American Girl Dolls Makes a Boy Doll part 3

Thursday, February 16th


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But you don't. 98 rock. ER excuse dot net. You're listening to them. And dawn show called him any time at any teeth in 999011. Or listen online and read and Rio de La. Email REE ran radio Don comes along once again ready for the every catch freeway again and 915. First 300 dollars cash songs from school house rock don't repeat the gases than the email it would send them but this is from Eric just there I'm gonna make an exception here because he says I have a guest for the three cash out the free cash freeway he wrote three Cashman freak aspect. Number one not sure it's. For Juno idea. Number three your guess is as good as mine. This schoolhouse Sami there is that okay Eric says I just wanted to be like all the other maggots and send in some blame guesses. I also want you guys know that you are awesome yeah the my friend Daniel day and Danielle is right you guys are nice guy he's better than any other show. Very. Back just a little every now and then give it. That's right but that's O concrete yet yesterday won't blow blow you up back it up yes and you look. Every on them they're watching it we do we and it's often it. That really incites emotions in people and weave in and and it's it's me almost not worth it to revisit the next day especially since the next day is Friday. I want so but I do and has got some really good emails and and and some of them are very challenging and so I wanna go back Tuesday that the topic started with. The discussion. That the American doll that. American girl American girl doll sorry has added a boy Logan for the first time ever elect an image shows it's a bull worry you name so it's super cool and while many people including myself and I'm on the outside looking in I don't understand no kids and all the southern dunk. I just I'm like OK so it's like Barbie has Canada but. There are other people say no this is a doll that is designed to turn boys and girls and really are always insist targeted at boys boys should not be playing the dolls all that law so we had the full discussion and then it. It went further than that about you know what is appropriate for your boys your girls to be engaging in so I picked out we I mean we get. Probably hundreds I'd know my dash of female journalist captains on them so I wanted to pick out some of them and give everybody a chance to comment as as much as we could. RED a red radio dot com this one's from Alex Alex Amanda you told a story wasn't about your panel long or another one of your kids. Yes three of on the panel wants the youngest who do you. Who was fascinated by you paying your nails and you paint his mails. Yeah outlet night when he was younger. And I went I would pay my nails. He. Wanted his now it's been good until and I don't see a problem and I know. Don't keys since younger 123. For all to notice furry. Our round for our girls started to be gross and anything that girls like started being grossed but. Two and three certainly super fascinated with that and that's when. He. Wanted a baby doll and all that kind of nurse actually not so pain is nails. Paint senior boys fingernails come on that's a little too much. Okay what ever first of all let's Alec. It's like enforcing my children to do. Girl things like oh come on boy you guys are gonna do these girl things because I only did he still accepting of everything in public know. My Seles to end fascinated with me paying my fingernails there's. It's just and it's so frustrating to meet because why shouldn't fool to have be able to how does nails painted. He's prick didn't you know I mean even if you want to do OneCare at just what is the problem with him. Letting me in Europe child. Have all options presented and that you know I I often wonder late. So it's heartbreaking. On one hand. For me that we don't have our own children in the house. But the positive is it allows my husband I have a whole lot more time. To dedicate to begin that paralyzed niece's death he's God's children and if you're the parent of your okay your time goes to bat first strike so. I've had the opportunity I think the parents haven't of course sanity rather kids have their kids play with but when you have an opportunity to I dedicate mortgage and all these other kids that are in your life. Or even your charity stuffed animal world as fans living and little boys like commander described I'd I. I can count I don't have enough fingers. Okay to count how many times a little boys that age I am fascinated Jones and optical. Always wanted to pay it. Seven are still coming back to 08 now I know I mean. I've heard this guy that he would look cheered probably isn't shoot real all know. That's only want girls to just two and three. They just they just looks neat. So don't give her girl to date in the mud. Guys are you can't be curious about a car engine nerve gas. Tracks no absolutely. Not the other I'm always I don't know a lot of fascinated winds at that age make act. And guess what yes he wanted to know where my spark Ilia lip glossed when I was but now. Islet cost idol and it's totally okay for children to explore those things. On the other side we got this from Tyler they tire says hi my name is Tyler we now. Taylor I'm 23 year old dude and on demand are absolutely correct about young little boys having their fingernails painted by their mom. My mom was a manicurist for six years. When I was growing up and I would do exactly what Amanda said her pattern one doesn't guess what I'm not a girl and not that it matters I'm completely straight okay. Then there's this from John. They charge says I'm forty year old father of two boys ages one and three I agree with some of the things that don't know man to have said but no no now. My boys are boys and I will raise them as voice I will teach them the right things in life. As in how to treat a lady and be respectful because I refused to raise my children as these more feels that. And brewer. Enactment and oh yeah but no dolls dolls are for girls. Boys play with. Action figures so that's the way I feel I will not change that and my wife agrees with me and they will not world where girl clothes or change any thing. Related to girls because they are boys. That is good for you when your wife and your Family Guy is how do you have agreed because you're going to raise your children. Goal for it just don't tell me that I have to raise my boys the same way the year raising your boys and by the way. If your boy it turns out that he's gay it wasn't because you put the nail polish on it. First let me was it. Is he had adult when he was tight. I need people a little out aren't saying. And guess what mr. traditional family man. What I totally appreciate that but there is a likelihood today York's the suns who've never played with dolls have never painted there. Fingernails have never been able to do have experience any of those types of things guess what there's a possibility. Don't want your sons is gonna grow up gay it has nothing to do with any of the black. You're allowing them to do when Dalton fingernail polish. She lets stay with the control overseas. Facility in extended into we we had an email on FaceBook posts from somebody who somehow so our conversation and then turned into the hypothetical question if parents. If you have a daughter fifth grade daughter thing they said. Would you let her go to camp and overnight sleepover with a chaperone. Who was a woman but also a lesbian so we discussed that we got a lot of reaction this. This one's from loyal maggot listener Isaak. I ice it says dawn is being an incredible hypocrite I'm fine without actually but let me here I am in this case that's not men's pro. Other links are try to get ahead. The letter writer who asked about gay or lesbian chaperones was not implying that all homosexuals were predators rather. Was trying to point out the hypocrisy that dawn herself is displaying. Again I'm OK with it is true that not all homosexuals are predators. But it is also true that not all adult men are creditors. So if you have no problem with a 45 year old lesbian being in the same room overnight as your daughter. They usually have no problem with a 45 year old straight man if your teenage daughter or preteen daughters in the locker room there should be no difference between her coach supervising if he is a male. Or lesbian female bear that is not necessarily the comfort of the child because those children trust respect their coaches in most cases. Most children's concerns with nudity and body image are direct result of how adults convey the fear into their children. And that's where I'm Candace talk about a male Donna. Ecologist. The female nurse is not there for the comfort of the child. It is they are to avoid litigation on the back is behalf because accusations can be seriously damaging its other mitigating risk get over its. OK I got. I'm so this isn't a case of hypocrisy which Kennedy finally bat and I really care shares are raining you can call me that you're gonna have sat me except one and all get over written. You know the line now and I'll say it beat ASU's so this is this is a product of you not open up your ears listening QB. That going back to. We'll get to the at a college and a second also obviously that Amanda address this buffoon I am obtaining this DS. It is our about a comfort level that this this is about it's not the same you're mute you. It's not the same he's trying to say. Indiana is letters in crunch along Libya's letter that is the same as. But the lesbian there's nothing shiny thing with the girls will not on the senator tried things with girls done. Load the united bad I don't all middle age generally had a and I. You feel more comfortable with an adult woman. And in the room then you do a man you're nodding your brain going he's gonna rate meet you just feel more comfortable with the woman in the room. You just do what I don't did you understand that. Dude and look at Carl does a man does not stupid and Michigan defenders out because stupid she also does it end up for litigation and women who have gone into the what the gynecologist as. Being young guns are not women being young little girls their comfort level having another woman standing in the air all of look at your. Yeah I had said. Even and some men try to get it on woman land they have no idea Ballard talking about. It's revolution common use. My god when she was. That would darn good but I I have that happen and even when I was pregnant at that OB GY endeavors and at. I am my regular female doctor went and on the enemy old male doctor was and there are. I did my check at an all that stuff and everything that they have to see and feel and touch and open up not sell off hand. There was no nurse there with me and I was so triple H it is yes obviously it's litigation wise and malpractice and all those that are we know that. But it is also comfort villainy hello Chris good morning. Good morning until look at myself now yeah. Are all good questions this is this course a mass index teams with Magellan is dead cult and a little bit ago. You know you you said that you know he I think it is unfair colors pink and then he can reference say you know he knows recited some guess followed no. I hate myself if I had a son I had a guy that I had done I will want and DJ for Q redo the ones. It's still uphill battle for them left or right you know they did still hardest still a huge demand to. I happen this great lifestyle they had my opinion wrong and it hit between wrong if he doesn't want the first son and if so why is my opinion wrong in your strikes. I'm not saying that your if you don't want your child to be gay. You have to watch your child NBA and I understand I'm a firm and gave family members and friends and everything I understand the challenges that come along when you are gay and nobody is what stitch she used. Ted goes through. Everything it DL and hate crimes and all that stuff nobody wants to choose that. Absolutely and if you want your child to be gay. You know have to want to act. But guess what if they do end up being gay it in there and they are not weird they're not. A lot to like big I was inferring. And eat dairy your child you want them to be happy and you love them regardless so that's a point that I was trying to make it because he was inferring that. He his son it would be weird our ride because he likes pink eating right and. Day August let me ask you this manner do you believe that being gay is a choice. So. You're born that way yes but you don't necessarily know ahead of time that your child is going to be born that way and what the caller was saying is. That being gay is an uphill battle. I would agree without agree with that as well right it's a little harder even in this day and age with more sentiment is just so. Let's hypothetically make this personal. I'm in love with a black woman if we decide to have a child. We know it's more of an uphill battle for him or her period and Astoria and in 47 ain't even more. I. I'm so white woman but hopefully I have seen. It seems to be harder for the kids that are half white half black he has. Sometimes the black community that it doesn't accept them the white community does then I don't know where to go I don't know what side beating either got to be one of the other. So using the colors logic. I would knowingly be bringing a child into the world. And the unlike being gay and you don't know your child's gonna be gay. But I know my child's going to be part a product of an interracial relationship. And part of an uphill battle so my my cruel. No higher child abuser and why do that's. I will go more new killer that and then back with our new. You can get a test when your pregnant to find out whether your child is gonna be born with Down syndrome or not. And you can't and can be. You can make the decision to terminate the pregnancy are not as many do I wrote about it a few years and many do now. But there are other people there like no this is my child I loved them yes it's going to be challenging but there are going to be. So loved and have as you know such a wonderful life and yes sir going to be challenges that we all have challenges in different ways. And is that they're gonna be strong and loved and a wonderful person and I'm gonna go ahead and how my child. Knowing that bared on Centre. So we agreed. That the premise of the call is idiotic. Because all kids have an uphill battle and yes some have more of an uphill battle to end girls that are homosexual those that are biracial those that are handicapped etc. etc. But it's not a reason to not have kids not raise your kids not love your kids or is it. Are are those of us who knowingly do it. Whether I know because I'm having sex the black woman might be a racial or whether in Amanda's example I know from the ultrasound the kid's going to be. Have Down's syndrome or or or or or be disabled. I should abort that it right is this true rule because they're gonna have an uphill battle. Let premise I being hit debut as the Perry and EU as a person have to look what's inside yourself if you were not able. Two. Face those challenges that your your child is going to have that's whether it be gay. Interracial handicap. They will each day you need to be irresponsible look at those factors of whether you're capable of being a parent and I and I think that I. What it comes down to have agreed on that. But not bring indicated in the world because an uphill battle that's absurd it's always an uphill battle. You you bring up the Down's syndrome you know a few times here and it it. The you know you're talking about is it crew ruled today and bring them in. I forget what country it is but I I I eat I lost it for a few hours I was so mad and crying. I forgot them there's a country that is so proud that they feel that they'll be they'll have downs and eliminated soon. Because every single parent there that is told that their child has Down syndrome they aboard it. Every single because they don't want any downs in your children and you know what a wonderful genocide one. Thank you one of my greatest friends her sister in law or her brother married or rather they told. Your child's gonna have downs and Jean wanna aborted and they don't believe in abortion which they have every right and I believe in abortion. And they're like no this puppy be organ melodic. Today that kid king is as normal as normal lot Haiti's in Portland not know how downs and you know isn't huge tool dean found. About that look there's a huge Don but it does speak to that. I about the countries there there is that a huge issue he winds. And they ended in warfare and I. Children in there and Russia I believe that have a huge inroads. Population of orphans. Down syndrome children. And and then they try to hide them from society and these kids are in these and the ease of of orphanages and nobody's there to like hold them and love them analysts have because they're trying to hide them from society. On the very happy note we have to move on to the pressure cookers is our daily trivia game when we play every single day although we don't get a winner every single day shirt around distribute deeply I didn't know what are you don't get get five right in thirty seconds if you do we have a pair of tickets for you to see Bon Jovi live. Tuesday February. 28 was and then Sarah we can. It's easy shot. None of this matters unless your collar team right now. Numbers told free from everywhere 8889899811888989911. Call every team plays the pressure cooker for Bon Jovi tickets right now.