Tuesday, January 2nd


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Is going on. Right in this segment things do get kind of twisted her some really weird stuff that happens on this planet this is of this segment is about have you heard the drug washed. My boss and I think I have failed a drug is a mandatory that was I'm lost. I've got to don't throw the from a mother for kids all on the dangerous drug he broke into the house naked when inside and did those did he die. I know he's a bloody days and watch your by the way I'm Neff and bug spray wants to. Wow bringing the hell would you ever want to do that. Apparently. Somebody was not very impressed with the method they bought to pan and he was outside let's just. Let's doctor this double bed that's both personnel and after that I would have you cannot. You're outside doing your Matthew like this is a market for me. Here but their bugs smell after a while hello I just more rapidly mixed I would never thought of that too. Well I mean you really gets kind of probably what he says you there were high include. This method the work and guys something else I'm melodies they're down here. If California developed a taste of per alcohol and a deal to Beers doesn't do anymore she got to move out of three Beers you did you do metal diplomats and I just met and worked for me at. Car and they don't just pray but to match it's a right of copper lost. Maybe it's hilarious. Once was 4012000. I think all I'm just curious if they take the meth and and support it. Or I do not extend its brain the match and then guys that. I just trying to share the damaged or I don't know where I know you're the one Google couldn't. Not here. Here yeah you don't at all you patched computer yes Google from past computer. How do you make meth switched. But OK ready make lost India and and I wanna know d.'s lead the met there and and something. Else that's what I was guy. I think I didn't realize we be talking about that but I don't know. I don't know I guess you would watch entirely but I did realize it be really wondering how was developed well when you introduce something new into the world the first thing you're gonna have a question a lot of questions I guarantee there's a method listening right now and as a mattress horse probably all right. Let's make announcement. Hi if you're currently on NAFTA why aren't we lucky to call 766500916. 7665000. When questions were talking in the future messy yes. So what we're scratching yourself right now pick up the phone and call us. We'll wait and wait there. Keep it around those homes are now mean. Console an immensely call they can be dollar shake it and try to downplay have a hard time our guys who hit the news report about a guy who lost she's butt naked. Breaks and where we started eight you'll watch do you make every knows that the horse that's the thing. A we got to cut his throat when they'd rusty. Butter knife for something gone to the individual and do a good sharp when I would think. But I don't know why you're on why why why why book while lots deciding your system breaking into people's houses naked. He's buck naked yes breaks into their house explicit and their dinner tables for kids and mom and cut his own drum. Now for more as a kid today and I mean the salaries aren't bad yeah and then he's banging his head against that glass door. Yes Denny runs upstairs yes and jumps out of a window is the lack of one this. Extra happening and Gary there's a lot depends on the wind all of it's cool. I thought oh my god that's awesome high relative that most people amassed an online and legitimately held up right Allah so holes for starters that's just disarmament. Because revealed yes he comes up into a tree when the officers crowd they can't locating hate like red brick Red Bull wants to give you wings. I guess that's just for starters that's just the start and are now also because field yes he comes up into a tree when officers around they can't locating. And hearing that he falls from the tree into Bob wire there. Team he's his own everything else he's got the. After racing through if you. And smashing his skull pavement deputies and EMS crews are finally able to see. He is because he says he lost and that's what he called welcome. In my bones burns and use and oh he watched say that's a term use he wants you to a kind. He's the callers right now I'm sorry I Fairmont. Are you currently unmet. I will not turn out all right here's a all right Sam Padilla you know something about wants. Yeah absolutely yeah they say walked right in its prey on let's scroll. And they shock it was the car battery. And it hits the art walk like that and they sell it at cheaper. Almighty god politics Rampage at a gala but what they can't unlike a decent all this rain in your. Open ignite manor. Yeah I. Thought Obama. I also did you say am I appreciate that little guy they can pull up if you are currently. Are being lost despray. Stop because you're gonna die he'll. A pair trying to jump when jumper cables out there that car this is a lot going. He's dangerous in the mid meth already is dangerous enough please don't and for game wasp spray to it get bigger stronger and I'm back. Also the open is despite what. Whoever is in the bug spray is designed to kill. These so you shouldn't be inhaling it you know who are you to judge yen. Hey and old people do listen to. He's got a good point though I feel more ready to another story in the media news I can tell yes but I think we started 43 with a great way yeah resulting in Mecca. Chris. Puerto and I do you know anything about washed clean. Now what I know how to make bets doves for a long time ago you spray it through hot toaster Quayle on to a mere. How would you know you know this. Top guy have to tell all the best stories start Paul Williams they're watching a YouTube. Hey did take the red hot quote out of a toaster or turn on you know red hot cold and a return of Amir and spray out law. I'll how okay yeah please don't do those people. Chris eat you have you kind of use the term right have you know lost book I don't know now had good thanks Chris. Our goto thank you want your smoke it outside the mosquitoes and bugs are bad if they do that would leave immediately because of the smell lemon make it worth the time. Yeah I felt a good summer day at a picnic and join time out there you know you're smoking you're washed. You wanna keep the bugs away I don't think they Sheila do you keep and you know no bugs bite you get not. That Banco that's great there's another pro if you look.