Friday, January 12th


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The afternoon show extra my can't. On 98 rock. I'd eat rocks so there's a website EU probably all know about this. Alcohol dot org tells like it beyond your perfect website I. I run that website I think he's just. They went ahead and list. I don't think either surprised that the number one answers that is really or breaking a glass that they you think we see in almost every night I'm sure. Every bartender on the planet has seen that yeah 74% of bartender said they've seen someone do they wish actually to me seems low. Not only see my three out of four SE about the one out of four has not. Dude there's no way do need glasses is a dream broken every single night yeah. Some wonderful and over because they're too drugs 72% of bartenders see this attention 300 pound it every night they they release every weekend at least one person he's had too much to drink. I have a three drunken argument 72%. The app does what Zain. I see that all the time yep domain a bartender and go to bars and often never for Putin somewhere in the bar 61%. In the Bard and other bodies back. The room. I've done it. Done it in the bathroom of the bar and in the bar and really. Bite marks and at Friday the Bard took a shot and just immediately took the right back up and I just moved back a little bit to trade front and what's it doesn't taste the shattered just two drugs sometimes doesn't say sometimes certain things I take shots and they just come right back up. I'm not decorative drinker that's why smile. Getting into a physical fight 61%. Again I would think that would be well you know there's some kind of establishment she never see prize no good I'm older establishment right people yeah. Some of the class here places yeah and every six passing out on the bar I've done this. Put to sleep on the ball ball that I. I met and that part of all of those things. 57%. A bartender said they've had to call a cab for someone who was too drunk to drive forty knives and have arrange for someone else to take him home. 244% have literally had just taking customers keys away from all of those things have happened and Harrison just everything you just have a whole segment was my life this is. It's fast food that they can be proud of the the six most comic draw things people do it bars and should just in this it was common things he and it does it bar what else is that didn't make the list in the end of your head that. You like to point out. Getting entering throwing your face oh yeah you don't get me in an argument with the girl's boyfriend well be drunken argument. You can fight a guy. Yeah pretty much somebody think. And yeah. Some things to do with the bathroom I don't know if that's OK okay.