Booze News 5-19-17: Snake Bitten

Friday, May 19th


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Back to the rub anybody and don't show one night. And dawn. And how much they. They are based prevention and we do FaceBook live video of of the creepy clown I had a great people who were camped out. Right around the ball around this song and I'm excited easy done a lot of UAE you guys and things like I would hate us here oh you are ready eight. He could because let's show that we have Amanda's favorite feature news from Florida all. We know are weird people everywhere but everyone in Florida is we. But this is a special addition it's news from Florida all blues news the is this is news about lose all. Here just so happens to be. A couple things happened in Florida just remembered Florida they don't have to be drawn to act like 80000. Owner of on the course Mother's Day it was a it was a lack. And then bombed and had been as we reported the number one thing moms want and was nothing to do with their fans it. Time away from the kids so this is an interest in one of 35 year old dad from Cleveland but members happens and Florida so that's all the mess I. Named Brian Olmstead was at Disney world with his family on Sunday. On mother's a great gift for mom I have seen you get or stay in your hotel well he he knew little pain you first of all she loves Disneyland. Oh that's sweet and he knows that so. He took their young son back to the hotel. In a stroller while his wife stay doing Disney World. They had drug it clear her little kid there for a while territory about the kid and that's and now she don't do all the fun rides on. Add your kids say how old it it is they say he's innocent. So he's pretty young so. Bryan goes back to a Disney World resort. With his speed and stroller aged child he goes to live but Poole well a nice to have. On any proceeds to get wasted and Jesus while taking care of his boy in this story I cannot. All he is not dead and it did in the kid is just sit in the sun thorough and seriously. The the hotel got eleven complaints. I don't know why the first ten didn't spurred an action. We have eleven both say now wait there's something we. Walsh eleven. Okay it's an emergent people also said that he was. Pushing the stroller through the lobby and ramming people Wear that hat and allow. They've come hard. And and as I am aware use others than the book pull them at some point he's pushing the stroller around and the kids baking and sorrow. This. Amongst the eleven complaints was that he was as he was ramming people with the stroller shouting random racial slurs. So lore they more even like correct call. I might play you know like I'd like I'd I'd I'd bash Amanda who's pale white like me blond hair and crazy dilate and word mean I. So I am going home. Personally crackers ice and if anything that is I think. Then so a manager. A escorted Mac newsroom is just isn't usually unlike in our schools where they call police immediately and love the hotel takes it upon themselves to say OK it was sir you're drawn furiously banging us over I thought about the exact editing error okay. The end I was here okay. Here they were also good baby in the rear lift and well they did. He is. A they escorted. Him back to there in the manager did. Score maximum with the baby that is I was still day to. And remember of those eleven complain some of them were about the the well it doesn't matter they about the baby being in the sun it's just he's clearly drawn he shouldn't be the only error from here she does this is just gonna pass her. So they date back to the room. And and and the drunk guy he says aren't staying there and hit and they stated that. You play you can't that they don't know understand this when you're that John you can't pass out until. You eat. So he showed up in the food courts. Where he started threatening people and once again and by being in racial slurs. Oh come. As I understand it I don't know I don't know if the kid was put them for the food court there's I don't let the rumors got to get an. And I don't know it's likely you just just probably safer without his dad so at this point the hotel called police. Police got there. They realize at this point that the kid is pretty badly sunburned. He's going to be OK but local should sitting on the son would know sums Greensboro. Hi Terri did and he had been sitting the kid had any dirty diaper for several hours. Though on the way to and jails they arrested add them and that I don't know I don't what kind of mom. That's like over the timing of her life easy no idea her husband is such a dirt bag ignorance is bliss right she's right and a matter corner whenever they have a zoo. Aliens back to the hotel I don't know beat. All or whatever but it stands back hazards in jail so on the way to jail same guy threatened to pocket knife and kill you. And said he would get Donald Trump to kill him. And wow what could do he's going to find Jesus and the possible first summer I. And Sanjaya guy. Com cell phone knows. But they do say it can be okay I'll ask police really mean there are definitely getting us back yeah okay dad's been arrested their kid but we'll just turn on the edit the Disney Channel that we get the distance and it's extra now Eliot Nickelodeon yeah yeah. And the other one you love Christ this chalk this up as are stupid face of the day hello. How Florida I Jacksonville Florida he'd been drinking that's not only some stupid you drink and have fun non punitive. This guy though. Decided one was drunk just a rattlesnake air lift. Okay. I haven't seen here and they don't you look good give me a moment. That's just I thought that its own fault it's unclear where the rattlesnake. From their yeah there's a plan B sleepy and maybe the brand had an army they sounded I don't know. Tonight a referral wiley thing at Baghdad's busiest her ha ha ha ha yeah. And whatever country. No idea from the video Mohamed and his son were over there yeah yes yes I guess I'm program there in the sand. Speaking flare at the snake turns. Me. And there'll be electing cobra that their DN Kenny dancing with and then they kissed him on the back and I had no. That's what this guy was trying to get guys are like trained in their snake charmer isn't right it all those things that big that maybe you've seen it now and then yeah. Yeah. They're tong well I haven't come Brooklyn adrenaline and and. So you think that they. He really just talent. I doubt it DC air I don't know he was going. Now this is just trying to kiss the back of his head and I don't know that goal what I do know is in this will shock you the snake bit in love. Yeah com. Do you see complex on foot they get wish you could. Yeah everything that you can't it's an I was torn with all of our fans Marge has this news from Florida is this blue's news. You get what you deserve it out on by the clintons don't turn into any. And here's what you get if you kiss a rattlesnake. You left you wind up being airlifted to a nearby hospital. The way he is currently attached to a leading to go. But he will recover from his injuries but they got to get all the venom out of moment hopefully when he wakes up till like me like Obama and now this big item on their lives the time. I don't see yeah and it happens so. On the extra easy Qaeda now have a little minutes. Yeah let's face it goes right yeah he has a bit numb somewhere on the face because he was just an ounce or less they had to be right there yeah. So from what I read it submitted them right on the tongue dad.