Another Over-priced Ugly Pair of Jeans

Friday, May 19th


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Armies they've gotten this close from Sharma says random question. Little while ago Amanda was talking about a hangover remedies that are Brenda. I can't remember what it actually was they would take I have my wife's thirtieth birthday coming up. And we are spending the weekend in Tahoe drinking and. Oh yeah. So my best friend Sylvia has come up with this magical. Hangover cure what it is back. I think he can get money Amazon or probably like Angie and see that there's a pill. And it's called. Are you send the letter are the latter you 21. And it's just said. Herbal pill. RIA. Her vitamins and mutt ever and that's magical pill and then he also go and pick out those little packets called emergency. And you so you take a pill and then you make an emergency which you just have to down and it tastes currents to. I orange juice and well yeah it's bad and I. Yeah Shockey organic saying theme he take it. Alienate the emergency download them down the emergency before you are under and then when you come home. You do the same thing could take the pill again did emergency wake up the next morning. And fly. And when you Google the are you 21 yeah just make sure you don't click on the you know the at the drop down bar. Don't click on RU 4860. Boy that's a whole different hell boy is say no not gonna help you let them help pillows that I'll Google it you'll find out. Now. At this time Brandon told me to Google blue block full. Down Google and sell her out. We all agree ray EEE can you nude every want alone cannot hurt anybody else of course Andre and we have a right to judge you for what you do when you shouldn't care turner. Or actually I so I'm gonna judge people not. Is this is gross it. According to a new study. We are and we are now in modern times an all time high of women or not shaving their armpits yeah I ask oh yeah. I saw so many could not bits blog a pretty apparent in my needs is where you. It was cool reminding you know all OEM. And she is so adorable she comes. Off the slopes the snowboarding she's just adorable. Block in the bar all the guys are looking matters she seems to suffer to check hectic has this to examine the whole howl boys. I saw so many. Girls her age with hole. I was like yeah but we haven't had much say whatever appearances this spring. And it is is the younger crowd going into the survey in the study. Only 77%. Of women under 24 are shaving their armpits and he's one and four aren't so. Those four years ago 95%. Today Porsche A mean and so that's how it just four years it's that is huge turnaround. And the percentage of women who shave their legs has dropped. By AM another 7%. 15%. Do not shave their legs just a light moment there eager arms wish I am. High ball screen in amazing and make it has minister and his party told -- that things still wilds yank your. You're not dealing and doing it for different. Resent laziness than they are yet cannot go on George I'm pretty sure you're up yeah and obviously before I was on my clean at all. This is just so. So one camp. Do not mind it girls at a salon aren't getting married doesn't bother me and I probably even one save my armpits. If my home my when I had my kid my hormones change and that is now. I used to be able to get away with not wearing deodorant now I can't get away with it it's like I think makes him so much more stinky and I just play clock set and half thanks. I wouldn't want to hear and I feel like you would track the scene. So that's the only thing for me otherwise I would totally do it that's. You feel about the hair you are at their region yes it's traps than. Listen oh yeah and then why you don't want it it's not a it's not a. Places like I'm grossed out by my own body hair it's for me is because Obama cro mag and I. I'll tell you why and where women should be should not have hair under their arms and on their legs and it's just. Icky well my niece the whole history on it yeah. Course he's. As a whole and mean Spain. And it was because demand that we started shame she goes away. And she's got all good history on that yes he's like away Italy to free ourselves. To grab the campaign. And she's so I knew what we used to own slaves finds chain and a she's trying to for you every she's sorry that's a little deliberately then don't. Don't change and NBA and find guys will be attracted an analyst funny there's always the weird those. Well I'll play. I say when I just went on when I was like thirteen or fourteen and Madonna had hairy armpits I thought that cost could. Grew up a little bit there's always weird. Everything is in somewhat weaker than somebody for everybody. And the guys are even their legs in the girls are now it is just flip this heinous and got his guys three guys have given their legs and their arms. And they're not all cyclists and they're not always live and they're not all of you know the views about the again and all I know they just think it's fine do. But just remember there's going to be and you shouldn't care in the new claimants were walking by when you're an idiot. A couple from a about seventh grade did so I think it was maybe a 2526 I shaved my arms. Not because I was a growth stock hair anything I just thought it looked sexy so I did it for years and years and years to shape your arms your. Out of CNET TC you're a girl I don't care though I let it all irony Karina and I don't care about hairy arms around her as a man I. I don't play with a man nice to be embarrassed that it but then I don't know some happens any self confidence you don't care and other people think I even have a good insulated your nails likes. Sheriff four or email pay like I'm fine with it. You're just as I'm down. Maybe they're trying to sell you software I think they're just doing their job or Moscow would see in the services we cannot get punish them with the red dead. I'm you know I don't hear is. Is if you commit another got an extension this all these stupid fashion trends that we've been stuck with most lately most often lately the student jeans trend of course we had the one just the past month we've had a company saw in see through James Harris. In the genes they call and see through genes in the mode polyurethane yeah pounds of venom and honored. The priest stain it with faith in my genes oh yeah so that's our it's 400 yeah. Grace and so you look like you've been out working. Leave that and and now all of a company called Y project has created and is selling. They can be on the hook to just below your crotch and transformed into skimpy hot pants and second all lower. So it's just it's kind of like if if it if you ever conceived won't call a breakaway chance of basketball players where it's kinda like that but not really so little bass players are warm up and sweats. And then at some point they'll rip off there's less and their shorts are under it's not that. But it's kind of the easiest way to describe it on the radio this. Version of the vote cargo shorts is that zip off I mean there's barely you know cargo piceance and and you zip their leg off and they become sort. And I I think I think so based on the way the day that they describe it. The genes which are available on classic bull who. White and black they have they fastened together just below your crotch and under your butt. You're just call you just pop a mosque he did not know what you do with your pant legs then. Good now you're walking around in shorts we got these pant legs. But you just whip up your carry short seller okay sir welcome genes first I don't know what you're attacked by a button error rate bright blue you're eager to bring below your crotch and on your buck. Casey walking down the street. In jeans and you go. I want of the insured so yeah cook. You're on button your genes and genes and genes short spiral you do with the gene I thought god and intermingled personally can't jackets they. Your hand it's in the unfortunate what I notable put up the story on basement scenes seem there's. Which I'm print out on our black and white printer and it's hard to see but there's there's there's there's the genes in the news rip them off and they aren't short short. I hate those ten genes that go all the way if you're always another stupid trend. It's. I know you didn't. In the eighties and nineties that was normal book we even know about low rise yet then so that's what everybody wore low rises in the best invention ever hiring is all. And it pulls out into the it looks terror aren't and a and especially when you see the price you girls are really embody and even pull off being the high rise in the low you know and I like I do agree I played well you talk a lot. Than if your handy and I like him kind of looks alleged shooter in the I issued Sunday the low rise helps everybody tiger really does it's. Easy I've seen otherwise attractive women are high right highways. In and I'm Natalie now that came off. That's when I was a kid and teenager and I want is now oh yeah. Well Fermi he had I'd do a blanket and. On because our eighth in the winter I have sons vintage like seventies style old. So letters she. I feel it's an end and that a mom in this and then. Fashion as well Fullerton is the well his goal Bernie yeah at the end of the better I like that fashion so I had some letters that go with those I really did. Mean even. Care like apple does that mean that the idea in the end like we always say that you shouldn't care that are walking around calling you an idiot but you do have to tell. How hot sauce are. With this if I I yeah I just go oh my god your bio that he didn't. What's your wonderful person I could but there are lots of people like me who are thinking Ernie. Els saying you don't say it to Deanna what you did the persons are. And I go oh yeah now yeah I mean look at for some reason that they came up right you know those are really stupid Nancy shouldn't K well that's really stupid face a hi how dare you sit here and say you know I'm now. The RA. OK here's some disgusting people thought. Oh. That that line only sends enough 321 more and more Americans are marrying people of different races up that's so awful. Reaching at least one in six newlyweds and Tony fifteen. The highest proportion in American history according to a new study that was released yesterday. A giant jump from fifty years ago when the Supreme Court ruled interracial marriage was legal throughout the United States. I can't believe that was illegal in your parents' life. Almost everybody. It was a legal and necessary or has. Okay yeah you view blacks and whites you can marry so cruel as some might smear the cool and for those you don't get the opening line and I and I am in love with a black woman so that's why in the end I fact I sent her this story. What they had line boy these people are discussing. Because this is this is the signal that he well. Yeah it is the Macy's. Beam. Elaine the most likely to marry someone of a different race are Asian and Hispanic women and those are the most likely people to go out of their race or. And their comfort level. The least likely to consider someone a different race are both white and black women don't crafts. All of the most common in your marriages were between a Hispanic. And white that's the most common interracial marriage that we have an America good lovers one Hispanic and once they're here. The next most common it was between noise and married a the the next us. Yeah was between all whites and Asians house. So tiny you can sing. How many former. Was allowed to kind of be like buying some kind TI my fiance is he's German and an island I. Sherman island area that does count yeah because they're also in the survey they're good they're going through ethnicities death as well I had a German wines they. He's canceled I don't. Saying that she if was blow. Gaffe when he pulled his dance I don't know I had no idea what the Germans. You represent. Let's call this a very clearly and you're right. So it was a boyfriend Todd Sand. For one night yeah yeah a lot of things on it. Now. We still have of course is not news anyone we still have some racism in America for. So who's thinks this is a bad thing when you see when he's when he's seen this study old boy right you see the headline more and more Americans are marrying people of different races than ever before that though is most likely think that's bad wolf fortunately I have the answers story. He most likely people. To say it's a bad thing to marry outside your race are black man get. I told CNN on the Oprah Show no well. Number one on the west. Women not so much. I even though they're the ones least likely to marry out of their race which is interest and they don't think it's a bad thing there's not one ever attracted us home keys. And I think it's a bad thing I could judgmental as a bad thing also. If you're if you're least educated those high school or less those or less educated you thing and mad at her allow no surprise here. People who live in rural areas again stereotypes exist juries and grand okay. Our lives and that represents all well yeah yeah yeah. Jonathan not represent all Germans it's. The Americans. Actually know that because you know he's rural area everyone's accepted. Well a couple of bad. Also know the Republicans are twice as likely to think this is a bad thing more stereotype that how can you Graham you stay in Europe and they get more options already and you know why because I don't know why don't want to oh I did wrong why did you write a guy I think. Maybe Mexican republic is it gives mad. Quietly he just buried and me three Mexican Republicans. I'll Mexican okay yeah and doesn't understand it out that's not great as Chris. Easter isn't. Yeah ten is for Mexico luckily movie exhibitors I thought Ted Cruz's father was the one that and the whole trump Fidel Castro thing. And cruises from. And he's Mexico and Canada but he's explaining his dad was given either way you set out. And applies as American Marco Rubio is Cuban and that's one of them and instead cruise so tankers dad is from Cuba. Was born in Canada question or more. I appreciate you are doing with music school fun so yeah. Both Hispanic yeah there's any I'm sure there's no money in one well see here's the thing is unfair is that I'm sure there are some like Garnett. Is gonna sound. Now right yeah. Possibly a funny little lie in the now and wait until what I say it didn't check says. And that the news is on misrepresents all republic. They will say this cool. So so politician and I'm right in Italy Hispanic named Rodriguez ul is an artist and the Lohan and her name yet. He panicked and I the next you know it's unfair about this is you know Laura. You probably the governor of Iowa is my point guards are brands and tell me now because I think he has left because he got a job in the trump administration I don't know who were we. Probably already know some names that are assembling there is some disc brakes. There's a lot of politicians in the state needs district each count me right. I was right about what Terry Branstad believes he's still governor. OK so let me here's isn't fair about I I can't think of Hispanic I'm sorry a Mexican Republican okay there has to be I didn't know. He's ten pounds in the city eased I didn't say they're lighter than Gavin here's the point line. Or still be little maybe it's that it Mexican Republicans that are saying now. And so I was just making a joke of name wolf. It's like name Bob Black Republicans. There's only one in this and it. Yeah Colin Powell he's a real Republican endorsed Obama twice out of the car release a crack at it. Thank god Tim Scott the only ones in congress senator and South Carolina sent I don't know exactly that and he's in the cabinet. So. Joke it's the same Joseph Xena was just a joke people came as a coach it's like when it's like when they repealed Obama care. Put up the it was nothing but white men and that's how you get these stereotype because there's stupid. That was all I go back to us don't really need please do. And meet the most likely people will meet most likely people to be to think that it is a bad thing. For Americans to be insurer racially marrying our women. Who are white. That are older than fifty. She should she share in Julie and me and I had two to one margin over those between thirty and 49 I don't know. It is just people well let's grocer about it nothing and sleeve. Tune them. Are there there if you want the honest answer some of it is just ignorance especially if you're fifty and older he grew up in that. But there are a lot of people who believe that if we continue to. Go down the road of being intra racial with one another we are going to ruin all forms of culture where not gonna have white people anymore and Mexican people anymore I'm black people anymore everybody's going to blend together and we're gonna lose who we are as a as a president who. Culture whether your Italian or your black or you're Caucasian or white American whatever. They argue you may not already understand that it's hard eight. I I feel like it's hard to find anyone. Who is war and a 100%. Anything right and I understand they are. There's things my my my my father told his his pairs and in a pub they both were from Sicily. So fresh he's a 100% to sell it if you did those what are those blood tests yeah and other thing. On why are you trying to be logical or illogical. That's right now million dollar eighteen to give away some cash money either way papers cash classic is a visa gift card that's. Whose cash he had last hour an hour do we get when 380. On you because she shows plastic is that a paper which would have been eight months or. Her that's simple is all brought to us by rose 200 million dollar eighteen right now 8889899. Did eleven play paper or plastic.