American Girl Dolls Makes a Boy Doll

Thursday, February 16th


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Now back to rub anybody and gone on 98 rock. I have fifty yards. Everybody. Called them. Umpteen meetings. And meeting time. I don't know if on FaceBook. Rob going through some stops and his personal life. I listen a lot for years through the changes a few years ago and has a Blake Robbins have no negative. Not only that he's very intolerant of other people's opinions cause more so than usual. Hopefully that is something in his personal life it is something that will pass soon it is so frustrating. And makes turning restart to my day as opposed to a farm one so yeah. An eighteen. Really. I don't think you've been may be even more cranky than usual I usual level I think that there is there's usually a bar wary you know it's kind of impala maintain level. Graham Venus. Sometimes it can be little more so than than usual but that's because it's reflecting what's kind of going on in the world is this because I keep saying will you have your opinion I have mine and I have the audacity to disabled that's fine do you find that night. It's funny that you do that because this day and age you can't have separate opinions that's I take and that's what they originally seen society but there was certainly a time where and then grumpy this mere error was in their red and I would shut up show they had to shut up show and that was like political the height of the political season and and all that stuff where you were probably don't watch that. Crack is toy for a sad and. But say follow that has gone away. I'm with you yeah congress let you hearing today I don't honest I'll battle you and I have I had ballet. On decides Y one happy because I mean there's nothing like overly. Overly going on in my purse Muslim distractions professionally thing normal lifestyle a normal life stuff for me site and she's the only 17 Britain and like you know let me she's hearing what she wants to view. Yet you know a lot of times seriously it with what we project things with what's going on. With ourselves. And we'll put off we'll put it on someone else you know I did not be all done that you're in at a certain mood. And someone says something is near the near the betterment they say the same thing you took it completely differently in the when you were in the better mood. While also wonder if the risk of being repetitive if she's just kind of a little snowflake heat so like she should because because so many people wore express their opinion. And also able that's great here's what I think oh well that's stats on your bullying people because that's how snowflake see it if you have strong opinions. And that's what I'm wondering Eli I haven't really I mean believe me I know when I go on land side my blood pressure feels that. I didn't come on yeah I know you have been Madonna thing is I don't think maybe she understands you asked amid media very about well because. I mean of you and and myself included bike and I have kind of like a baseline ground being afraid if you can sell. It it if I'm at that baseline immediate scene is like I'm more grumpy or more bitchy than not like a regular person like this. Is the it is also hard at it it's just part of my personality and I think that your. It's kind of the same way where you just kinda there's a certain level of you know grow Venus and sarcasm insult to Africa Asia and that is all lumped in there in two art charming little subtle. I think it in a listen to. It is the show we do now a lot more positive than what we used to do. Of course it is but they're still needs to be some balance it can't all be butterflies and happiness all the time. And I hate that you bring that balance of asks how would it need to eat. Yeah. Revision Burma and. Free cash relay continues we're starting over would give away more. Dollars last hour there's gonna write the checks could start over out of a hundred bucks for any brand new musical montage. Room schoolhouse rock. We're looking for the names of the actual songs because you already have some. Coming in from people that think they might now all. Now let's see how do we let's see cut if they decide not you know start with cut three this is a Sam's. Cut three. And. This cup ones who have no idea it's. So you get I don't sound like the more popular ones no sign him. One of bombs very popular and so on same thing. Cut number three minutes. Well OK we're off to a OK so far so great Kohler eighteen is Tracy Morgan Tracy. OK Tracy we're gonna play UBS songs from schoolhouse rock two more times we need the names of these songs plus one. Cut to. Cut three. Is this tough being the first one ounce always tough honored box. We're just trying to get started here if somehow we can name the songs from schoolhouse rock will give Tracy hundred bucks a play at 815 with a new montage if not. Same month Ozzie fifteen for 200 dollars us one. But to. Cut three. Not that figure take a step. OK let's go week. Why and I guess and go away conjunction junction. The yeah. Once and current yeah. Ruined the might be one of the other and right now. Tracy we've heard it was another hundred dollars the jackpot Leoville Google school house rock songs. Played in 815 for 200 dollars cash now all I need I mean this is not sarcastically or negatively on our show crowd watched I was I'm not I am not of this world earlier not so. They more specific but I'm not of this world. I'm also not in the world we're about to discuss this. So I'm viewing this from afar. Not just far from Aladdin but a fall. And maybe I'm really really missing something and I mean that honestly in a fight and Tellme and despite what the face Booker says I'm gonna be open sewers. And win and this has the potential by the way I will of knowledge to be a very pollute politically incorrect conversation again I don't care Bill Curry on the but I just want everybody else to understand I know. And I understand. And I'm really trying to figure this out because one when I grew up. Wade back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth was gone and he. There were girls who played with something called Barbie yeah drew back and Barbie had. Tan shirt is yeah has. And girls played with Barbie again yes we did is sometimes a the blazers neighborhood we'd go off to I don't know it's an injury can go to the bathroom and come back and they would have Barbie and and it's terrible. Positions or beheaded yes sometimes we would cut their heads ought to think that was funny right member of the winds break them flown. That won't might firecrackers and in their credit all the time OK so so we've had a is it in for my for my brief 45 years on the earth we've had in. My 46 all these reasons we've had. I'll Sarasota right along hearing your four did you just start is just forget we've had dolls. That were represented by male figures for as far as I can remember and that's the most famous example can embark yes I'm half. Raggedy Andy. Already in the and the NB. Hey did you have a raggedy Ann and Andy Brandon I think so OK but I never like really played there was the old sat that's always in the in the right so. I also understand that said that we are in a very volatile time and I'm one of the people that's on the fence over this whole thing of turning. Men into women women and a man boys and girls blurring the gender lines. Which to me by the way that conversation is totally different than transgender people. The one I'm referring to is the societal thing that says no one can have their own thing anymore. And and men should be a bridal showers and now we should women should be an elks club. Oh women should be a poker parties hope and men should be at baby shower so if it backs that's why I'm referring to. So I'm lol I am a little unclear on. In in less I'm missing something which is one coming you all for here. The hysteria over this story that broke a couple days ago and it's gone nuts I mean I saw ice I had a story today is the air and then this is not fun. And I think I let my own personal perspective get in the way because to me it was nothing. And now once it's blown up it's gone viral it's this huge thing and I'm gone my god what might miss the edge does around. Does everyone know what the American girl thing you know yes you have no idea yet if you know ideas and if someone explain to Brandon what it is. It's like. So. You know what a cabbage patch doll is raise your. So it's like caffeine and see her cabbage patch doll kind of that situation and they you can customize and you can either closed or. And then. And you know there's a bunch of different ones that look like all the different girls of. They out of the country you know or whatever so you know there's some no I'm black I'm lie. And it on the line was never know why and in Asia and low. And the lately you know until every. Culture and color and everything is represented. And so if you're a little girl and you'll look like this you can go find an American doll that looks like you and mini empire close and it's a whole thing. Many pieces alone OK I'd like these that Jimmy times to count. So they learn the Barbie lessen the Barbie had to grow up with when they launched 31 missing thing is an hour 31 years at. Well they came out of the gate with a here's what every person looks like basically. They always start out it's advanced it's got it added more in our over the asks so and that's what they did this week. At least the big game against the way I see it before we get into the viral upset over this American girls. Has been around. 431 years. They have this truly need doll line that offers more than forty combinations but Amanda was just describing of completions. I tense hair colors. And so what demand even literally get one that looks just like you were your best friend would ever get in it and how they dress they have. Curly hair streaked hair out burial they even went as far as in a bid to speak to and about children dealing with disabilities or chronic illnesses they have doll accessories and include a wheelchair. From her aura diabetes care kit. It's quick and you really can't build pair hit billionaire really you know I can't Teddy bear and even by any any ever credit anywhere okay. And all that kind of closes the same like he kind of. Idea okay so with all that's said and with the understanding that the nation is a little divided over the whole. Girls becoming boys boys becoming girls transgender people issue. Along came the news this week that American girl is introducing for the first time. A boy. To their cast of characters. His name is Logan. The company Mattel sees him as a way to please longtime fans they claim they've been getting a lot of requests were where's my pen. Are all. American girl says it's just meeting customer demands and expanding its market spokeswoman Stephanie Spanos says quote. A boy character has been a top requests from our fans for more than a decade. Adding that along with two new historical characters the toyland this year will introduce more dolls with modern story lines OK we'll see what that works out great right now we're just talking about. A boy that is the other kids until there's a story each girl here's this guy's story because this is the first guy. He's brown hair and he has great eyes which that's weird. Right now it's like I very rare that you joke. Around its sun neutralize. Easy you just call in this thing is he comes with a set of drums. I'm OK and apparently you can play with was that there's another American girl character named Cheney and you know you're too far into this they can play music together yeah yeah yeah. So. Old that's bad right now I don't understand I don't understand and I all auditors and the controversy. And lawsuits so that's how I saw it first electric Syrian that the I'm gonna I'm gonna say that I guess that's why didn't talk about this earlier in the weekend thank god and whatever. I don't think is that David Diehl because I understand from what you're saying they haven't handed way that they've released but I know a girl dolls. They have little Brothers so they don't have made boy dolls power. Yeah I mean that and that's why for me as a product that's it'll they just don't have the boy that is it. The browns are yeah like your kid and how is this any different then Ken dolls sowerby and that's I don't see any difference I don't know what. And I mean to tell you according to the people that are upset in the moment there. Just say with cabbage patch dolls used to just be little girl dolls but eventually I wanna say to cat does fax line introduce a little boy doll to and I don't I don't. Don't understand again problem there were immediate end of cabbage patch dolls were big in what mid to late eighty's yes my mom was really into him and they they didn't have boys politically and me imagine my sister and I were very very end you know and it was a big deal. For kids and the bad guy you know era and I do remember do you know like what it was me and my oldest sister and I and then we had a little brother. And if I see it you know eventually he wanted to play lets us too little and so there were a little little boy dolls is it. Okay quote unquote I mean we all like that again the premise. I think for everybody on the show is doing every won't your children raised then you should be allowed to and we should all stay out your lives and we don't live in the world don't you should. Is it okay for boys to play with dolls yes. And mom says you as the mother of three boys gasoline bomb and if somebody says no is that okay to. That's her opinion entertainment as a mom says no my boy is not playing with American girl dolls that the. You know raising your kid an accent that's your that's got a penny of your parenting I don't think everybody's parenting has to be the same. Interest in I mean beat since we live in this world were supposed to not be homogenized right I it's feels more and more like we're told we have to be right. I I think it's. I know like my sisters they and what I don't know if they were never allowed or my nephew just never wanted to play with a girl all. Blake had one of them and they were OK with it fine and if the other. Like command if Amanda says yes my sister says no I don't think either one is camera right or wrong they're just doing personally what. Is they feels fine for their bull I. Looking back I didn't think admitted that the time is it doesn't as a as a kid or teenager whatever. But looking back and went wait a minute so all we did with boys was we named them action figures. Yes and was okay for us and our time late seventies early eighties to play with dolls that's what they are action figures are as ago so they were masculine GI Joseph he man Star Wars all that crap. Yet is so ever since my sank my youngest son has been little or we are big Disney Channel. Watching household name and just always had an and one of them it. What you that the cartoons that my son likes what is called Sophia the first which is about princess. Who. You know she wasn't at princess she was just like our common person and then she finds out she's. Royalty and doesn't wasn't like a castle the other one is dock and acceptance which is a little girl that's a a little girl that says. I love until the end I when he was idle 20 we were in the books the books section and I blame game. This Sophia the first Murray book you know it that's what he probably loved it and if he wanted and how he isn't kind of Intel like girls and two he's now back. Yeah if he wanted to you by the way and. If you want me to get a document steffens toy eight. Do all whatever I would let him if he wanted to get a Sophia the first tee shirt and guess what I'd let him get it because he loves though so. You know I think that they might not have a Dora explorer doll. But they watch. The mound you know what I mean it wasn't like. Although that's just for little girls so you can't watch is that mentality. That was just expressed by Amanda and on is that emasculated men. Is this an eighteen boys into girls is it making them too feminine are we saw they'd. This in and of itself I understand there's a whole bunch of other things we can look at in society. Where were telling me and they can't be mad but just this in of itself always set them up for failure we sand. Be a girl I do I do girl things watch these girlie shows play with these early doll. I do not like how we have. In society in general try to make men girls. And try to make men feel guilty about not being masculine and aggressive like I think those are all wonderful traits. I like may to be men and girls to be girls so with all of that said it now would you not think this is making them little girlie boys any gimme a break. Barack Obama guy and what I. Not doing what my son as I'm not forcing him to be one where the ad are presenting him with options I'm not and you know if he wants to dole. Played Little League it you know I'd given him that option and if he wants to go do our I give him that option I'm not telling him. You're gonna play football in your gonna do this in any help. But I I ate I allow him if he's interested in Sofia the first heat more Sofia the first but then I'm also. Teaching him to open the doors for women like. I I don't know I believe that I'm a raising how well rounded son that's not feeling like. He have to play football and cast a light blue. Because he's a bowl 08 and this is saying like here's all the options that are bill bolster EUU two's what you want phone numbers 888. 999011. Hi Jennifer. Yeah. It. I declined to say I have three boys and my youngest. There AJ and it's better than his diet and they they would like Barbie doll. That I had when I was younger my grandmother made all the by the close Fleming. So please. Tell you are in Abu grab. That Little Mermaid. Want to date my little pony birthday party when he and six. There are items I Li got him out of my little pony birthday party and I've been trying to find my little pony T shirts for boys. They don't have those regular paint cannot think we're. See there's something very important about what Amanda was just saying. This I love her as a mom. Son we think in society that to be a global eight. Your plain smarts and Giricek Murat offend your your just this. Iraq sensitive here not run and it carried the safety Darren you know you're not these things where. You can be a total Geist he's an open door she's teach them how to be. A gentleman to ladies and to me that's part of being a man so men that are into arts that would never end to sports but doesn't mean they're not a man. Because in other ways that that's our son turns out he just gets an artsy Sox play Little League. But he's still opens the door for women he still treats them like a lady he wants to protect them wants to help them also got a he's still a man when you daisy man. You. Just on an open doors for ladies wanna throw out there for somebody else. Chris Simms and I advise curses and is I have an older brother and I mean I was adopted I'm zeile is enjoyed the things that he liked and I remember onetime offer. Was a show and tell in kindergarten and cry on his millennium falcon and and because I thought it was really cool. And I was made fun of alive forever because it wasn't a girl toy but I mean. I isn't all that stuff is akin to I mean I love glitter and peeing in wearing. You know boots and everything now so I you know I don't think it defines you don't know Iowa thanks to. Club Chelsea Morning and. CC I'm sorry. Hey I squared. Up. IE are now you know where I live average caller area and it clearly. All at. I am I a in a green a lot with everything that he creditors and I definitely believe that there's this societal image that. If we allow little boys and young kids. The things that are at barely pink are rural and blue for boys that organic Europe so for the future you know what I did all of that. Come come I'm black and battered right in front of me because they think it's etched in it at my. That we're honestly allowing most. They get themselves that they are ever going to be I think a three year old little boy lost watched or would I have little brother pat or older sister watched often Dora and now let's play the whole part of the. Our afternoon Carter cash and manly coach. Kids look when I am and I we like the Carol Mann is the guy's guy my husband's a guy's got what we'd like that it doesn't mean were saying that's what makes a man. I've I don't happen to like a guy that knows that knows a lot about a sports even though I don't I like that no. My own I'd like a guy that's a total handing it to fix anything. Even though you're clots the F first aid. Guys that aren't guys guys that don't know sports and don't know how to beat him again that doesn't mean they're not a man you could be manna many in another way Michael go ahead. I know my name is Michael it's. And he it's really frustrating to go I'm seeing is kind of like the aftershock of like kind of like the feminist movement. And then again that I'm not saying as a bad thing. I'm just saying what's frustrating is it seems like over empowerment toward the direction of allowing little girls to have tractors and believe that. A little girls to have track what are what are the in about this brings this week next week yeah this is why I want to bring this up because this story is in reverse. Because the way some people in society see in the so why wanna set the premise of wait a minute we've always had boy dolls out there. That mainly girls played with but some boys do whatever and we've talked a few different ways about how that may or may not be OK given your own parenting style but a lot of people see the introduction of Logan. As the first boy among American girls vast cast of characters. As nothing more than a way to a mass few late little boys further this and confuse their role to become man in other words. The only reason we have a boy doll now is so that your little boys will go out and play with dolls and that's wrong. Now unfortunately. The messenger always gets in the way of this and we have. But a kind of an extremist. Baptist reverend who has led the charge but what you need to focus on more. Is that tens of thousands of people are green with him. And joining him in social media so the reverend Keith on the end of the hill street Baptist Church in North Carolina. Started this whole thing on Monday by sending out a message to his supporters and parishioners. Criticizing I'm sorry Wednesday not Monday criticizing the American girl company saying quote. This is nothing more than a trick of the enemy armor I got to emasculated little boys and confuse their role to become and there are those in this world who want to olds are God's creation of the male and female. The double wants to kill steal and destroy the minds of our children and grandchildren by perverted distorting and twisting the truth of who god created under me. End quote he went on later on TV and said he does not think the boy should play with dolls of why I asked that earlier boy should not play an adult he says. He thinks American girls move will confuse children and then went on to say and I quote. Now you're going to have little boys playing with baby dolls and that's not cool it's we need to get back to our old values and morals. It just doesn't make sense it's not natural for a boy at. Act like a girl it's not natural for a girl wanna be a boy. You've got the government and people who placate this mess instead of telling little boys they can't change the biology and quote now course at the tail end there. He's getting the transgender. He did I get back this is nothing to do that doesn't. Own a realignment all of a religious person to listen cut mine. When we were young there or there were always boys were a little more sensitive than the other boys. That was OK to me that they didn't grow up to beat guy is that it hit its key. I'm sorry I'm not and so he did right now I can get words out and check to act and should producer Christian point she loved and I talked things right. But she's still turn out to be. And it would have been OK she's still did to this day eight so many things go to I had the guy who called I don't either attract dirt. Farm girl they can do exactly what I could do today at this. Should make it and meet the brand is dead and and never milk it. How old there's girls that hugged you know that there on the front honey magazine to move. Apparent that the the funniest part about is soliloquy there was when he said that there's always an enemy. How is added I think there's an adult than any of the devil and act as anyone religious I now predict the I mean is say Ted fine but in the American girl dolls and employee. New addition of the boy line is not an enemy maybe get some real problems we reevaluate what is true enemy is. I just it's it didn't call eight little kids play with toys. It pisses me off that he says boy should not play with dolls oh my goodness like I think it's important for. Little boys to have. First of all like I said options to do what whatever it is but I think playing with baby dolls are blue playing with dolls. It allows children to grow that like nurturing side of them whether it's a boy or girl and I think it. You know learning to hit it the ideal take care of our armed mimic that your team nurturing another person is it important to teach a child I Jeff. Good morning glad. And I just wanna say I think the key is you saw your kid to be happy he. We're all these playing adult I thought I monsters sidebar and these old lineup. While I don't really care I think it just says. You want under your kid to grow up and be happy. I eat you know for root. I'm taking this. A little differently and personal because I I am a Christian and I feel like these type of pastors. They I don't. I sometimes wonder what Bible their green because there's so archaic there are so many women a strain. In the Bible and and these are the type of of pastors that. You know little old lawn and all your good for is having that eight he and at look I get there is a place or. Then that the nurturing that we do was women I think it's wonderful it's beautiful and the strange that a guy can have two lead but guess what women can also have strength to lead and boys can also have. Compassion. And their and their needs to be a place for that. So rob during the commercial break I watch a key question nobody executed for conveying its back in Philadelphia and this ballet studio. Honestly I am. This is studio. Ballet studio for Valentine's Day. They had the dads come and this OK got to show you you girls during the break and the fathers it was just for the fathers to come with her daughter's. They're doing the ballet moves the third daughters and at all. Well let's look you know what that little hands in the that doesn't make him you know less than a man this password probably freak out. One of the dads is like in it to win it you were 22. It's Larry's it's so cute and a lot of these guys look like manly men but you know what makes. Send a man that there'd and it beat involved with their daughter in something their daughter is doing it's the sweetest for conveying. And yes well may can be strong and they should and all of that be protectors they also should be soft enough to do stuff like I just some of the ballet and maybe those guys played with dolls I haven't heard it made them wanna do is what they're girls. Stephanie good and I promise you it's your turn. Good morning I had. I just wanted to tell me and that that she did. Such a beautiful person when she talks about being a mother she just she's often. Well wolf it's yeah you may see her feet and quick break so manic and thanks to make birdies please. Look at you for the next about their phone number is 889899. Need eleven more on this half there. And dawn show.