Wednesday, November 22nd


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The afternoon show extra Mikey. I'm 98 rock nine B eight rock's old Mikey you know you're behind a lot of production that goes on behind scenes I mean like all of it. It all of being silent I was in Albany I don't know there's there's doom aside this show and they eat a lot of work at it'll know everything you do and do it all man nobody else does any of it no slack and I picked out well I think maybe once argue Laird help me but that's. It in and even then too annoying things are you going there and you you work hard you -- a lot of these things give Maine or holidays or just regular things throughout the week we might weekend you go and there are Peter man and then he likes like most but there's a couple of that he picks and you don't like for some reason I'm essays about 95%. Of the stuff that I give him he likes and then there is fighting you know what it's never I don't think you ever really has a reason and I've said this before I think sometimes it's just as a way of he did showing that he's the boss my rejecting a couple of them he got to show you got to establish dominance TIMI wish on and they'll carry things is by playing them back on the air during the show as the make fun. What he does apply to Peter and these are all things given related correct yeah yeah. These are. Our theme there are basically three at the same damn thing just a written differently. In kind of worded differently but the deal saying all right for one year ago. Yeah. So what am I supposed to do at the gym let's. How does parliament amounts. Nice holy. I don't know I don't like Dallas contest were gonna. He's awesome great production seeing right it was a beautiful spot means. Relatable. Larry Larry give Larry ever thumbs up back there she like did she should've understood and all rumors like what do they held Peter thank you had to. You know they're got our second line and Peter and rejected this one. The other thing. Fantastic. Imagine Donovan rejected as you know playing all day tomorrow here's all the time also wondered if they do start and I don't know I probably fat bastard I. I what I pictured nobody. Person but you know in my belly fat guy. You sort of all the sensitivity these days everything else and if some of today's game is on the longer you make it yeah no we don't eat babies. I. Offended by that could. I'm okay include what is an offensive way we donate maybe an hour from now over babies not god knows there are third one reject the Bittermann. What's the boy and pulled forward again. Today. Yeah. Local and again the buyer if I would toss and then I made those decisions no way in hell that doesn't get play and now well you know I am is looking out for the bid the best interest of Sacramento he's he's a social justice warrior for the city manager nobody gets offended is reality soon as. I think she is he's put in he's the madman of the social Justice League he's. Apple I didn't know that now I do.