Wednesday, November 22nd


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The afternoon show extra my candy and on 98 rock. My plan to Marty and you've even warned all weekend while low blood on the West Coast might gain comes on tomorrow my college football game Arnaud doesn't come Friday. Ever my I'll be all but I'll be up early and a little waking you up early on this entire force pays off weeks. God because I'm an able. It's just you know I and I told you earlier she's gonna have food early and you know you gotta eat. I'll say I wasn't listening to any of that you. Yeah you know you're gonna just. Happened to be around about 1230 winners food and you're gonna evening you're probably go to the bar twelfth when he can't that's earlier and I thought has launched a site under a release below are a lot harder a different -- for a while now that's right that's so she's very technical matter fact she sent me a picture of the couldn't win that's fine I'll make that she put on this is don't need stroked. Don't heat stroke. It doesn't own a general. Hi please don't heat stroke CA Zarqawi. Definitely got things yet to come I don't I don't eat I'd say is don't heat stroke don't need. So yeah so Tony that's a bachelor stroke donate. Broken don't eat this one systems openly to my name over any kind of food and and there's stroke your name sounds filthy no matter what it. No matter what man pass a stroke should it seemed when I had a look at the judge in the eye and say yeah I really. You wanna change this. I would love to see what I actually she was really nice about it I'm sure she was and then she says she said as I was in the courtroom she does okay I Saddam that doesn't mean first comes to make everyone calls me stroke why oh why do you wanna change who do you root for you're really tired and my dad game me she goes. Why me never and I said if you would like. It is about the problem water you can do anything you watch. You can ask if you like ads is done did you Celeron. She said she'd kill as you don't want enough she otter you really want and I'll tell you why when I was about twelve or thirteen dazzling what do you do it and at bats and so on Sunday. Yeah it's it's a hobby FS that's what. But what I don't phone that's yeah timeout and also because her so put things get a what do you do when Mikey. I. M going to rule wake up kinda early wasn't my munchkin and eat some food. Eventually at some point or until the Christmas really wants the brain were put the Christmas decorations she's going with a mom later in the day in and is going to be me in my dumb last 21 year old son. And Toronto and smoking weed and then eat more food into an at same thing probably pretty much throws tonight and Friday into Friday and that end. Friday night schools is one of the race nice to hear from me this happens every single year I don't see dirty hands. Well that I ever events happened and Oakland and get a can be sure graphic like you're you're willing to fight this that well the last ten years. Highs expected traffic cradle my way life in your plan on taking a trip before before even die before you knew that this was going to be the worst Traficant in dud decade have I ever Batista gets like three months ago so I had this planned out for awhile this is when -- time these guys are I got to go to the shows so yeah I'm gonna fight the traffic because it's worth the team and they're awesome. I'm excited to go to say nothing in the Bay Area all weekend. Well that's another great weekend I did it surprise you wanna do all that traffic I'll leave early I finally got that you have people I'm like try to erect. How can go shopping. On this and I'm glad you brought an LP and because I didn't want to that website there's a website out there that I go to every single year and this great times we're talking about this area called. Black Friday death count dot com. Good. Founded in the past and I'll be completely up to date drew with injuries and it's probably hard to keep track of every small town in the country of injuries related to Black Friday but that's always seem to get credit yeah as well let's see attitude for servers in the website give 2015 I don't think anybody died didn't now. Obviously I didn't know injuries health and a perfect here now somebody got hurt somewhere I don't know man I really I honestly remember talking about the sport pretty sure nothing bad. I happened into doubt people will like it was in news story about how there was no news no all the things happen I can't believe that Mikey please many do the research Donnie Hammond just say messes I remember well that's the only year they skip since they started doing this and 2006. Now this can do delve into 2007 million dollars and 80091011. Yep well then there you go man tells you that's at all. Don't they dig goddamn website or applicants pretty updated well it's not what country what is it. Right okay declined it's not right that day 2016. They say there was 3123. Instead there was a San Antonio and help them woman being beaten in a Wal-Mart parking lot shot dead. And and these lists such a dark conversation shopper opened fire can they wanted her Wal-Mart in green held instead apparently have been 2060 introduces us and Black Friday kicks off with a deadly shooting in New Jersey mall and in 2016 and there was a cavalier attitude 34567. Seven injuries and I'm doughnut hole plan. On Friday. No room yeah I'm my diatribe that's I don't know if I die you know whatever your. It's no I think we got it isn't fair question when. We let the phone number right now that you think would be I'm not that I know we had injuries that we won't know every injury out of time death we got a pretty easy I think there will be any Black Friday that's excluding myself. Oh yeah. I got yourself and Lundin shot. Go for the same as a good chance I get out and I mean you wanna win the game not bad you know it's one that's at least one common and I don't. A money go if I think this year. There's going to be. You because I think people are happier I think I think spirits are up this year the economy's in good shape I think people I'd even be a less fighting and more of the motivating through people might die. Too so you're going to do to. Usually I just Lara that's always led the Tony Dungy does is that it is fighting each other and with three people with three new. This is Tom I get my in my head I had the number two. The numbers of TI but I just let me just since Ian I get to say never but he's fighting each other but I think in this shopping spirit with the I think people have more money this year than they have. How economies you can't argue that so I think it's a little less just might pay too but people very angry. He has ever one thing I don't I don't get into this madness like cyber Melissa Cyber Monday. I'm a stay home yeah like front ideal Amazon right for him now yeah yeah you're good he rattled and out okay say you're goes to my goto. Yeah you're still regulatory yes I'm going to be right Mike you were more actually go to agree on this I think do I can't I can't go three I think it's too high I guess I cannot go one. Yeah I think one's way too low in and I think there's going to be something but no one really either I want a different number really. Tomorrow I'll change mine I'm gonna go one. I don't let green say number I know our number 123 Beriault where's my writing down let Larry do you make a prediction here don't play. Law Lara Hamid Hamid Black Friday desk do you pick this year. So we're talking people who diet while black but I thought as John thank you I'm gonna say in. And they don't count traffic accidents are an area that went zero paying attention and I was my attention I just wanted to clarify no error there is three last year sell old. Many think is going to be highs and three lower than three strokes got one I got to Ian got great they are really wanna go to Bremen eagle would zero. Yes there's no yeah way to be optimistic and I like that aren't optimistic ever Lara. Your new name now. Ariel find out I think we find out Monday but we may not even on the Monday or Tuesday because you are changing on the news this close sometimes can filtered yes that's true that is older you'll know Monday and we'll find out.