Booze News 11-7-17 /ISFS mail

Tuesday, November 7th


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Listen online. I sounds great out emails are eighteen. I ran radio dot com that are not part of regular old boring listener. I don't know listen we're in the middle that segment everybody I don't know if you read the book makes Amy Brussels yesterday. The whole night now we will remember we're grateful won't do you come and dignity don't look any good did you give us. Yeah engage birds and if you. This one is from Jacob take Jake subject line hey rob maybe we have some boos now. In fact those news that means it's news about noon oh. And prisoners is. Brought you by Tahoe blue vodka local award winning in made with top hole. When Jacob asks. He says you yelled they're releasing a new flavor of not your father's soon. Started a couple years ago and it seems like man was a year and a half ago I don't know not your father's root beer like I have end. He's been out there so it sounds like you drink one. Oh good taste like root beer but has actually got alcohol and and then at least they had an image cream soda they have an Ice-T they have damaging injury all they have them and act. Apple pie or something and yeah amber room are today. Do they do lives is that the apple rhubarb is all the same I don't. All those not your mother's or else and the Ice-T is in the rhubarb is I think it's an apple. Mountain spring whatever it is going mound on a Mountain Dew here's the new one. Not your father's true podshow damage is coming oh Helm might sign. It in the bonds of kind of released a Ford but thank you for real and alerting us that as I mentioned Gore's blue's news brought to his life Tahoe blue vodka. Just follow up email from a big he says hi my name's game we now. Dana is my email while Mac asking how rob drinks is Tahoe blue vodka knowledge finally got a bottle for myself and all advertisements aside rob was very accurate saying it tastes like saddened I handed over ice like you said and I couldn't be happier. Thanks for should she win my love for good alcohol and the we won't. Yet not one person and you know people like you might not want Brazil to do the liar like Joseph do we still looks everybody's an hour we're we're impressive. Toms or abbey pardon would then remember. Who owns the rounds on the market he's negative he's been listening for years and now is his whole company is exploding thanks and so Maggie and so that's. Still for him the Sony so much are back. Back to regular boring let's hail important RED it ran radio dot com this one's from Katie Katie she says last week you guys were talking about a very expensive cup of coffee from eleven Madison park in New York City Meredith is the more they ruler they grew at tables on the has got some kind of rare beams or something I never remember what it costs. Turns thirteen dollars an old 29 dollar I'll hold my. Perk up because you know just get Indians around the corner the hand. Allegedly and claim that you know yeah where they play videos from calm I mean eleven Mazur mark I've been there it is Mary authority toward you it's five star. Tom if they're getting away without that would be. Apparently setting. Katie says my brother is a schaffler and load and all Asia not the shaft. He works under the shaft and well where the ship won some. The current problems. When a close. My brother's a sheriff there and I sent him the audio file which he and other employees say they love to listen to. Yes and then does that mean he can get Meehan 33 com to dinner when I'm mayor next summer oh. We'll see Katie Xena. I'm just says tonight he sent me this picture he said he had to drive the very expensive coffees are at a table side after a shift. He said it was worth every penny he has to say that works there that's a good lord and I don't know reinstate his words. Coming back to say the show's going to do that and yet you don't. Now a dollar you may think next email Alina. I and they need a hundred million here yeah. Yeah like thirty minutes lessons yeah you know I mean I do you guys think you're right yeah correct I. I was pretty neat how poorly I guess our next email from toddler to her that says I am and ask a question. Always this right this state committee you know whenever you alienate federation of sports fans can mean big when I got a certificate and Duffy. If you have a question all of commissioner on the ballots that's a Democrat who was there and take it back the other question for the commissioner of the IE FSF emails RED but that messes Rondo ran radio dot com into. Colin thanks I. They're I have a question regarding minor league teams afloat Miami Chicago Blackhawks may end on that's a pro hockey team. But aren't only because it doesn't I am going to Boise State to a Boise steel heads game. C else. Who are a Minor League Hockey team yeah I know that I'm the commissioner the IF SF. Because now my question is my allowed to be a steel heads Fannie Aniston's. Hey just didn't get there and. Goal cif SS oh my gosh I should have won it has been made up like yours on senate. Somewhere. My question is an Iowa do you still lives in considering in the area minor league team under the Dallas Stars. Or after you examined the Blackhawks minor league affiliate of black console of the stars any day great question Tyler easy nor. Don says come here here's did a minor league question. Comes up what hockey and baseball and there are people that believe wrongly that you have. After. It like for example if you live in the Sacramento California area first of all I'm sorry second of all they have a minor league team called the river cats he used to be gays and Tripoli squad announced the giants' triple a.'s other minor league team. There are people believe that you have to. Junior amateur. Zions around and you have to be a river dance fans and attorneys and you're no longer be river cats and this is stupid. Minor league is different because first of all. 90% a member on the plays Miami sports and everything gets to the major leagues are not watching your future team. Screw. Sect as sect at all it's it's minor leagues it's apples and oranges and if you live somewhere like Boise. Or Sacramento. And the only access you have to close to baseball is your local team you can root for your local team you can be a fan of your local team what you can't do them though. Let's say you go to a bunch of Boise steel heads games and you fall in love was one of the players. And then that player. Winds up becoming a member of the Pittsburgh Penguins you can't then root for that. And doesn't need my match. I am but it isn't. Next question for. There's another one. For you. From LC. He says my husband and I are raising a child and questions everything. Including her place in society structure. When I moved to California almost six years ago my husband die hard fan of your show from his childhood introduce meteor shown we have listened together ever since. We are big fans fat. So now I see a ruling from his excellent. Chancellor of the international federation sports fans you're lying asking the Easter Bunny right now on behind the chance. Commissioner chancellor is excellence they already written a dinner. On the capitol office Colombia when my seven year old daughter oh. This is an adequate representation of the conversation that happened in the car the other day and she requests normally only now I did teller. They use say it doesn't matter because she's a girl but she did not accept that answer did you tell her it's a fake organization I her mother grew up in Maryland and and consequently ravens fans much to the chagrin of my father or a Steelers fan and the rivals. My husband her father was born and raised here and is a San Francisco 49ers fans boo bad choice however it's not a choice. Well that's where I hate it you don't and I came owl you don't run a democracy do you and your little globe. However right our daughter was born in Texas on an army base which couldn't put the military exemption. She was very concerned about which team she should be a fan of because quote I could be a gamble might iced and quote. Thanks for making our mornings bright and given the opportunity to educate my child on the topics I see fit but because the rules given exemption to a military Bradford from gonna pretend you boys argument in how my gosh. On she has the ability to choose. Either she can't choose your team the ravens did your mom mom's don't matter in the sports world so. Sure how she can shoe. Father's favorite sports team in this case the San Cisco 49ers remembering a life long commitment. Or because she was born in Texas. She we can't throw all the rules out because she's she's not an of the major reasons is only sevens as he's got to make your choice but where in Texas. Because it really matters whether or not she's gonna use the cowboys or the Texans. Bomb because it depends geographically where she was born whether or not and pick one of those teams and those those would be the only three possible choices were heard of Eli. Militias barn right in the middle. Then she engines either additional literally like like meg ninety miles from each area then she can choose either and she must remember is an excellent teaching moment Kelsey. It's a lifelong commitment so she's thinking out let's take a cowboy did it impacted three OK I was gonna suck again at some. And she asked to remain loyal this is the word on always falls out of the well up. Conversation that. He's very good person when they're really good and nice in the admit they're not. Do you leave then. As much more. You can email the commissioner of the I had SF with your quest and a global law dot com. Actually you would just go to our feet ran radio I'm.