On 98 rock California rock station in net. Ninety rockets Wednesday December 60070. Welcome to the shell are I'm gonna get there Mikey are you because I did miss ago I think there was a median announcement have to be here at 10:30 tomorrow morning and he LS thirty minutes before and only get here and you said you like conveniently forget anyway yeah. And then I've seen that that meeting I immediately got canceled like within no second yes yeah. I don't regulate try to criminals going on a group that's happening or not how we had enough meat in the last thirty days almighty god only. That's how clear it out means that we had to go to at least six have you learned anything. Then then now other than vigorously that's pretty much in that we bought another company. And and I think that's pretty much it has confirmed all right so let's do it all of large. Army about the way Sacramento are means there. I never ever get a chair and I never really get to go in the room at the state the whole way Mikey it's it's funny because we we have these meetings and are full stepping is about a hundred now would probably say closer to a 150 people that work in this building. Did the meeting room holds about seventy. We had the big man that's like the big guy that runs the entire company boss among yes it is is the guy who's you know he's got the nicest suit in the nicest cars and probably has a private plane flies in on right absolutely hell you've got to read this means is very important. I mean David stress you know needed put a collar sure looks nice yes are still in the hallway. Whip next. Somebody important but actually I'm always he's jumping jacks in the hallway and hey I. Our own Lehman. They end the I would just like to point out that you said you learned something in those meetings every means that we had. We already knew what to me was about we are really are buying a new company we do that here we are no human relieving. Nellis is his big announcement that we had to we were basically their ships. Support and yeah I'm pretty much watched disappointment on some people's face. Yeah. Well divorce that political you'll smile and happy we were high five and each other and yeah. We're out here into the Peterman regime. I. Lara cape actually kind of funny story because that's a mile I'm satisfied can't wait here and it actually had to look ready I'm ready guys. Eight innings editorializing my oh my friend Nicole because she's going on a trip to DC they had to pay some stuff up. And who's a sales guy that came up new super sketchy. He and a some fliers and he's like Thomas oh you know these are the latest vitamins and there ever been one down and it's basically like. Breast enhancing supplements so early to know many walks away we go until security. And we've pulled those guys around target. And a solid to the employ of an employee at target has lady. Escorted out we will come like target mock up whatever about the product wasn't wasn't exactly. All the former was so confusing ads like regular vitamin. Like madam seem that in beamed and the bottom and make a picture of a lady with like a flat chested and then a woman next early plague become berth on the line that. And plague that is that the broad breast it. And this is the man yeah was this guy I was basically telling you you need bigger boobs Zarqawi was just spiraling some kind of scheme you're trying to sell stuff. So that's really enormous country this is. This is not a type of product out wanna sell me a little inappropriate content and it's not a good. This is common vitamins in just had a regular listener just thrown out all the security got came and as good an amount Ari you said arrested a master DeSoto employees know you're a Little League we knew we were directing the security guard to where you we saw him and then whenever we went up with him. The issue is literally talking to. Female employee about it. Physically yeah Howell now. This is. May I have never heard of products for women to be enhanced and that area I'm always or just search your guy I've never heard anybody even trying to pitch you know late night TV I've seen her I've seen a couple things online there like it's supposed to be moved all natural remedies to take grow your. So knowing there those photos just a scam which target was that it was actually he and only four. OK it is so nobody bought into that she's seen. No no I don't links on the amount they would make money with only a late night TV is either people trying to sell only the men and the judge Dale's golly I'm definitely fan and if they let me just say it is a Vietnamese border and if there was a chill out there that that works. Every man on the planet what I've already gone about as well they amen and thank you. Which he got a big daddy's pills just pills red. These are really three girls mud dudes would be taking it like taking too much of it and yeah it could be an enhancement cartel. The mood of the need and I'm. Colonel Heidi Collins the work the next day how we busy pentagon. God are still high car door got no way the stuff how magical. On moving on then yeah way yeah up they'll still don't work. No course nowadays they like the weight loss pills appear there was a pillow that you can take that would immediately just keep you from gaining weight or losing weight yeah I mean really nice little. About ammerman and generally can help you play American. Make you lose weight yeah I you have to eat right you have to exercise of course and be glad medical condition of thyroid and things of that nature but out in general there's no magic pill for any of this stuff wasn't. The third killed you could take it one point in it would likely grow in your stomach basically like it just expanded then. You'd only apple what you normally they would do you eventually lose weight that's so awesome talk. Think there's still a part make you feel full somewhat like that but. Temporarily like it's not really helping you don't ya can't be healthy he can't be that much candy bars and now fast food every every meal you eat and then take this magical pill mile. Workers yet even numbers up here there's a version of that reaper like powder on your food and that's. This innocent little Fuller faster move is nobody ever try it no definitely not my I'm not I'm not god never try things like that he's got sprinkle. Pictures of like baby powder you know Carlos yeah I don't know what it is I don't want to eat it as much. That's good. Just I had another woody is another motto for you just Catholics could tell me you should needed yeah. That's another good one why get a story. On my head I just wanted to get a good add to that might Unger and the tale about Betty and might not everything worst boos turned myself off to bail out here I want. All yeah. I'm so it is really shows get headed already this is so or if there's lair where we're headed I don't know why I. I had I think we're gonna help yeah well we got one day right today and they go congratulation the kids you are random house. Helen. Hi all we already did this out right it didn't know we I've got your gun where you are upheld a we know that showed no idea I don't know in the short you get off with a random facts all right so I have heard this before red or is this true. I'll water freezes faster than cold water. I heard them before too and that's I don't understand that the theory behind it is that the molecules in the high water are more stretched out which allows him to release energy faster and threes quicker. Who can. Meet if you say so. All the 1974. Movie The Great Gatsby and 2013. Version both won the Oscar for best costume design. I never even seen that movie I have done about it when you wanna. Now but I do know that NB you know Andy Kaufman is yes agreeing Jim Carrey there's all the stuff don't you care about is actually Netflix a story now. You manage the gentlemen you are highly recommended you know Andy Kaufman is and if he saw the movie last. Our man on the moon and I don't wanna visit one of his comedy bits that he did I guess he got pissed off at the audience or something he was at at doing the show IndyCar fan. It only it was a read the entire gray gets into the audience all that's at that was the show. What sounds awful to me. He was a weird guy yeah I. I've seen that on Netflix I mean I'm the Washington DC news I must own through weird guys bridge the I think you would like it used to watch him The Great Gatsby I remember I was forced to read that my senior in high school which eyes skimmed and I learned with the Internet will soon. It needs to I read all about it and write a little summary on. I'm actually physically read that book I think we did I really connect class would probably slip through that we want at the 1970 former version of that. He probably did gaffe. A MySpace. Had the opportunity to buy FaceBook for 75 million dollars back in 2005 but they passed. They are ruined it down and Thomas kicking himself in the ass yeah. Travels the country with his millions and millions a dollar of the world taken picture. Like about Tom though I'll play he made a lot of money and he I think he just takes a lot of photographs it's hobby that's all he does is turn out at the world take pictures and people will from 200 times say what you just said some Smart to limit he'll go. Look when I knew I traveled the world he got so. MySpace is silly of you guys are nice and up which in my top ten on Jesus. Really important speech promised it really is there looking I'm. About five men hobby is like three years ago there was a story out about how a lot of the do geek the kid catchers. Were out of work or on that website like back and forth talking to each other really yeah the story about that you're ready yes I do this and shouted god. Generally it's only investors are imminent Aziz Al lead now in the MySpace or try to revamp anybody can win anywhere no because there we're gonna yet they were really Rembrandt it's a musicians and one nominee than mark Oliver told and that's a bad decision. Pursue her but then again dying at the time when he finally invested into it I think it would divert tax write off. Incidentally I just hit it over to my minister fund. Other fourteen states that are split into two time zones Alaska and Florida and Idaho Indiana Kansas Kentucky Michigan Nebraska. A North Dakota South Dakota Oregon and Tennessee Texas. And about. Nevada or start new at a pace you know here's. I say don't tell you this is how you say not everybody says in the book in LA bench apparently they matter necessarily add to that everybody except the people who live in the state I know right now well I'm I'm working out there trying to learn the other than the way it's supposed to be done and you get mad about those who met when you're in their bottom yet it's no validated on say no bundling no it's not that. No no bad it's not that god that that are. I never got to try to be I try to come West Coast. Well all this is the funny word to me all locked out of never said this octopus is done outward octopus is occupied but it's an octopus is like occupier. I see are two doses putts. Are orphans of mail octopus is. Dire right after they may hate and female octopus who's. Directors their eggs hatch point keeps an octopus is that you should they are right now where I don't care what you're doing I don't care here it was indoors in your church is going to be out. After you should look at and face a dog to put this post is part of the film couldn't. Feels weird. I like it. Feels. Feel free to say and I'm the closest to our emotions get it. That's the word of the day hash tag right after the regular social media Twitter your face mortgage lenders put our deposits. Every every post you make for the rest of the knicks are four hours has to have passed out to poses for students. Until they Juliet surely did it.