American Girl Dolls Makes a Boy Doll part 2

Thursday, February 16th


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You're listening to. Anybody and dawn show called Robin. Again dawn. I mean 99 the eleventh or listen on line and ran radio dot com hello. Good morning so that's another deplorable straw boaters here if you happen to believe that. And then there's absolutely right because my hundred your card the more traditional virtues they go the other drag show at. My kid to add to my mom had eight playing with the although I would hit. Well I think her Auburn thirteen are what are you doing it asking for all put bigger groups like the look out of. Actually played with dolls is a kid any. Anti stereotype. I think is fine hello Kelly good morning. Good morning above anybody and darn I made I am normally when Colin that I spoke strongly about the topic. I think that anybody hatred that this was encouraging employees to play at all to do girls think is ridiculous. My knees it's eight years old she had American golf. And that they have a boy don't come out she would probably buoyed by the bully out and stated that a with a girl pals put in a half. And drew the lawyer exploited that three players will have Teddy bears the look that different from them happiness a little. American doll that the boy it was firm and they also make closed. You matched the dolls for the girls so I would imagine he might make matching clothes for the boys like shirt sir believe things are they might do. Fishing gear camping gear salon it's ridiculous that people without. It's also cute baby dolls there's a talk a little boy playing with a baby don't changing his today urgently pretend that we are that. There's something wrong with that was his pastor does unite hands off we'll less willing to. Work ethics up there and my son. The baby doll I guess was teaching him to take care of a baby in the what of what gaming I eventually I would hope that he wants to be a dad Sunday. Mean if he does and that's fine too but if Vicky Gregg as you know I. Want I want him to learn how to nurture an absurd you know another human being hello Christie. Yeah. Hi hey. I'm I knew I wanted to comment I have a good sign and he played at they've been called before and I just don't understand what they'll all what the concern is what they're not their greater Arab like a man attending good dad I mean I do what you did this thing people who are being gone it's Belmont shot to stay home. And you know quit their job need to doubt word bitch yeah it's ridiculous it's cyclical argument. I don't know old look at me if you can certainly make that connection I can just go off what the pastor in North Carolina who's leading this charge is saying the fact that the American doll people have introduced a boy doll. What he's saying is that it masculine it's man. And minutes from Satan and that it's. And and again and again please don't get caught up in what where it started getting more caught up in the fact that he now has hundreds of thousands of followers and agree with the insane. Two to paraphrase and to generalize boys should not play with dolls ever. And this whole thing is part of the movement to create man into women women in the man and generalize everything and and he's getting a lot of some. Or four in OK here's the thing I don't like this isn't black and white you know look I'd love and appreciate if your. A traditional. Household. If you have decided that the man leads. And that use stay home and take care of the children that's it decided for your household I respect back. I don't respect a summer says that's the only way. My husband and I have a pretty traditional home and we both were openly talk about that the roles of the man and woman. That's great it works trust I love that I love to nurture and take care of people. Okay he likes to grind it and do all right Jack as a package deal that we. Close friend of ours so why is the handyman show. Powell's husband wouldn't know what to do what. He's still mum and he's still a good husband I respect that household as well there is no one way to do this new. He finds he you're in a moment of challenge babble well I am sure that it would be to the horror of this pasture whoever is. But that would might want my son was little. And I'd be you know paint my fingernails whenever. He'd come up to me and he or isn't fingernails painted too and guess what sometimes do was think and I just put it for hasn't you know it's just flick. Why you know why you put your kid in this one little box. Hi my dad you talk about the no call shake every little black and they get access they want that whatever who cares is that Derek did turn on my dad. A what did nephews that one that they've grown up to not be a girl. All but you know that the guys it'll sit down under the Tea Party can't let their little girls paid their nails and paint their toes. That's amazing and not be in a girl that's been a dad having a fun little T email told party with your daughter. All right so answer this email RED a red radio dot com also post on FaceBook from Steve. Says so which one is it. Dawn is always commenting about real man. Well these boy is it you are saying it's so cute that they play with dolls are the same ones that you're trying aren't real men when they were up. These boys will be the same ones that you because it was occasion of America later because they're playing with dolls now. I don't even have to speak she you know. If you think that just that alone one doesn't lead to the other. I mean I got to talk to a person like that late have you lived in the world and had any life experience because if you think L one little action a play with a doll there. It turns you into an adult and doesn't know how to function in society doesn't matter be strong and take care of themselves. Your miss a whole lot of other things in there sir I really hope you're not. Raising it sure. The simple act of avoid playing with dolls and let's make it even that plane was maybe girl dolls. That doesn't match laid the boy into becoming too feminine to then be a functioning male adult in your now. And you know what if he grows up to beat feminine in your eyes it still does that mean he's not a guy in other ways for me when I say real men. We come on the show moves fast we do a lot of little things but. What I say real man that's for me there are things the man that I like any guy. Why not save every guy has to be that way when we are conversations about the puts a vacation in America act that is men and women. It's not in just. Met it's not just that it's women to it as as a whole society. There are girls that are too. Week and better to look a sensitive and I mean it works both ways and yes there are so let me be specific with BC don't you be specific in the things right said. I'm it was a vacation of America if you give me a specific. Then maybe I'll say it will yes that's not a man but it doesn't mean that that man cannot be someone who is also sensitive. And does ballet class with his daughter. Well on the ever. Thing is in the news flashes Steve's letter writer of feminine man can't Islam can be a real man I think the pacification of America is. And adults that don't know how to take care of themselves don't know how to adult achy you know get a job that they're still living with their parents has nothing to deal with. Their masculinity or their femininity has the mortgage deal with them and not being able to function in society. So male person who has a job a good job and a career. And let's make him in this example heterosexual he he he knows how to take is woman now and be confident with her. Mom and make her feel secure but he likes to carry a man purse. Whenever it's not my thing still man yet yeah I think you wouldn't do it I I don't want my husband Karina purse. But that does it mean the guy who's carrying a purse isn't a man what do now we're just talking about people's likes and dislikes. Is apple we're supposed to resist a look at what people that we like and what can I heard is attractive would've been the purse hasn't done. That's why he carries it and he has a concealed carry permit an hour talking about it I want and again. Yeah yeah I know guys TimeCrawler. Let's play. I think I'm good or bad I grew up with the cabbage that's all. I'm ready twin brother we both had warned. We both had. And the children you know you would you squeeze bandit three outs that are. But you know I grew up playing with those things in all of in the military and I believe I'm a man band and it didn't change me one bit. Well that's not possible according to some people the literary and pastor is at the letter writer isn't a Baptist already Libya won't come. Thank you down for serviced by the way hello Matt good morning. Good morning. And he's a man contends that the same time I think a lot since Darius come down from a La the traditional conservatives. Feel like they've been under attack for such a long time losses in cannot go to their hyper sensitive. I mean my sign I mean I I would. I grew up. Boys play at blue girl's great people might sound very colors pink and yet he is surrounded by a girl at school all the time so I'm not worried about Yale you know which way he can't follow it's pretty clear but. It's OK for guys like Pete and I never thought I'd say that I had done it like Craig and I can't be fixed you know. He's not yet Trout weirder Audrey I doubt you know let people be who they are and if they decide they want you one way or another just love and support them. What I think now I feel. I'm to his point. Yes a lot of people that are conservative. That have conservative. Viewpoints. Have been shot down for so many years and made you feel awful about being conservative. I so I kind of dole put that in the same category is this. These type of religious people have always existed they didn't like it in the seventies I gave her and the sixty isn't all that when women were getting more liberated. They didn't like that then that that Thursday religious. Fraction. Of Christians or whatever even other religions that's just not just make it Christian that believe there's only one place for a woman in one place for a man and I feel they have. Always existed I. I quit it there's a lot of conservatives would not want to be included in this Pasteur. Has Baptist Church they would not already included in the stuff that he spewing. That is now so I call her am I EI just kind of taking a little issue with something that he says he said. You know his son's favorite color is pink but he's surrounded by girls it. Acts school so he's not worried about which way his son's gonna turn out well guess what if your son turns out gay. In Hughes said all he's not gonna be weird or hotter whatever. It's what if he turns out gay when he grows up he's not going to be weird RI he's gonna be gay and you should love him just the same because he's your son and you want him to be happy so I would say it was worried I would he said he wanted to be when he's not worried because his son is surrounded by girls at school so it's pretty obvious which way he's gonna turn out. I would add in a few comments myself first of all of just because the the words and labels matter so much in this society I hate the use of the word conservative for me because it implies a political persuasion I there is a word traditional. Because there are a lot of people. Particularly for example the African American community who define themselves as liberal but also define themselves as traditional and are horrified by this exact topic that we're talking about it's not a conservative liberal thing. It's or did you get a traditional thing doesn't make it right or wrong. But I just like to get the politics out of it because we like to cookie cutter everybody and that's not how most of us are about 6070%. Dozens cited not that way. Also if you wanna believe that it's fine for a boy or man to love pink and Wear pink great. Just don't tell me that I have to work make it always goes both ways I I still. I understand I'm old school nontraditional. I shun when I see a man wearing pink. Any man. On TV political commentator Jimmy Fallon whatever when I see them wearing thing you know blew up in a way to go back to the initial point a lot of conservatives were paint. Any time I turn on Fox News and I see one of their dopey host weren't they a little Conway doing that. Is that's how I grew up you just don't tell me that I have to change because I'm telling you that you have to wonder why more really quick comment. That that's going to take its gonna take a minute to respond to pick so did this came in because I find it. And and we got to get to the free cash through a two but I don't want to move past this while we're having this discussion literally in the middle of this discussion about. The American doll people introducing. A male doll named Logan and the issues of gender. And in boys becoming girls and all that we got this note from Carmen so there they are related they are related. Okay which is interesting to me I was you these things you know through different prism. Tearsheet is Carmen could be underway it took our conversation and want to ask this question. Parents I have a question. If you have a fifth grade daughter. Would you be cool with her going on an overnight field trip. With a lesbian chaperone. Boy is sleeping cabins with man. Chaperones girls stay in girl cabins with a woman chaperones. So Carmen took the conversation. And turned into a sexuality thing and wanted to pose the question. So would you knowingly Amanda you have what are your kids you did 510145121451214. One on fifth grade close to status of resistor ins and seventh grade okay so let's that's twist it. If you knowingly we're gonna send him this summer camp. Or an overnight camp with a chaperone who was gay eight revert you do that yeah but they're sleeping in the same cabin Amanda. It's OK there's a gay man in that cabin. I'm gay it does not equal child molester okay so to be fair to be fair though make them at why is just a question. Trying to be fair here I'm upset because this woman is probably not only want it all and I don't know Carmen we don't know man or woman and. But would you be OK dawn with your twelve year old daughter being chaperone Miami. Who is sleeping in the same gap. That's the peat that's the position of people like Carmen. I know man is it her uncle now say it's a chaperone and say it's it's it's from the school that can't whenever. Any not words hypocrisy behind him. What their needs to be and other adults flaky you know why be another female why is Obama in a lesbian but not the vote the heterosexual made little less is quite. Stirs let there. It took credit take over a little kid neither are grown men like many I know its sister Larry he's been there once so what's it and lesbians are attracted to females a comfort thing like I think for a twelve year old girl you're more comfortable. With another grown woman adult as and then if URS I demand you barely know in the room it's a comfort thing he really know the lens and an example yes but it's a woman and I understand that my little girl boy it would be more comfortable with the same. Zacks in the brittle and I don't view lesbians as having that conquest with anything that. As of the JJ play you do view man as may be conquest team win no I did it cleared the reason I don't want them man in that room with a twelve a little girl is it's not comfortable far. I wouldn't want a man there with it taught not to I think he's gonna rape me that I wanna just be that a little girls worked as a comfort level. Well I'll give you this exam all my twice Oceana twelve year old girl and she's going through puberty and you have to go now to would. Dinah gynecologist. And it's a male gynecologists. They don't allow the male doctor in the room. Wish just a little girl eight female nurse have to be in the room with that because of the comfort level thing. It did the doctor is. No likely not gonna take advantage of this twelve year old little girl but it's. It comparability. Act in itself I. I would be fine I wish I doubt to being in a room with a little girl as long as there is also another adult. And so it's okay for Amanda coach girls basketball I. Accessible. Horrified by this Lara. But I'm I'm trying to present how bay view I know you are and debut is no different it's like well. If so would you be OK treatment and use that example so you're okay with the 45 year old male coach of your girls. Junior high or high school basketball team being in the locker room while there showering and changing. No it then why are you OK with the lesbian coach being in the air that's how they view it. Which is a great that she's not there is that I don't I. Over your yeah. Think she but she's an order she's a lesbian so she's attracted to women just like 45 year old man this to women she's attracted to women not girls I I I this is disgusting that people placed this on gay people it I hate fact she's attracted to women in the not little girls had a files are pedophile yeah. Yes but I got. I'm not I not okay well with any adult being in the room with any child that showering the male or female so we need some supervision on Jimmy example I gave you like it. Standing in the shower I mean you know in its shall we are we in the locker yeah locker room or what ever and not not like. Creek believe looking I don't care if it's that I run straight woman gay woman straight me and gave me and I don't want. Oh why adults working over my children when they're showering but to adapt and the point of and lesbian and watch seeing my kids or whenever I tell them if I if I work who had had a daughter. I can tell my son was probably. To deal. Not only over night that he had and with somebody not even my parents my my gay lesbian best friends are the ones who watched. Of the box to my son if I had been my dot hurts but it would be totally fine with it new date is not equal child molester we need to get out of our head as to just keep. Well art we got to move on thank you so much by your calls and emails are dear red radio dot com we get cash to give away tax it is time for the free cash anyway dogs out there I just business we are working on us songs from schoolhouse rock got one. Cut to. Cut three. None have been identified yet only a few hundred dollars cash those are songs from schoolhouse rock we need the names of the songs. And and eight would actually appeared that he and remember schoolhouse rock. One. Clock to. Cut three. Numbers 88898998118889899011. We will take caller eighteen right now will play the montage two more times and give you a chance at 200 dollars.