Tuesday, November 7th


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All right might yell at you go first. Belly buttons are weird. Might just. We're some people manes and some people have vowed to ease some people have finishes. Billy bones or forget we are let me ask you question I'm weird one that I do the softer but I had an estimate dark sometimes I never liked. Spit than just putting and everybody to make that noise now I don't donate funds are just getting either. Wow. Under right now. Now we're yeah. That's just. Yeah it doesn't I. Know all all that's really happening people by the way that was awful sorry Lara there's just watching meteors and you call me just are picking my nose yeah. Feel like that sounds. And an economy okay sorry girl got that was awful they smelled show on man I aggression on win. Or do you were worried or not read about it. What is flow from progressive needed Abrams she sells car insurance. I don't really know that answer and really good question does a great thought on why people wanna fight aliens so bad I mean it's not like we've ever instantly accepted. Change. I don't like people like different you know us on the news they don't like it right away it's a good point. Understand what people when when people see a baby they say that baby so cute I can squeeze it. All due to free and maybe that the police believe if you know. To believe this it's quiet make a public serves announcement don't squeeze ladies thank you. Where in the nursery rhymes is say Humpty Dumpty was an egg. I don't know iron but at least patrons and I got colored that is kindergarten and the image in this day everybody thinks his name. Why why why not right nobody remembers when I'm wrong nobody forgets. Pisses me off actually is true. How blind people pick up after their dogs. Melbourne who stocks. How long after someone is buried just a start becoming grave robbery and become archaeology. Can. I'm not sure what I hear that changes budget that's a great point there business. If they are both flat cats and what do push everything off of it by now. The past tense first deal. Should be dealt. Yeah this should be should be hostile the bad I think pandas are endangered because they're Chinese and they take a whole one child saying wait too seriously. Maybe. Especially is just a serial killer who takes her glass and Brendan pretty much into. Our idols are red bugs I'm sorry.