Tuesday, November 7th


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Real crazy than now in the dominate. All right so all you know this you all your phone if you look at it you've got a ton apps on there and I'll think about that she got on your phone you probably have somebody would give bank. You probably have some type of food inflation in May be ordered to go through lower right definitely Tehran. Mullis the army of god and I've been adapted into every day I go to. Stash its an app where can you invest in mutual funds. Yeah that's going on itself got that one and then you got to Mir may be your television ads in your life and your networks in my gripe. Are you guilty of sitting on the toilet and plan on your phone I don't apps on now. Bonus OK well yourself the brand you'll never heard about an app that will let you access public toilets. Like normally you get into the public toilet does have the Al yes. When ash OK with us this is the thing now also over and Sampras is gal there's a company and they got an app that is animal that's on the Droid and OE you've got to Droid phone to get checked and I know on the iPhone. There's an app called go and then the number to go the arms are good to go that's what is good to know okay. So I look at it and if this start a bad it's only available in these ever Cisco area but they say will be in the major cities. So some frequently asked questions here and there was presented here do you have to pay for. This is no you do not to pay for the Abbott is furry. How much does that cost he is that well right now it is free for a limited time so it will eventually be. Some you have to pay for maybe monthly or yearly probably monthly. Isn't good to go only available in San Francisco no below as of now yes but it will be it's a major cities or what is it do well it tells you it was the last time somebody was in the bathroom. And I will say when the last time of the clean. Which I like to know the fact is mathematically consulate that's pretty good does it does it tell you like where the closest bathroom men's. It is our say that I would imagine that we'll be is something that would would be a feature I'm here now knows what could be helpful. So the problem that I've got witnesses and a few problems because overall again. In what if you have a telephone and the have you don't like it matters about the diaries dad and you've really got to go the only get an institute. I'm happy the there's a problem you know you'll find a restroom cal all restaurants can eventually be controlled by then how much you know a lot of businesses. Don't want she's in the matter it would be Smart for businesses to stop people that way. You gathered trying to track coming don't they actually go mother wondered is how lame the making money here is enough people going to pay for this out to you to. The K okay so give a business and you you you're gonna have to have some common technology right to honest open the door that would be able to pay your phone. To either a scanner knew something where an unlocked. So this is what had to pay money for this. Yeah probably for that particular piece yeah I'll get out if they'll place that'll do list. Probably there's probably ways around it for you mean you go if you're a business leader Osama lever every show on the app in the they give you the case. But I'm I mean businesses might wanna pay to be on the out. Yeah you know in to give people and other store in the business but on top they can they sell advertising if enough people to download the app they can sell advertising how all these free apps work anyway is the to share information and they keep tracking you and they sell advertising to now would you know the stats of that bathroom like coming people's been in there. A look and yeah well I would I would these wanna know when the last time was cleaned. You can go and kind of looking and seeing yeah but that doesn't it be if it was it you got a few good choice for into bathrooms one that was cleaned yesterday and when there was just clean an hour ago. You're obviously gonna go for what do you wanna meld it may be 400 people the last two hours a settlement particular toilet I don't wanna know but I automatically assume that anyway see that's like any time I go to I try to avoid public restrooms on Costa sometimes you can and you know that there is men 400 people put their their boats and things done now I'm good I don't want to think about. That. Yeah but it's there it's always in the back when I had this could be except that we see here in our area eventually I don't know if so we're in the Bay Area describing the next city comes through hope they could save half a mile race meet regularly as an add. After months toilet really used to tally a pain in the ass really does always does. I it would be nice to to know when the somebody clean the bathroom I like holding that part here in this ball is building they never to clean ball play in this building. I always and he and I don't I Aurilia ever want to do and number two if I don't have to in public I want but I use the bathroom is here in the studio in fact I've learned that one it's double the front test the one where anybody can just take the prize is opened don't like I've. I've seen stuff on the ground and then I told you about. You can ticket and it wasn't a kit Kat bar. I seen it on the toilet and there and you know what I mean I should have just alerted until a mass email I get one doesn't rant here about any damn thing in the world out and gun and just describe what I've seen indie film that has been fantastic. We've best QL what I what I have not stepped foot in that mountain again since that day you would think that would be the bathroom would that would be the cleanest in this building because it's also the public restaurant because there's you know there's. Different bathrooms around here but that's the one of the public but people are so busy week they don't know when someone did this and and it was in the it was indeed the handicapped stall so I'm not bad you know that doesn't mean to me was handicapped he isn't enough and I'll probably I was just on the people are and I like we think that I did so I think I don't think it was an employee I think it was a particular price tag was an employee. I've a couple of employees in mind you I think it was. I might announce. Well wanna sit right next policy India and ask you mr. toilet or number two. I don't usually best served by disabled craze of the wasn't you do and you were just one of those one of the few people in my head I'm sorry it and somebody's can get pissed but yeah. Eight as well do you don't count via. I grew so you know I don't know the road walked that forum there note. I'm focusing could these bathrooms by the studio or yeah or by our office exactly ultimately this could be here though is the fact if you go to one these bathrooms every year you can invest in our studio you can Sharyl we're seeing right now. Yeah and that's actually just walked in there by now. Your resale until I they're listening are pictures or nursery which is even more weird sort of listening to us talk and just look at them all right Glenn who walked in there. I mean I've seen them by Israelis these thieves take a one because these pictures things and do it. Hey Jacob wash your hands man hey Jacob. K Jake just may need to get comfortable. Just relax and now you can do this. Without that's our patients as we have faith in you we believe in yours on the life that you can do this they got beat them in the best of us relax relax let it go right deeper. If it's easier to do it all got admitted that what the hell is wrong with you guys technology similar to other note on the volume down yeah. Assad and how I listened to let us. This is this pretty crazy that's funny but the feature read them we have. I really should get talking to people in the main battle in the gas the one that people go on the floor and run and that would be funny anytime any Sama somebody comes in like foods is the listener whenever goes he's about to be funny talk to them yeah you might like it very careful here Valencia I hate John go ahead. Okay so I had a cramp who have any caps are young I'll buy your old I would take them back at that time but not the right. At from the wheelchair over to the toilet you know didn't quite make it. Yeah I've been at all good debt and on my. Oh yeah it's possible but I can take most of the time. Add most of the time it and that that in particular it's just people go on an extra big yet. You got that they had their those handicapped stall a really big until I was in the very end we cannot hide yourself yeah. Yup that's what I think it was great I mean it's very possible John that that was the case. Very possible I can tell you. That it was more than likely somebody works or because there's people I know people in this building who won't use any of the other bathrooms and only go to about one. Yeah because it's not near anybody's office or anybody's cubicles because her for a distinct and everybody up. Drought at the general public Sacramento. Yeah it could be you never know who was down hey dad jump into the country you know you never know once I try to figure was somebody picked up the price. And they did it on exit and auto a lot of things it was one of the people like it's a patient care you waited and he's just. Some of the people or chair requests and then you know they send out these we work that emails are constantly coming out about anything AB. Machine where I mean peoples and he's all staff emails from Tel IA general managers actually chords and anything else to go. Let parking space where I had to every day man that's a daily thing here in the park I'm really somebody to get a floor holidays but subject someone blamed in the floor down that would be malaria and do that. It's a deal parlay brother at a Christmas party and talked about now you're noted you ugly question Dennis good got to go find me and then put at the bottom and we're gonna do some DNA testing. Of growth for the picture. That's right just like it into the animal's an apartment complex you know I ask somebody well when did it is on the floor we're gonna DNA tested murderer of nasty that's nasty or no we keep them here that we can always look at the first and they quit always put a picture. Yeah delinquent office the yes we did on the S of the week in perfect. Hey it's odd. Yeah. Us. Slightly open. I you know I usually right around a quarter of availability under the building very well you do not zoo. A news or shade of blue grows marriage you know. So who would ever do anything like that and my dad a medical problem you're only. Ali excuse medical problem you know something like that are really a person who is any cabinet has issues that are dedicated easily gets you access to toilet but yeah Kandahar it wasn't. I'm pretty sure. They are proud of Rodriguez could do make it grow. I'm sorry Eros not a given our bastard not as I did they do the best they can't but when the people coming out so quickly can't it can't be on top of our Dan. These I don't know I I did didn't want to lose I love you guys Hogan now it. But I got to appreciate it so big they. The reason they have to really kind of clarify why I think it's somebody here. Because they are Vermont town you've got this on the floor a lot this has happened more than more than one time and these particular methods are your by the studio. There is a person here. Bag goes there every single day. And blows a mop. Like I'm here I come here I'm here about 9 o'clock in the morning sometimes eight and every single day. There is. A disgusting mess in one of these two about a greater by the studio so I know that there's a person here that and I mean I'm talking about man they are exploding. Okay. Like they have waited all night did you welcome the morning national moratorium the company yes he died yet still on the company that there's a person who goes on purpose that's not I'm not joking. And are able to look at emulate do but after I'm dead serious say we know it's not us because we're here till after that I know are you guys I Diane hello. Hi honey. I used to work at the gas stations. And our public raptor and I'm not allow the say that he worked so cash I want him I would do and it was all away from that he leaned. Gal she is it's. So yeah she I don't know why now why can't. Chris how many do the harsh I don't know shoes Tony there. It's terrible because you know you work that the gas station is you need just in general public comes in and it's just us like one minute clean five minutes later somebody's just destroy it. But it's elite at all. That's weird on you gotta like game yet you have I had to call yeah. The idea somebody somebody purposely destined. Yeah like you know they they grabbed their their ankles and aimed.