Monday, November 20th


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Okay. News of mr. Tyler Jim and here's David is a 76 year old guy they Robertson from out planes down Pennsylvania died from hard to complications last month and is dying wish was to be buried with two cheese steaks. From his favorite shop in Philadelphia. God Pat's king of steaks. Still they've before his funeral his son a grandson drove the pats may multitude cheese steaks and fulfilled Richard is dying wish. They also respected his requests for no onions because quote there. Back to haunt me. Ali meriwether Sam well they obviously love their you know they do believe dad and grandfather they're so good for them. A utility worker in Cincinnati was standing in a bucket on the end of a crane hanging Christmas lights on Friday when a guy stole the truck it was attached you. Then he crashed it and the worker ended up in the hospital. Oh my gosh he's there when flying out of that thing Warren tick cannot eat if you get that must get raised in the sky you know you can beauty and power like. And get every bad thing to be a safety mechanism that would let the car go look the truck. With the ball in his up in the air and talk about that BA you think there would be our at least the way he could easily control it may be lower and gives you control and lower my. I think so I thought it would be stuck in the air but keep it bugged trying to while the vehicle is in motion dry and then go down less scary I terrifies me scary. A 44 year old woman robbed a bank in Florida this mother and got called after several employees realized that she was a teller one of the bank's other branches nearby. Oh god she showed overwork a few hours later and got arrested. You why don't work. Well she had to go to what she did go to work. None were masked I I I don't know how they York. And who Washington State fell forty feet into a ravine last Thursday when he stopped to relieve himself to an emergency defecation situation. He suffered. A hip injury and firefighters had to strap him to a stretcher to lift him out IE. I heard this is crazy and I heard the story recently made was a year ago as somebody did the same thing pulled over on the side of the road to go relieve themselves fell downhill and died. And yet. On the tennis writer they all like them to twist and turn easier when you go to Lake Tahoe oh my god job on fifty man you're just right there on the edge yeah please crawl over yeah. Screw 79% of Americans say they don't plan to talk politics at Thanksgiving dinner this year 31% said they'll actively avoid the subject 48 said they don't usually talk politics on the east given the other 20% said they won't talk about politics even other. I don't agree with their issues there are you plan and an uncommon now bring up trump how. Everything yeah good. How it got you know you don't I'm gonna do I'm sure walking instead my aunt's house because that's where Thanksgiving has been posted. I'm gonna walk right in and just starts can unlock. Then it's on. Il likes to just go just a stir stuff but when you finally see this through the years I love it so it's fun because I won't I'll bring it up and then just step back and watch. Adversaries and KFC has created something called the Internet egg escape pod which looks like a small metal table that giant colonel Sanders on top and it does a little Halloween direct dead decorations yards and a kind of blows out. And it's constructed just so it blocks Internet signals when you're inside don't help. Obliged he had to pay KFC habitat that accomplishes the same they just press in the Al but not. On your phone. You ready yes. 101000 dollar no it's available at KFC limited dot com. No one is buying it I don't know MTV by a mad and so down 9000 dollars I think they're just selling album might knowing and aren't silly they're just trying to stay in the news. Yes Sweden looked at the medical records of 3.4 million people and found it dull the owners tend to live longer than other people don't act. Act it is going to be visiting hospital in Sweden named its entered into the database and registry and your dog is mandatory there. So the stats are pretty solid the study found all the honors are less likely to die in my heart attack or any other reason and is especially true if you're single. Over the course of twelve years people who live along alone worked 33% less likely to die if they all big dog. It was 11% for and other owners who didn't live alone. Socket cat people. It's not clear why don't they don't. August danger lied by the researchers say there are two main benefit stay exposure to more types of bacteria would straighten your immune system. And it also gives you more. Extra size and your house doesn't smell. Dogs is generally make people happier I mean think about it when you walk in your door your dog is there are stoked to see you. I think I'm just put you in a good movie I cats didn't catch a light I don't know either way it. Not until it welcome home they'll die yeah. Cats are always trying to they want a leopard out ways to Killian exactly it now a dog will light. You can leave for five minutes he will lose his freaking mind a Catholic. I'm so glad that Dick is gone. So it's up. The stove top at stopping just launched a brand new product called Thanksgiving dinner ads they've got a big expendable always been basically they look like maternity pants but they're not for people who are pregnant but just look at people who use email I you know he didn't let the big things can email the union boss yeah those things they're selling them at Thanksgiving dinner plans dot com for twenty months and shipping is free LB Derrick Thomas Thanksgiving. Yeah because you got like three days. Every year the American Farm Bureau Federation released a study on how much it cost to serve Thanksgiving dinner and every year it makes me really wanna find the stores are shot and advocate. I've never seem to agree with the us. This year they say Thanksgiving dinner for ten people should cost you about 49 dollars and twelve cent watched that they have ten children that's down 2% from last. Last year and the lowest price in five years when you adjust for inflation. Or 49 bucks they say you should be able to get a list and sixty pound Turkey stuffing sweet potatoes. Roles and butter peas cranberries a veggie tray pumpkin pie with whipped cream coffee and milk went from bad. With the dollar sort out what dollar menu of these things armed. Well what that that's the I don't know I still see other no other reason they've the price went down this year mainly because the prices of Turkey milk and slightly dropped fairly well. Possible to craft a million dollars bucks from my meal for four from whole truth that's a lot placed on a whole foods that's still with solo. I'd like Wal-Mart does even stay afloat for a dinner for sixteen people out there and no doubt Carrasco and yeah you're you're shove their whole foods like. I'm on solar and wind goes raunchy talk and I and I highly doubt this survey was taking into consideration organic for his mr. high and mighty I'm not really complaining actually just Stalin's and their wires until the 32 year row that they've farm bureau have done the study when they started back in 1986 the dinner. For two and cost less than twenty dollars and 74 cent. Yeah. I don't think I'm 120 dollar Thanksgiving dinner. And his crappy. I would I'm single that's probably how much it would cost for. Doesn't Boston market I got a buddy NFL and they never go to go out and they do generally dearly like. Crab legs and he's got me good buffets and just Paramount and almost like that seem way better to meet others not they're only down tell Humana for many years I've done that the Boston market dude and menace good food go to Boston Mardi Sumitomo in his Golden Corral open on Thanksgiving probably hell yeah I would not recommend going there at all. Why I'm not just my own personal and in the saw. A free legitimately think Thanksgiving dinner and should form. It's a box with eight different flavors Turkey creamed corn stuffing mashed potato cranberry sauce. Green bean casserole Mac and cheese and pumpkin pie I don't go away though the great big guys throw it sounds like outright. The thumping I'll try. The Turkey and it's starting radio chart. The Mac and cheese one might be good maybe the Mac and she's thousand meals a number one out of state and Iowa. That I would try to while I'm not trying to mall they were here I just literally right here from us I'm not gonna run by mpeg somebody's leg brace until the race. Unfortunately they're just testing now this year she finally get your hands on it but now live in the test goes well they can answer these February next year. Think number and I'll try and which got again I'm I don't know that you're stupid news.