Friday, January 12th


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The afternoon she'll stroke Mikey. On 98 rock. California rock station idea Robert Blake who shouted Blair is gonna they announce some quotes and try to figure which members have to be sure it was a Mikey or is Ian as your choices. So play along and eight. It's just for a short nice. I welcome to the show floor. Are they here to have you guys just go on the air. We are today yeah. We yes sir we are. Get Lara is going do did you go to Bronson quotes and just figure out which one of the senate okay. I hear gal. Cold number alignment. This reminds me of when you go down a release deep water slide and they tell you keep your look legs crossed. Okay this surmise that warmer this remind you we go down aid this reminds me of when you go down a really steep water slide and they tell you keep your legs crossed okay Ford who would sort of lets you think said that. All want to say it. I'm trying to Q3 year Mikey brought an alien. Almost four I think I think it might be any. You know do you. I think it wasn't me of that I don't know what we're talking now say it was it was EA and I don't know bonds score Lerman says Ian let's find out. This reminds me of when you go down a really steep water slide and they tell you. Keep your legs crossed. Ira we're talking about I don't like that the guy who died because they did they'd use the air compressor in this back area us back door. Yeah oh and I didn't even remember that while I quote you out there right and people remember Aqua congratulations go to Emery to. You're pretty sure that she is going to stick around for awhile so you can just go ahead and fart all you want. Oh yeah. The corridors Glavine controller which lets see they said that I don't. This is a stroke. I think it's Salzburg you know I think it's breathtaking was gonna say stroke was on let's say that our guys out there. My the end I think it was you more. I'm gonna say it was me. You're pretty sure that she's gonna stay around for awhile so yeah I'm just go ahead and Farley he wants his candidacy and they have since then carried. Out. Right corner Andrea I've been extremely horny before but it's never been like oh look at that horse's ass it's beautiful. Whose stroke might he end. The thorn. I almighty. I'm getting goes throw. And how it's stroke not bet my life nor. I've been extremely morning before you never ever amber just inside the white horses that. My pay attention. Because of we told her we want that. That clip and stay in any of your pay attention you'll you'll hear it is good job Lara a billion does Osama I'm saying that are. I imagine IBM next yeah quote unquote number four. Including that sounds like dude doing something dish like you do leading or dirty it's kinda dirty who's said that. Governor do you get your girl. Doesn't sound of things including that's so we can do doing something do you disappointed knitting or dirty or is sounds kind of dirty now. And as an Iran that Bruce of that. It might yeah. I think I'm gonna guess me I think I might assert that a massive stroke. A member explaining what the plural effort dudes was there's some and our. He's over or something like that you emailed statement thought that you wish you might just find out deleting his death sounds like a dude doing something do initially you're shooting or dirty it's hard to. Yeah we. Do you have by those Mikey computing. Quota or five. And then I wouldn't you know grow myself. Who set it and then I would you know rope myself. Stroke Mikey or Ian. I'll. I don't even. When I guess stroke. Arlington guests and meats are never sag wrote myself. Much during an allergy now. Myself I'm good now stroke need to myself. Oh yeah. Tagged me. Brokers and oh. Quote quote number six. I'd be stroking and yet that's what I mean doing bitch IB stroke in whose. Door. Based yummy too on nine servant I guess stroke. I think it was eating quoting me when I hate when I used to do that sounded karaoke intoxicated way intoxicated years ago and that's I think we'll find out. Police hope India and us hobby doing bench a love words yeah lowered soon enough I Apollo one. I finally won the man that they had to be holding that do down spring an Arab him for awhile. It. Who said it unload old Mikey. And I I guess the museum to Muster with Melissa that the FAA says let's say Mikey I think it was Mikey. I think. A man they have to be holding that do announce a write in care of him for a while here out and really kill somebody within with the air. That now one way street there I think as looting and thanks for clearing out on our hard work congratulations you play the gay man you won yourself that Margie shirt yup detail line there's millions and info brother.