Booze News/ DWTM 2-17-17

Friday, February 17th


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My husband and I and we got back we were on the beach. And it was a house she got his cause whatever partisan matter any who we started shrinking Kodiak iced teas. And remember like I don't know maybe eight at night and we will stay up till like 4 in the morning. Juror nineteen Kodiak iced teas were and other times a private clinic iced tea it will put me to sleep. Well let's be honest. The reason we stayed up until almost 4 AM was because of the adrenaline mark Boone alternative we're playing there now because oh yeah this thirty year old at the time yes we weren't playing cards across from the Pacific socially and a wind yeah well yes I know and he got the path. Adding fuel boat. Syria saw it. Oh I'm guessing based on your attitude that you did yeah. I don't remember because ask here why area where you as you know our Mendocino I know people a the north of it was really pretty next in the blues news file discover reports Discover Magazine reports that scientists have figured out that they can use all true sound just like what you Staten Brahms used define your dad did the baby. Thing you're not only add there's a baby in your belly. I huge difference this year this guy got nothing left. Another one that's at six sued the same size there's a baby that she's gonna get something out of it was a fact that all my. Government is. Scientists have figured out they use an ultrasound to create brandy. It tastes like it's been aged for years in just three days. All while now brandy is made by distilling wine and an agent in wooden casks for two years or up to a decade or more than a decade she is at 3040 under here's how. The process is expensive. But before the brandy is aged it's basically on drinkable whitener. And pure was. Ever clearly is just like our I mean burns your top. I mean only the heart of the negatives Nicolas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas is the only got a good drink gross on aged brandy. Chemical reactions between the alcohol and the would tasks are what gives brandy their flavor. There's smell and what dominates its color since not a dark. Today that process. It takes years. He'll be off previous research that found ultrasound could be used to get chemicals out of plant tissue. Researchers ran distilled wind through American oak chips fall hitting it with ultrasound waves. The ultrasound waves created. Hey maple bull loose there. And it caused the oak chips to release chemical pop compounds adding the brandy flavor know how the results were completely unexpected. Are trained judges. From brandy tasting competitions. In a blind taste test ruled the ultrasound brandy tasted surprisingly well. And was comparable to gauged britney's. It is not really be. Is this is I don't look at all that this. And Gloria and this could this could of course the disciplines could advance the process of wine. Those cute like aged ones I she you know what they're gonna do then right away like you know what's gonna happen. The way we've always made wine and whiskey will now be called organic because they're doing that whole school open I think all right. I had no progress. I am I there's some things you want to allow to take the tying this thing you buy the. I'm a compact disc but but but my point is I 'cause I don't understand why Europe's. Oh you lied that it's like synthetic it. Well it's like if you want to feel a magazine in your hand by a magazine named him the rest of us will live in the 21 entry in Obama. So things that are good with progress and the other thing is totally the synthetic. Way of making stuff and all quiet while I'm what is right so I don't. Wired that dynamite. Economize and really does set us back I mean if we can find new ways of makes things. Happens faster I mean we did give women the right to vote we did you know abolish slavery. And on a site that was a good idea and a lot of people didn't think those are pressing. Excuse me I could not be OK with this while it's still it's got a lot to say don't do it does and I guess I know I'm not anymore. Not wider sample what it is Europe's about I just like well like ours she's. I'm sorry yeah eat what you can't traditionalist okay so we have a full auto industry when they create good. Okay and a little bit until it okay do it all they want. Or so I'm not gonna buy it OK I didn't know he did you gotta be forced to eat there is so what do you yes hello court he. This overs on her right to it needs in these really bad it's her negativity wondering how you guys are sent at all. It's not I'm not I'm not validating you don't have to decide the change time. Hello there Courtney. In morning red team and flying cars and I. It for you off. I was there and you're go to wal featured C a dodger auditors. You know real fear surrender or else he's. To me. How do you guys Ian they're not library has now they not your mother. I'm alcoholic beverages they feature. Every apple pie and strawberry rhubarb. Yup and yup oh. That's your mother's time again and that's not your mother's apple pie a very broad sense he suite for me well I mean we've got this whole wave of man in army and the like apple cider and a renowned. Strawberry rhubarb pies and right now is will my ex fiance loves to race to make it today they have not your mother's green by a culture I. Next day's news we go back to the weirdest stayed on the planet Florida. 55 year old Bridget no back swerve to avoid a rabbit in the road down in Iran went back and lost control all. Yeah. She crashed into the driveway of Jose Edwardian home. Broke off multiple bricks from the concrete and ruined his landscaping. Estimated cost of destruction exceeds a thousand dollars AM says mr. born in the homeowner couldn't figure out how someone could have been going back fast down this road. There's a stop sign twenty feet from where she drove off food she must have been going really fast to be able have handled jumping over the entrance of the how's. How tough. Course he was drunk that's why I don't know oh she'll we'll let that. Blues news we're just think I was going with I don't know Florida. I regret at all when authorities arrived on the scene they found Mr. Novak sleeping on the hotels car. Sweeping them. So she crashed this is our. She got out of her car she fell asleep on the hood on this wade here. Now in its war. And you'll see why test were conducted she was arrested on the yard judge who. Damage to property when deputies talked with her they said the words were small area. And advance was safe. Apple's Sundance grab that there was no ran a bit quiet there rather confident there. Load because look Florida schools last threat. Police also says she read into the car and pulled out her purse and proceeded to and when asked her for her ID. She pulled out her purse and then dumped all the contents on the. Can you I feel exactly I had ad campaign I can't. DEA and don't have sick milieu that's fantastic birthday easily. Played every scene from Nordstrom in three years ago has now parents and so I don't know among get Sean Patrick. I am the hand in hand. Changed again the game even the diaphragm already being handled brash it's. Is I hope that's okay it's a crab rats yeah. And I. One more item of. News news. Tammy course falls is 46 years old. And she a Michigan traffic stops on DUI checkpoint her she blew it. So it lemon Foster grants to embrace a point 08. That's the limit. Or driving without calling her sister doesn't mean by the way we as we've learned over the years doing the 06. Because if you your point 06 and it affects you differently you get in a wreck or whatever they can still get you for that point away is the oracle legal limit Greg Boyle able bull gene Healy hard. Do you lies didn't say anything below that we'll give you a wet and reckless justice sounds like you know a lot about this I've researched it okay. Bonds Sosa and let what's so wet reckless so bad it's still considered a so it's like I did sure who's been on heroin right so I'm better than you so well I don't think I guess it depends on it. And that's I can see people with a letter goes on off. And was let reckless you got to do your car or trunk area. Point 08 is the legal limit. People screw that up in his point eight point 08. Blood alcohol content accidents Tammy cork balls blue. A point 34. We have style life a numbers so high that deputy Bradley is present ski who administered the test thought his breathalyzer must have been broken man. I teared cry it in this about it different states do this differently the state of Michigan defines super drunk on an. As one point seven or higher which she more than double which is why he's like oh how. The woman is only 140 pounds. She was arrested and taken to the hospital were her blood alcohol contact as a member keeps going up she yeah yeah is clocked in at point 41. Should. Who you are level a lethal. It's slow she's cool yeah the answer to how she's alive is is you guessed you gas and and I don't want to impugn her her I don't know. Guess she's a long time heavy drinker and he's built up are tolerant asks this. I mean point 41 that is CH. It's. So. She was released from the hospital. After getting treated and deputies to resist he's sitting there waiting played companion and your ready. Arm and then he had was ordered to jail of course that for us on an as he did she fell down the stairs. While he was escorted her. She hit her head on the corner of affable wall she toppled backwards she knocked herself unconscious she uses Scott think other hospital. No this is an NGOs are okay when she. And by the way for those who go to that Spain. No one is disputing that she fell notice claiming he shoved her out you have no reason to or that she maybe she was resist dean and not yet know is claiming that but she eat. The woman who blew the point 34 was banner at a point 41 lucky point three floor is now suing the counting. She. And her arresting officer how can all the injuries through you girl now let's be fair but I understand she was drunk and she did this. To what extent though. Is the cop responsible for her safety when he's in her when she is in his custody. Her lawsuit says. Regardless of whether the plaintiff the deputy had received medical clearance to leave the hospital sorry dad sorry the plaintiff would be her I might just. Defendants to resist the the officer knew that she was severely intoxicated not only at the time her arrest but at the time of her transport to the jail. And he should have known that she would not be able to walk safely without assistance. In her severely intoxicated condition. Do you just let a drunken person in handcuffs walk downstairs without holding onto her arms how do we know if she wasn't he wasn't holding onto our well I mean I. I don't claim is he wasn't we'll have to see how the lawsuit plays out but if he wasn't mean let's let's go let me that he was that's a different story yes they're claiming that he wasn't. If he wasn't. Is he somewhat culpable for her safety. Well I'm more concerned I did good. Now hospital otter gold she wasn't able to go to our question and because I think at that point she's been treated for her medical condition. Yes she's still drunk. But there's nothing else we can do so you taker officer which kind of brings us back to the point is kind of the analogous thing though when you when you put your kids in school. You expect the kids did to be taken care of by the school so the hospital says there's nothing else we can do for medically he's got to sleep and often accomplish great. It's a drunk tank. So all taker but then isn't he responsible for her safety. Well isn't that his job. Yes but you know what here's here's the problem with me I'm just had a hard time believing her claims I just ran OK but if. At that hammered like that too good for me this right you know this could be awful mean any doubt in my mind Lori maybe I'll work on that. I just was someone that gets that hammered. And is that used eating that hammered. I just don't think they. Are gonna view things and reality okay all right if she's Joaquin there's no there there are huge App Store get blown out. There's cameras in the jail all the other things right what if she's telling the truth what her attorney has seen the general cameras. And it seemed the. The copy is not holding on or walk c'mon get honest or she's handcuffed and drunk. Does he not does the deputy of any responsibility I feel old yes he does have responsibility but I wanna see those security cameras because I wanna see if he did in fact had her arm he's eager G-8 and I nobody's he did how. Aren't even still if you tried it if you you've you've dealt with a drunk person before right so is beyond belligerents you that you can try to get them from I don't know the bathroom floor to the bad god it is the biggest pain in the ass it is even if she's cleared for health and she's still drunk. And he's holding onto her she could have slipped and fell with third with his hand on is our on her arm if he was in holding on to worry at all though and yeah see should be charged me with again ever rating be the county he won't be charging the county will have to pay for her in yes that's what they're soon. I'm you know I and yes if it's shown he didn't kill her. As a human you should want to help her even though she's got me Willis is more than that though and that pop you have to help okay right and the humor you should doesn't pop yeah. I job ran. True and I must say and it's true if it's sure he just letter ago. And get cost shares and those are lying error and I still. Here's the city and she herself in that position she. Yes she is drunk that you got that draw that anybody even had she put herself how. On the road. She did go to herself so she deserves to fall down and I can say she learned that custody of the person who now. Literally to protect and serve gas even drunk people who have been zoning him guilty I know why no we'll follow I don't have to be humane. Did they handle life gave this kid he named Nan and suffering and and all. Ice is just that's when the pressure cooker right now is our daily Tribune game we played every single day but we don't get a winner every single day search of Australian people gathered noting you don't five right thirty seconds you when a pair of tickets to see Bon Jovi live. Shows Tuesday February 20 that is not next Tuesday stupid my. I think he's a week from Tuesday at the golden one sinner in Sacramento California none of that matters including your stupidity in the last. Love your call or eighteen right now to our phone numbers told trees up everywhere. 888989911888989911. Caller eighteen plays the pressure cooker right now. He's on show.