Americans Don't Understand The Constitution

Thursday, September 14th


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If anybody in John. The Iran Iranians are. Gabriel my game brown says I just heard Brandon doing the turkeys sound. And realize that Thanksgiving is really. Two months into week. Jelena my question. Small and is that Turkey brine going to really stupid story sorry I used it two years ago it was amazing and I need it again yes I need and I am monkey. Am also a lazy millennial isn't gonna go out two days worth Thanksgiving by all the fresh herbs he tells. I think it hierarchy. Totally order of the previous ask crazy and doesn't mean there's plenty for everyone to go around but we're weeks away to stay tuned for announcement settle down you. That we had this from seem Exxon. Known Sean is SH AWM four SEA and I've seen things. Not bad guys as Donna and I and I need to stop talking about celibacy said the show easy banned from talking about. Children because dumb dawn and I don't have kids but Amanda does have kids just part of shelf so I'm fairly the purpose for the for the for the better scenes says he's. And then you're talking about kids I have four kids might raise them without diving and all is bull crap new age parenting. I hate participation trophies and all those feel good crap all this feel good crap because it only hurts the kids and are there make parents feel good. Anyway you guys are right on the money and should continue because about more people like you want our kids are screwed and the letter writer slamming Don and rob goes socket. Again just because you don't and just because they don't have kids of their own doesn't mean they aren't intelligent enough to see what you're doing wrong that's nice seemed fine no argument a guy like. Plus you know the other thing I really annoys me about all that is that whether someone has kids or not. The way you only should you raise your children affects everybody did and I'm a citizen of the United States oh. It does affect me how you decide to raise your child or raising the next generations and affects everybody has excellent he's is that he's got kids so yeah I have a say in it chooses that they. Let's find out what kind of citizens on his in the United States guy got a good one this headlines should surprise no one. And that never listens to any of our callers whenever we try to have an intelligent conversation about anything. Headline reads Americans are poorly informed about basic constitutional provision of. Shell practices where you get all the more on this speech no it's not about where you work and the right producer does anyone know you don't know be discrimination now. So Billy Miller let's say in school whatever grade and as I learned that to happen and you just move on. Why why can I didn't know all your country is literally has drawn every half true ball don't wait. Dressing because that's where you are dumb ass comments like I don't they just let me let me ask that that's the thing that. The positive and negative of being in a free society we don't we can learn it once we don't have to retain it no way. Right which is the beauty of what we're not forced to a mandated and all of that but the second part of it is we end up shouting out things like she's sad. Al and you know ignorance is just an enormous hot button for me out a specially ignorance about the nation. Many Americans are poorly informed about basic constitutional provisions go according to a new national survey by the Annenberg Public Policy Center. Is stating it mildly based on the results of this this it. I rarely surprised at what they crap society we are hard. This one I had to delve into and really take a moment to read and go wow OK I mean I guess works the more further gone and I thought poker in this area and you. We'll see her thumb OK so remember this is not these questions. About what you think should be the law so now or the constitution these are questions. About your knowledge of what is written and well now it's very important failed to how yeah. Look this stuff about what I what I question what someone says and their stupid little comment sections I know we should never read a news sites because he had slept and I always tell your research that you speak any your beer bar. Diego whenever. If if you need to look around these up I'm going to be very disappoint well. They've pretty disappointed. Yes sorry dad. Can I can any and you all know now named any. Own the rights guaranteed under the First Amendment. Oh that guns no that is ink dry on the second Amendola. Or any of the amendments. Any of the rights guaranteed under the First Amendment well under the fur I'm sorry payment is any any amendment that was my bad. Well I heard Sam say I'm too nervous free press OK there's one. The whole lot of freedom of the press for eight months and religion 300 lives yeah. And it'll be odd. And protests in the preamble we protesting right assembly. The first. Okay yeah yeah. This is a loan documents. We have a press religion and assembly. And down speech speech and then this is the hardest ones remembered it because I really it's that I it was beta on speech. Hot hot hot hot hookup come on guy. This one is the right to petition the government's. Warehouses storing data is boring. And and for the most part you guys got them in the order that people who could named them Dana let but. The number one answer that most people know. Any of the provisions of the First Amendment was freedom of speech but less than half of us knew it. Only 40% could say it's. I'll eat freedom of speech yes and less than half that's right that is the big N is well. As what are you free religions the biggie but that's the best the one. Then most of us know AM yeah most of us don't know it because less than half Missouri 40% second was. Obama about freedom of religion. Only 15% knew that well yeah. Only 14% new freedom of the press. Only 10% new freedom of the assembly see her freedom to assembly and the only 3% in the right position guy this half make you feel better no. I think everyone knows about those they just realized it was the first that that does not make. At all. Especially women back by this. 37%. More than a third of us cannot name any of the rights guaranteed to buy a person and a non volatile. Bono yeah. A hundred. And that's the least offensive of the questions. Okay let's do this one name all three branches of the government OJ did let our home. Know about judicial as old and I like Torrey abilities untrue or did you just executives. He worked with us or are you worried yeah. Judicial thank you know. I don't smoke Hmong people know that. How is the last one is it's illegal. Candidates but I really thought this is Libya highlighted while we can add radio this morning the was doing good so far this. Not legislate. And again executive judicial and legislator Dana now 33%. Could not name any of the three branches losers. We've heard about what it's like we're going to. We'll leave Atlantans. It's like. Only a quarter. Americans 25% could actually name all three of them of course you guys do as a group so in my own although they're doing those are good America's troops and go to CI this is I guess we're a team is in the nation this is a yes no question. Is it accurate to say that immigrants who are here illegally do not have many rights under the US constitution. Yes. It acts. That's incorrect it is not accurate to say that. Immigrants were in the United States illegally share constitutional protections with US citizens. Including due process rights under the fourteenth amendment's equal protection clause I thought they just got medical care and other cases and expand upon those rights once you're on the sovereign soil of America you are you are given. The same basic rights as any other citizen of America so yeah and that's why I wanted to point out the beginning. It's not what you think should be a law because in this this day and age and anti immigrants and pro immigrants there's a lot of dual eligible grab let's not I was asking whether you agree that. A nasty weather you know the law and the law is yes they get the same basic rights. EU murder someone you get the same right here illegal and you murder somebody at the same rights yet yes he's he's due process under the American judicial system just like because you don't like it then you know yeah argue the other never go back to them than famous story of the ninety's. The guy who was in Singapore and got Cain the firm more than analyzing the car. Because that's their justice system he was an American citizen. In their country and we need them the whole world has agreed in fury in that country you abide by their judicial system so they get due process they get a lawyer right assigned to them things like that now. They still then can be deported after work but there's still gonna go through June the judicial process under our laws. I think I guess it horrifies me because I find ours to beat. I mean there's no perfect system right but as close as you're gonna get it done so you're really didn't you know. You're really great treatment for not mean some of his citizen and you just murdered somebody. Keep in mind that's a very extreme example but it's yeah. All the way don't murder. One Baghdad means lets see but doing. More than battling more than half of Americans incorrectly think that. If that that's an accurate statement 63% of us say yeah he writes that's totally wrong and so bogus and they're saying that's the law and how they think you should. Yeah see what's next so farm very impressive. Sorry yes. Sorry what about this. Do US citizens US citizens. Do US citizens who are atheists. Or Muslim. Have the same rights as all other citizens he. Stood in because only 21% of Americans and yes. Thought I had. An apple wow. US citizens. Who are atheist or Muslim have the same rights as all other citizens a oh yeah so. You're gonna you know it wasn't is that what it should be it would still be horrifying yes I would be. How many people think that. Are they give so members. It was a 79% ready to do reverse death. Yeah. Yeah yeah 789%. Yeah. That's why. He's now I'm afraid we're not America we start doing crap like that this white people escape to come here so then wait they did answer I should question. So those are just based on your knowledge so and based on the fact we've now established the First Amendment freedoms speech and all that there was a question. Do you use supports. Allowing congress to stop the news media from reporting on any issue of national security without the government's approval. I know now I do not support that's. 40% of Americans do. Okay well you're no longer American and knows as much as it may make you mad. I didn't the elite things that may put our men and women in jeopardy which does suck it also makes an and it also makes me mad when people were flat. Vlad and then does it make you America anymore when you have bagged government check off what you can talk about in the press are you kidding me. What's really horrifying about that one is the way this phrase. Support allowing congress to stop the news media for reporting any. Issue of national security without government approval. Big blocks here. Well there's going to be immigration is going to be ice isn't going to be movement marched through snow in the box international's. Jersey and only all premature on the same page as country and how crappy. Politicians who run this country and yet these folks wanna get. Our next. Great job let's do more to a five hole hello it's a peak good morning. Good morning you know what I just what are you guys. You know you make everybody pay better because comedies aren't. Hey good every morning. And then Don got why easier you can Google. And now she's you know she's a lot smarter now and out you know he's always Rodney he knows everything else. But you know lagging as far as thank you guys because it's 00 and ends. As I am retired and I started working again and I gave it. Horrible and thank you similar. To go to war almost I. I'm really glad I just have one beef with you very much I'm always talked on the show. Too much. Yes I giggle lots and you know lies and smarter yeah that's not her but he does say she's just giggle triggered. She uses over that she uses his gaggle did not say just now know not say you just. Ever since I started to show that is that they let me. People would you. Friday closely. Are you kidding me talk all the time and again that's not least Saturday and you are not bad brand and use my right word you were shrieked I need as they space you. Do and give you wanted to say you know. Alan warning the guy I don't buy your next name. Sure I'm. How does that make you comment on that I'm atheist in the in my dorm you the question hey you're talking about yeah. I I believe that there is why people got a question go wrong if you look at predominantly Christian country. I mean you ask alignment usually sleep for gadgetry religion were predominately trichet everything in this society we have this god we're on a Bible and I don't. Right so why would that if it's let me let me just pretend dissect your premise why would that then affect the ability of someone to have the knowledge. That even though using your words which can get to a moment worry Christian country. The whole whole point of the First Amendment is freedom of religion so you're an atheist or Muslim you have the exact same rights and that's not what they said. You are now and I fully agree with that they do obviously downright vicious they're bird flu I think they look at it by its way. I. Yes. Absolutely I mean you mention for the judge or an old Christians out there and I'm a Christian meant only to judge other religions we held back just. It's you don't like atheist right and you don't like it. Muslims which is very salaries and I don't know if they're thinking too much like were they thinking. Because they worry it and surreal law we're not gonna except that like that. Nene knew hey I know and melanoma that they might look at the whole survey gas none of these people were against him.