Friday, November 17th


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Crazy extra hard today. Are you years ago when I was a kid I remember watching TV and I just twice a brother some but I remember watching Jerry Springer mentality we all day it was me it was big back in the day and had our number there is a guy out there who wore a diaper react like to maybe I'll always remember this. And I and I realize that they live there are some of these people but do that yeah and to be very strange very odd behaviors are normal on all. Falwell a university. In Canada. Is dealing with the A individual who loves to Wear diapers and just an odd yeah. General just how odd guy say he's hit on the professor's wife easy writing essays where he is wearing diapers. He is getting responses and emails that professional realize in this part of the role play without them wanted to be a part of it. And what person is now all leave former director of human rights at the university in Vancouver Island has filed a harassment complaint against the schools in the school. Did not take action against a student like they showed. This is weird stuff. Male student in his forties dating back to 2015. Who has parents feel like in stand to listen to someone with a desire to actually get in thin and who wears a diaper. He would ask staff members don't repeatedly on days that there should be a cyanide sir you cannot be hidden on the professor's. And if it happens again lord knows we are figure out yeah. Bright you have. Sure enough from the school of course. My people money FEMA staff member. Onto the roof top garden he started super eight voter ups is aware she was mostly dealt with whoever is out front and just like stalking man. Where did I birdie just close. I hope so that's just weird it's already weird but if he's wearing a mild side as pets like that isn't even weirder can be sure that. I might as well I'll let everybody know your way I do it will be in the classroom. I'm curious if he is he where is he wearing diapers so that he can go in the diaper does he have problems controlling his in his bowel move these are people who are excited and they love the dress alike invents its. It's a turn on for these people it's a fetish. It's called a fetish. Matter of fact is Corey headline says it BC university accused of failing to take action against student it was strange sexual fetish. That's an issue that is I'm not trying to judge anybody while they demagogue it and some freaky stuff Toobin doctor. It was tough for you I'm not so I had not diverse when he was at that important an issue that Marseille mentor pins. Yeah I mean I don't even you can't if he's he is doing the fans help me you know adult diapers I don't think they make it like like but we're the big I don't know of diapers being used anymore. And hug he's been a hug is where adult automobiles or Burma they got every news he's not he's as Madonna has more money than the clause that people use the other plus you have. Where are those who probably not hot he started to bring children's books and OK I'll. I this guy's got a problem this is the kind of filed is linked this is wrong when there's so much wrong with this guy started a man I didn't I'd definitely has ordered it really is to be good this good there's a lot wrong this time and I think. Ask that I meet them all all can he bring you need to do. The body that's a professor we were you read it Jimmy. Oh my god you got lectures you don't have time to stop sort of don't read you are in Ukraine at home and he can. He's in college so. And so he's clearly not like. There's not like you know it doesn't have any. Mental problems because he's made it to take Collison obviously good news is a regular school day he had to go giving your ged or high school well you have to do. Obviously DS ATs and until university accepted this criteria yeah on a special school for her for people who may have to have issues is what I'm saying so I'll just go hide his issue is he's just crazy. I wanted to that's what I. Our plan will hunt's says he emailed her multiple times today and how strong day she says her breaking point was when he submitted an SH that included a photo of himself wearing nothing but a diaper my age. Hart went to my fruits because it was then that I recognized. That in his interactions with me all along he had been manipulating me into this form of. The ball all former role play. So yeah get the response was part of the role player Rickey knew what are you gonna get a response you know how would probably go along some pretend it was that at first on. And the school keep this guy that's. What I wanna know if you're turned on by things that are that are meant for little kids. I think there's something wrong with you. I agree with you and I say ear got the kind of filed he's heading out pretty dark path seemed a little scary is nothing to suggest that he's ended children. He's he's funny children things he's in the children playing loose and being treated like a child yeah I don't think that makes him a pedophile preying on children spotted a mommy issues that I got real bad marketing issues. I don't know under the so you have a psychology degree I think that there's some correlation there hi guys I don't know maybe he won the diaper too much may be his mommy maybe get lazy parents who didn't change a diaper when he went out number one or number do you like to Philly and in many EEB he was able as a adulthood to figure out we know what what's your name volatile would turn him on and that. Where we're in a diaper. And how you got a little point kind of feel bad for the day he enjoyed the baby powder on the backside bond used to do he had memories and it's always a it may be trigger happy thought or something. That's your probably right I mean I'm so I feel bad form and it's weird that's for sure but I. I'll say about the damage. Idea of gross well yeah hey we know we wanna (%expletive) off the dock where you don't send out here. You have though admitted you know not had the physical and robbed of the problems when they go on themselves I mean people are doing because they just want to painted there's probably somebody listening right now is gonna complain about us mania from the people who like to Wear diapers is sexual fetish I mean what are you have a like 45 in my appear protests and a parking lot. I don't doubt they'll poke pull and itself from the parking lot somebody just FaceBook did did cinemas is. An idea brought FaceBook page about me into out of the my friend who does not have anxiety by the way I mean given them crap for complaining about it it's not only real thing. What what he has is that that was a joke we are playing around it is fairly or listening with this particular let me I got anxiety I know that's that's when you really dude that's. Completely different something I totally understand that this is as a guy. As anxiety and panic attacks and takes him as a more heated and Mason the person is trying to separate them they're wrong now. I know what you meant you. I don't know the person you're talking about the purse you're talking about as just that everybody has anxiety a little bit he was just being silly nit it was. He'd be on Friday we just to be a jerk to say about front and back to the anyway it doesn't matter is is I'm frustrated again we'll get first. I think it's Friday were motives of the week you know don't let these people whose messages you don't know what you're trying to. Hey you know it always he's informs us is to me it's got I got another blow to them. Jesus well that was the story that.