Tuesday, January 2nd


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I need rock remember us know you don't remember us. It might he couldn't clear at least throat played good men I am good it's Tuesday January 2 2018. Almost screwed that up the year. Well I'm sure a lot of people are right now I haven't had a right not any thing and it's in front of me I'll have a new three but I still about it. Yeah Christmas Mikey did you couldn't do anything and just chill out and hung out of the month in my buddies remember and do a lot of munchies slot munchies lot. I'll smoke and I hear plate and pressure apparently here yeah IE orgy I'm not ever leave. Now I'd like totally left us pictures to prevent I was I was gone I don't remember most of my vacation which is a sign that it was fun I guess. Elliott kind of kind of figured your vacation inevitably in Toronto that's your day to day life. We pretty much I'm undecided somewhere else. That's a vacation isn't the premier message over the holiday break and they asked a question and I. I'm bound to have an ass in this today. And you know armed I think you're if you're thinking this place and lines did the orgy. Did you or did happen. Hello ma'am now I knew it's all right and lost. Captain well what happened was. One couple was basically singled the flow the other one you know what the neighboring adjourned for the party. I know right what's right here Sorgi played here oh my god people who breath and a little girls apparently got into a fist fight with one the other girls are neither of them wanted to be there the other one was going to be there so we are cut out. Word or that the scale from men to women was starting Ted. It in the other direction unlike. Now now you know it's not a part allies on this like cancel that we're done we're not doing this. Yeah I knew it was yeah I really. Happened that I wish to see women that call each other wish it would happen right in the middle Georgia that would have been out in great I would love and that's how did you not have made that happen because then. Have been like for five days before they and I I'm not. How about rematch unidentified Dr. Phil and to have them be like listen. You just you need to hit more work your problems out and come to this orgy into France OK and then hopefully it does say something. That will make him fight again now I've got to figure. Opportunity it was gonna end up being in a sword fight just you must do so we're trying to I know what happened that now I have now I'd I can either wait. Till I go back home and god knows how long or I could have an orgy here in Sacramento. And I know many people here that why get in the big pile with me nobody does well in a call this act for nothing. There MK Lara handle the. Imagine this scenario is the end sending out a group text message Joseph is friendly so is still happening that's so it is still happening. The reply I got to do my laundry and hit the let the realism never happening. Worship which will Farrell whose salary Knox is the doors are here for the game bring those old school yes we have upon love that movie. Anyways this Christmas for me was he crazy. My Brothers were rustling in the living room and actually knocked over the Christmas tree oh my god my mom was pissed. Well you have. How Laird had ever made it to see today and that's the crazy that's why they got over her house Thomas compound okay yeah. Yeah that's an armistice. Massacres that they have power and moms out front. More than you light up the three. Well let's. These totals or the action party just hangs upon it as just look at the daytime. You know I AM Monday don't go your buddies in China and north you go and then we'll read it grinding it but it didn't work the first. Some idea and I'm here now I don't have very many buddies in Sacramento that question why do that there's a lot of realism of the show and there's probably Lori shelty today and just. This can happen. That's how. That's why I want that's fine. If you wanna go into Tony eighteen a big big orgy Big Bang I thought I was gonna lead play seventeen with a Big Bang I'm cola with generates when he came with a big Baguio. Whatever tell universe start I actually started my year with a Big Bang. He did yes I had about 1115. I started to me in the life got very intimate and now like we're gonna go all the way to the new year all semblance yeah how I got I think that's. Then that's when you got to start at like 1137. Now he's got a good point unless there's enough just to be safe. It's gonna version of that. Allentown. December 31 2017. Was the only day in history where every unsold wasn't born in the nineteen hundreds and every miner was born in the 2000. It's mathematically that's correct file matters. I never watch this cartoon and the my daughters have seen. All the movies and everything's got it's the highest grossing movie that ever hit number one ansari never hit number one he made 270 point three million dollars at the box office. But peaked at number two so it's a pretty pretty decent isn't ready wants to force times during his vacation. Over half of the edits on Wikipedia are made my point 7% of its users around 500 hard core. Hardcore Wikipedia he. That Wikipedia Wikipedia it's wherever they are users who basically spent all their free time editing gets in the life none. Usually oh win margarine was first created it was illegal to make it the same color as butter so manufacturers dyed yellow but eventually Marjorie and became more popular than butter so the manufacturers started dying and their butter yellow. It's weird what I wanna know what color butter was I don't know more on this but I will have to listen to time Google and even viruses can catch viruses. The first fires that and bags in fact other viruses were found in 2008. Well that recent yeah. Am. And there you go there's your random facts. I got to click the day we got to get you right now this is this is also. Okay January 1 if you look at your door here in California all you see was smoke and gas. My case people or have they did yeah. Was our data utilizes now are year. I really indication that in my head like there's a beautiful odd everywhere. He had an upgrade if it was Snoop Dogg has teamed up with Jack in the Box for the four twin east owner combo. So Dallas really sweet so where it's real. Even you live coming into a back to one man is a legalization recreational marijuana. I'm in California the world worried that Jack in the Box is offering a new deal that married nine chi meal very nourishing meal to go along with those mine she's that sometimes. Come along only anti smoking now. I know they're giving in this box that I have. Curly Fries have onion Marines to add the brand most babies tacos five neat euros and three trips the thank forget it's only four dollars and twenty cents for twenty home. My gosh I tell you also can we said Blair there's a Jack in the Box right down the road and that's like all I can think right now what this new had to do it I admit that I just as snoop dog teams out blast and fast food chain Jack in the Box announcing this to even up the rapper Snoop Dogg to introduce a combo meal that you just heard about. Man I love snoop for torture. See there are embracing. The Smart money they should as more companies should now anyone that listens networks and our sales department I'm not smartest guy in the world but I'm and other something you may want to talk then for the fort when he funny but no right sponsorship not. There you go a lot of right now nothing work here radio.