Awkward or Sexy?

Monday, March 20th


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You are. A hole in the bottom of the network and have been here. The size of the corner of my comment about a dollar in it and I really really and you name. The win another many million dollars. In this business it's on the stars we for the game. Last play again let's just loved it and this particular game is extra fun because he gives some insight into people's bedrooms food. Now all of us have. Sexual either presents or pasts above the normal person right it's an open door policy. If you believe all of the surveys DO we we all have more than than the average. A number of sex partners. Notre down not me yes your. Even your lying version is well above what is the reported version. Women on average in America report between. Some general which Serbia C three and eight total partners as I am now do you like a lie in state and we know is more like twenty no way Alexander zeroes in no way it is winding we were not doing now. Either way more experience than the average woman. Amanda destroys your record yes that's I get the feeling that producer Christen destroys your record down Abiomed deciding she was a total slut prior to being engaged that's just the sands site. Six they feel good and that is two girls there were slightly and for this. Another round BNSF yeah I can still wholesome. And got a good comparatively to hold us library and none here you know if you're oh. Program or an average woman. NN. And then of course Brandon and I think. How are you guys are goes on and and and throughout all of our experiences have we not learned from talking to people. Most people were really dead ladies home every night locked out let. You when you read audience is down yeah yes but dead lazy to look up the dead ladies. I like those either in the making love to stay away from at all clear I don't know what that is I don't wanna do it it's Superman he had no desire to be part of. A culture Motorola and Palestinians as we get older and the desire again it's W lesson lassie you're doing it less and less. But at the same time all these all these younger generations are getting more experience and there there being it's it's. More acceptable to be overtly sexual these days. So are they are they having fun though see because like when you are the way you described sex as you get older is the way I describe France. You have fewer of them are it but it's ballots way better so you get better. Hey batter get better being a friend you'd better at having sex of knowing what you want them being able to communicate what you want. You know I thought I honestly I just a minute I am I think she's Brian at two I just think for me personally because of my terrible sex past. That the reason it's so good now is because I'm actually was somebody loves so much and I completely. Trusted him completely vulnerable at Freddie is still blanking on. You're not you're not one of those I don't know what I need to seek a rescue bald head and I can do little. Oh yeah your ball. Some girls. You might be having a lot of sex but for a lot of girls or some whatever they're not in Jolene sixteen because. They're just not fully present for it the media don't even really. Like the guy but they're just doing anyway exiting after a. Here's the game. It's called and this is actually the survey they did and I don't have the ages on who participated so we're just gonna have to assume it's a fully blown sex survey goes from eighteen to ninety. There's only nine year old granite. Asked. And did a Japanese ambassador. Did you dries out here that dad he's ambush Zynga have gold bond any big. Preparation H and and I am I alert a war clothes we'll we'll we'll. He raps yeah they found these. Things sexy. Or awkward. And so easier on you get into the bedroom and it and as we've done these surveys over the years you find out that. People seem to be pretty timid at about a lot of things that to a lot of us are standard and again I know we're gross and dirty and all that blah blah blah. So let's let's go through it okay and no particular order a just rotate through them here in front of me. I contacted during sex is that sexy or off. Word Amanda what's sexy de branded super sexy Ramadan. Sexy but not necessary right. I'll see your eyes you the same opinion idea need to be gazing in your eyes what they mean and if you're taking in his DE zine into each other now. I'm thing about I gotten an awful and I am looking napping. I think in now. As well I think when you're doing that act he needs the need to make eye contact this is something sold out and that. Okay yes sexy I think what they're seeing is just you know momentary. The momentary east glances to into each other's eyes you know like when you get to that position I go that's really did you put your head together he liked Clinton and each other's eyes like that boy is okay does this count it the whole time. If I make contact with her at. As she loses consciousness with my hands around it was all right while observed is that I don't I'm not advanced as. As their eyes rolled back and read them and let go eat yeah you're still making contact with Iran has a knee. It probably is our way. A lot of and it was alluding to that sexy. Now it's the normal you're just looking at each other and that's not sexy or opera that's just love. Now can you already and man it looked lovingly and year person's eyes I guess if you have. I thought I EST yeah I'm in different IMAX and I think I might think I'm same things same things don't understand different. Taxi awkward OK but I'm not gonna spiritual time on plow on the all time now. Chaired the bird sometimes you're not even facing each hour O baby do it in front of the mirror tonight. And fear livelier behind me. All you out so it happens so that nobody look now. I'm not afraid in my contacted you guys know I'm always starting my eyes around the each one of you in the I'm not afraid of it but it's just. There's an intimacy level to a that I just I don't need it in the bag don't need it the better doesn't bother me. You could if you're not if there's no sex and all involved but you know girlfriend just sitting there. They are maybe you're laying in bed you can just you can toll look at her and only ask us a light. Yeah I cannot let our. Allow you're going on here yeah in the Duma decided your afraid of some people think you're afraid of intimacy I. Are you can be tense amid lovingly looking in her eyes and it has nothing to do with sex and that's beautiful. All right so this one 75% of people say it's sixty but who knows how to define it as we all the finding didn't yet know and Ernie and I did and I. I'll you have 2.5 percent say it's awkward and and again who knows of are they define it like I did or are they or are they intimidated by what Amanda's ascribe you don't want people. Sarah Marshall will mean. Looks as they've ever she dumped it there why your whenever they he has just sex with people as of forgetting serve yes and don't just keeps height. I have. I'm here at NASA is another one again here's another one it's totally subjective depending on what you picture. Is it sexier awkward. Her girl to give her man where his or her partner a lap dance Brandon. See all I mean that's the sexy but it's I don't I think impact did he could force plates if the if its first special occasional down times and for CNET and I'm not gonna like ask and that front a special guests before like just a pound dancing around or she's detoured to club. 'cause I resigned and the I don't laugh dance of the you really aren't even though those boos in the corner in the dark corners she'll dance upon you but yeah. I don't think it's something that I think is really sexy all right Don dum dum that's not a choice why you always do this guy is sexy or office is assisted. Dot com into a bedroom. It's just ridiculous I went on Yemen a moment and a it's more awkward than it is sexy because the likelihood of it being like successful. Yeah I don't know. Or any more. When I picture beat and I don't know our relatable this is bit but the old Kevin James show team I don't see the first one not want him doing now which. It's kind of queen's park zoo yeah right there's if there's an episode where his wife. What by the revenue. Is trying to give him. Oh what an insult it's awful good series of the right and yeah pole dancing class they put a poll in the bedroom and I feel. Girls that should be doing that are strippers in just they know what they're due elite gymnasts can get where it has a very small very small sample Ares I at all. All I think part of me thinks this is sexy because I when I was a kid and watch a movie true lies. Yeah super hot Jamie Lee Curtis and Jamie Lee Curtis was unknowingly giving her husband a lap dance who has Arnold Schwarzenegger but she knew she knows him so I think you know on my mind because I thought it was so hot when I was again. That includes a sort of role played today. But to me not I heard you were kids for that movie Alice is pretty average and point you raise your right. Up 46% say lap dances are sexy 54% awkward that's a tough moved to pull off ladies did please pick wisely. Be careful. Here's one OK sexier awkward during sex on your first on this 119. Go to town come on look at me yeah I happened yeah. Zero awkward and see what I well. Well everybody is it a week is right. Yeah she did you. And rightly so let me I think. Everything else is it's I I only get like I don't we get my girl from well maybe across the room but I don't know. Ferdinand berm that was super on court now. I saw Enron still I can't get out of my hand. Now what do you Humana and pack well. Literally vehicle this evening I think other. Cards might wait and edit these same things they say maybe somebody will actually enact his 61% say sexy or Jesus how very sex. I pulled a dog it's always it's awkward it's childish and owners don't need to dress up when another. First heard I was character accuses the whole case so he is to be a variety of things you play doctor and nurse in the bedroom beans in Bob played Boston secretary in the bad yeah. You can go a step further to where you pick her up at a bar you can play history. Come here often you know sex in reality. The yeah I think the role playing SO. Amanda sexier are odd bird out and ran and I think the idea and it is sexy can be sexy but it's awkward because I always bring character with. Thirty seconds shirt general cares very alone doesn't think balance. It's actually husband feels the same ran out and as you do stupid in a lame 41% say sexy 59% say awkward. One of OK so here's some more Don was getting angry at their game is terrible choices like when you. Here's a common when this happened everybody well almost everybody. Sexier awkward Brandon loud moaning. Sexy on both sides in Atlanta sexy of the man does it yeah but I I feel like home. Well overdone like if it's being forced out stinging happens it's really good junior both like get into it and it's mound flouting loud moaning then. I think it's sexy sexy or awkward high heels and his friend and I did god silences like I am I doing wrong. I was would be. Either way dudes have funny facial expressions they don't realize these are better things move him about it and you can't be too much is that it's like our. And yeah. Okay. That's a good solid the. Guy who's trying to lift too much in the Diaz and get your attention that she modality she met Amanda. It's. The golf in the middle of the day when your kids are downstairs you learn how to be quiet. And awful and yeah well. No you you can I do it sound all the time. Mean that I'm not enjoying it yeah I carry around my husband and I am for watching kids take their kids Saturday when you know it's harder for you but there's got to be a time when there weren't right. Because I think you have to be quiet. I wasn't I knew life and I. Yeah yeah why you learn to have sex quiet and that's. I think that's hot for us because we don't have to do that all the time. In any you have to be quiet I mean and there's got is there's no time no kids at the house yeah I rarely ever did it is yeah. That's a very specific example let's like in the back of maneuver you have to be quiet Dan. Steve that's facing its additional question on the survey. Client sex or yeah I or. The south is still a lot about that. Somebody else near the rumor here at the jealousy it's only the in laws or something and it's like in the middle of the night the beds loud he's trying to trying to make his little squeeze he sounds as possible here and young and you know we all wind up drunk at someone's house. Sponsored asleep in the family room clear on the sofa of other people sleep all and I did it help get adding yeah. Yes I marriage doing that wants an end and the girl who works for me at the time was sleeping on the sofa next to us apparently we worked in a very good job she got up and left the room bill. I'll wrap around OK thank you give it is hot here and having forced. Quiet and you look at it like that that's flag. Hot. And I bet she's a screamer she's allowed to I didn't. Iran dreamer and I do like to moan. But here's one that Burmese dissidents is just standard. But. What about dirty talk. Sexier awkward obviously depends on the talk right and I can't be mine you'll sign they'll bit oh are those the panties your mommy laid out for you. I'm slowly as long as the dirty talk is good at is not force and not forest the sake of creative yeah. I'll have your lines of what words are on the table I don't but it's. Just the ability sit and talk to each other during sex is is sexy especially when you you wanna say something like really naughty to each other. OK okay I didn't pay decent lead and exactly and now they're gonna sell our electricity is very naive you can't. I was saying oh my third currently flying today and save mart are not great clash yeah. It's sexy to me hey you need to. The thing that I ran into is you know I. I wanna talk dirty that the other person is so awkward about half and so it because now also have to be similarly. Match when it comes to dirty tie. Worst of the worst dirty talk for me is the clinical dirty talk where they start to use the proper name were allowed private arts you know like the words I hadn't yet I was knocking him out you know on the radio at 645 in the 40s this morning I was gonna give an example of the words you're taught at home at last your sex Ed class growing up in school. Yes of course. He's very clearly using children version. Oh I love your your weekly total. Us. This reminds me of another question it's Indiana this Saturday laughing during sex that's not on here is fun. I I think I I think Matt and I remember these times where you know he cracked a joke or something something's stupid happens like and now couple waterfalls on your some for a funny sound of the whole thing happen hurting animals doing something weird. Plays I didn't. I can't I think those are some of the best times and exit their laughter yeah yeah yes it carries that's a comfort level thing usually they'll love that I am confident that really accidentally you know. Because again the list. An Expedia that magical freely enter your dad and I and and I. As Billy words region where we're at a local. You go and really the one on spanking sexier awkward it's X it's standard on sexy oh yeah. Sexy only 55% of us say sexy 45% say it's awkward that happens in and out of the bedroom. Constant and I I don't that one that's in need is more like call them the the prudish thing that I was alluding to the do you say no judgments it's it's appeals to me like Imus announcing. This is excellent but I. Asks what are the what do you how videotaping in any way yourself during sex for just your selves. Webb campaign it would Jerry nadu. Us this is a visited these last few were kind of more new found more. Common modern day things and I never videotapes and never myself now but it's I've got to say it's eight and again it's it's a late in life phenomenon for his wasn't really a thing really. Early on and NF. Afterwards for me it was like a career concern I just I know I just don't want it to exist yeah right let it low let alone with. I know what might happen to us so I I've always been and but I also think you know but the whole holding of the camera and Elliot tried OK I'll do it that way now. And then I'm gonna watch it later Leuer turned on by it okay I I I don't know if I'd say awkward is just. It sounds like a lot of unnecessary work for me. I think it's I think it's sexy but it's it's just so standard now because of technology and how easy it is to do but I'm with you because I. I as I've actually cut back on the amount of instead I producer might my cell phone just for that reason self. It's sexy also were given a very specific in serve based on what we do but you would say say it's a sex otherwise. I had to snow yeah. Now that's an amber led although I wish I did it for myself it's like I used to love yourself as you age how ever. I think every woman should have duties of themselves they are young and I wish that I did and that's another thing because you know you just. Things change no matter what you do won't get the way it was so this is kind of nice to have. Have to look back on longingly. So I wish I would have but I didn't mean for your mild Friday you know and any delay could go all remember not not as I did skill whenever the blues for so look at those things so little bird yes or not necessarily how yourself I think sex can't do math whatever gap. Don do you not have any duties of yourself when your kid because they didn't have an eating pizza too long to develop the film back annual last had to wait for that big flat people also call. And a light on fire in order to make. So I don't really get sexy and I have videos myself but when you watch and that it doesn't matter. But if you are in the prime of your life being in shape. And less you know how old to have sex like a porn star the videos are just going to be off. And patted down to critique eat it well I. And I did not let it it wanted to be proud of that's I like on people like disorder mania is the just take that one position that one time or maybe the money. Spots might and that's their that's the choice medium it's gonna take. Here's an email RED rad radio dot com I think this is another version of what Amanda was alluding tunes from Nicholas day that says I love winking in the bedroom. The only thing is it's not me doing the nineteen it's my wife when she's bends over if you know what I mean yeah path. For. Jeff. This is. From no name edited. Subject lined bad lays it blew says iPad ships have been paid. He's part of the left. Dating and since last April and I've met all the women on line I dated nine slept with. When shopping online shopping wow I always aim high and go for women that are one or two points out of my league was an occasional nod to a smoking hobby because they Yemen now. A woman I dated in January was a solid nine. By any objective standard and I sweet talked my way into her pants. I got a suite in Reno had a little dinner we went to the room and when and underneath it oh my god what a body it ended up being the worst sex I've ever had are. My hand in there besides. The the crusts OK okay. Sorry. Yes there who know who live around it as well. And AM and then I'd put her on top she complained that her arms were getting tired until. Up her arms you're doing it wrong I thought you don't need your arms when you're on top anyways that was the last time I saw her so she's texting me all the time though she says she enjoyed the sex. But a major enjoy it too quickly I'm editing as I go here she mean to never lets them just do it again now we. Oh you know all he says the woman I assume now has no such complaints. She just doesn't know any you know I sheet she needs someone not like him yeah some are generally stick her so it doesn't want just want to like. She seems like she's up for learning but he's not the guy but she flapping your arms and we like winning is what you aren't. Is she pushing you are honest (%expletive) seriously at the girls says she'll her arms are chipping to show her now clearly one night stand I'm not gonna show her candidate would you roll here I'll OK now I'm gonna play daycare all here aren't you tired. Chocolate and brought you diagram and show you where. I would say yeah.