Friday, November 17th


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Afternoon she'll stroke Mikey. I'm 98 rock. Nadia Robert Blake and called juice added these are all called from somebody on the show and we'll play the sound bite to followed up. Lara has been cut not these during the week where are you ready. I am ready I Blair let me go lining you've got him again we Enron there Chiron. I'd done a good runs that you are playing for their teacher but I just AT sure it is a bad. Catherine Martin T shirt she turned on tape they get excited to receive Pathmark and you got etched. He's alleged to respect at least three seconds at least three seconds of the world are here we go for Broadway or by the game now layers don't brother quote and then we'll play the some understood. All right who said it stroke Ian arm Mikey first quote it's all of bound by these men put enough positive vibes energy. Who says that by Iran duty thing said that on the show. Well let art. I'll broke out to replace it again yes I know the quote was it's all about vibes man put enough positive vibes energy. All right Ron. Mikey he says Mikey said he and I think I sent it through I don't remember saying that that was deathly your tree hug and ask. I've until it Mikey says it lets hear the sound bite. Islamabad's man but not positive good buys energy yeah. Anything more than vibe you know it's Mikey that's funny I quote numbered soon. Are you going to leave me for Putin. Are gonna leave me for Putin noticed that matter are you getting. Out of the end. He thinks is Gerri Andy did you think he's not that's you does your wife well as a crush on. It's your life drab LLI as a car some prudent for some reason it's so weird yes are you leave me for blue and no you know I don't know what's so funny easy money tonight I got one attitudes of Aran is the third quote. God America is so fat who said it and god America's so fast I run. Lose armed burglary and learn. That's rough I think you'll see and I think easy and I think Ellis might be easy either near you mama though you wrote I as alien can. So fast. Eight yes we look at the path a little pretentious he was sorry. Funny because some fat. RA quote number of four Heyman and Roger Clinton soon. Hey man I brought you plan your kid who said that he. Ironically they said that I got a clue either. Allow. A moment when you vote for him at the end of. Yeah I'm go I I made up villages gutter talk is probably me. You lot of knowledge here's somebody. Can now mark your 110 yeah. And then I don't know what that was for me either of those funny though. All right last but not least that the quote get sponge Bob yesterday afternoon that as with crazy. Bruce says it. Normal one of it is my confirmed their food. Very. Thank easily me you'll lose your zero. I think it was you I think it was may I just cares what Bob yesterday. Cancels crazy. Thought I was maybe about oh my daughter got a phone there from the kid is cool and all that's right tell them what are they were talking about you know I'm a woman think she Carter Colin but he's not allowed. Exactly who. I doubt ride to graduation yet assured they packed up and Maarten. Your little life is yours if you lay on the liable did you set out area.